PINK TUNA (70/30) Indica hybrid with Cheech & Chong Hemp Papers - Quick Action Cushion and Creative Euphoria

8 months ago


Rolled up a late night Pink Tuna spliff with Cheech & Chong hemp papers. Fast and hard hitting cushion relaxation with a nice trickle of euphoric creative energy. Enjoyed that candy-like sweet and sour, fruity pine with a light diesel spice on the tail end flavor.

PINK TUNA indica hybrid

The Pink Tuna 70/30 indica hybrid strain was created with the crossing of the Pink Kush and Tuna Kush strains. The name is borrowed from the Black Tuna Gang that smuggled cannabis from Colombia in the 1970's (Source). These Pink Tuna buds have a hefty 27% THC.


Pink Tuna Looks

The Pink Tuna buds have vibrant dark and light greens, ample mats of thick orange pistils that give a multi-color look, and a thick coating of amber trichomes that give them that extra sparkle. Resinous buds, they get a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Pink Tuna Scent

There's a dank, earthy, candy-like sweet, sour, and fruity scent to these Pink Tuna buds.


Pink Tuna Effects (Source)

Effects - Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting. May Relieve - Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Insomnia, Stress.


Cheech & Chong Hemp Rolling Papers

Another pack of Cheech & Chong licensed hemp rolling papers - this one is the "Somebody ripped off the thing I ripped off (Cheech)" pack. Ultra-thin hemp rolling papers, I'm guessing 13g/m². Great quality hemp papers, they roll up easy, burn smooth.


Pink Tuna buds


Spliff Rolled


Spliff Sparked


Pink Tuna Flavor

10:10PM was the First Toke... Sweet and sour lightly fruity pine with a light diesel spice flavor tail end - mouth tingling from the terpenes. Tasty sour aftertaste, cheeks and brow numbing - euphoric energy lightly tingling up from the solar plexus, relaxed.


Pink Tuna Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... Sweet and sour, slightly pungent, light fruit and pine flavors with that diesel spice tail end - tongue tingling terpenes, smooth sweet and sour. Mind lightly cushioned, eye lids slightly relaxed, top of the head numbed. Cushioned energy in the chest, solar plexus lightly bubbling, slight perma-grin from the relaxing euphoria.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Third and Fourth Toke... Smooth sweet and sour with a slight initial pungency, light fruity and pine flavors with a light diesel spice after taste - solid smoke, puts that fire in the chest


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Mind relaxed, lightly euphoric - well cushion, body relaxed with a gentle euphoria fizzing up from the solar plexus with a solid energy in the chest. Cheerful and friendly, solid creative energy.


25 Minutes After First Toke...

Front of the brain cushioned, numbed, creative energy euphoria - ginger-ale reminiscent sweet pine aftertaste.


2 Hours After First Toke...

Fast acting Pink Tuna had my head cushioned shortly after the first toke - solid relaxation with a trickle of euphoric creative energy. Excellent night cap that smoothed everything out, but didn't make me too sleepy. Enjoyed that candy-like sweet and sour, fruity pine with a light diesel spice tail end flavor. I'll be reserving these relaxation buds for late afternoon and evening smoke sessions.

Have a great day!

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Lol - that's how i feel whenever someone orders Fish Tacos lol. I'm like, that's gross :)



Love the Cheech & Chong papers!
I always woundered why they didnt monetize their brand more, it such an iconic duo...they should be like Mickey Mouse and Donuld Duck of the weed world...

I guess they were never much into capitalization ....

Great Tuna my friend!


They must have learned it's safer to just license their names instead of getting their hands dirty - - all kinds of cheech & chong merch on that link :) They are for sure one of the forefathers bringing cannabis to pop culture so many decades ago. I pretty much grew up on Cheech & Chong, monte python, and benny hill - those seemed to be the only videos my dad had on betamax :)


Lol, no wonder you making strain indexes on 🤣

Love those guys as well!
There were rumors that another moving is in the process, but that been going around for a few years...
Maybe now, with all the hype around cannabis, they'll actually do it .
Though it will be hard to beat the classics.


Tommy chong got thrown in jail for branded bongs, so that's why, lol


Oh shit thats true, i remember reading about it in his book that he wrote while being in jail, "The I Chong Meditations from the Joint".

Amazing book!

They arested him just to put a famous name on their investigation "Operation Pipe Dream" was his son making the bongs, Tommy was just the face, but he was the one to get the 9 month behind bars...shame on you DEA.

I bet he would have no issue making his art least in some places in the US.


Totally, some states are now safer from federal prohibitionists, got to be careful visiting strict states though.


Yeah probably even more careful then before, so they dont make an example of you.


lol - doh, i keep forgetting about that. So ridiculous, seems like they were trying to make a pointless example of him - shame.


He spoke about it recently on Joe rogan. It was pretty crazy man


Yeah exactly that, a stupid usually trying to scare people like little kids...
" see what happened to Tommy?!, If you keep smoking that narcotic pipe of yours, you will end up the same way...behind scary bars..."
Yeah this method works exceptionaly well all over the world...the war on drugs is working no doubt!
So hard to find drugs and weed in particular...idiots...


So much can change in 15 years heh..

Though some places are still the same if not worst.

Black tuna gang sound hardcore! Nice bit of history ....i also like the papers.......and the quality greenery ovcourse....


Thanks - i like when the strain names are derived from the parents names, and or when they have an interesting back story :)

Awesome post! Great motivation to step up my own. Keep'em coming.


Thanks, bring on the buds :)


Am still playing catch up but their coming! Smoke on!

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I hardly have enough time to post anything anymore... between Smoke, Steemit, Twitter and Lola.

These buds are glowing in those papers. loved it!