PINK BUBBA KUSH (80/20) Indica-dominant with RAW Classic Paper - Cushion Relaxation with Euphoric Creative Energy

3 months ago


Solid body cushion with a relaxed mind, euphoric creative energy. I smoked these dank citrus and pine Pink Bubba Kush buds day and night.

PINK BUBBA KUSH Indica-dominant

The Pink Bubba Kush 80/20 Indica-dominant strain was made from the crossing of the Pink Kush and Bubba Kush. The Bubba Kush is from the crossing of OG Kush and a Northern Lights phenotype. Pink Kush's lineage is a mystery but believed to be a descendant of OG Kush as well (Source). Pink Bubba Kush buds have around 20% THC content.


Pink Bubba Kush Looks

Earth tone greens with large splashes of dark purple - all coated with trichomes that darken to a yellowish color. Dainty and spindly bright burnt orange pistols. A few larger leaves on the bottom side, I'm giving these resinous buds a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.



Pink Bubba Kush Scent

Dank and sweet pine and light citrus scent - with a floral touch on the tail end.

Because of its mostly laidback character, Pink Bubba is recommended for nighttime consumption. Pink Bubba’s deep sedation can have several uses for cannabis patients as well. Its psychological benefits include a subtle temporary relief from stress, depression, and anxiety. The strain may also relieve physical pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like arthritis or lupus. Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory properties can put a damper on minor irritations like cramps or nausea. In certain situations, Pink Bubba can even lull smokers to sleep, making it a possible antidote to insomnia. Because it doesn’t often come with a heady, obsessive mindset, Pink Bubba is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia.
Source: - Pink Bubba Marijuana Strain Information


RAW Classic Single Wide Rolling Papers


RAW Classic papers are one of my go to papers, this pack is Regular / Single Wide - 70mm x 36mm. Excellent unbleached quality - many other papers I use are made with the same paper stock. These papers are "Made in Spain, in Alcoy the birthplace of rolling paper". These sheer light brown papers are as light as what other papers tout as superfine - 13 g/m². The RAW Classic papers roll up easy, burn slow and clean.


There are 100 Papers in this double row pack.


Classic Paper The original and best naturally unrefined rolling paper. We created this category and we stay true to our natural roots. RAW rolling paper is made from plants and contains none of the crazy additives that are found in some other rolling papers (even RAWnabees that claim to be "unbleached" or "natural" can contain chalk or dyes) RAW Classic is where it all began. The launch of RAW Classic transformed the smoking culture to a focus on quality and true naturalness. RAW is crafted from vegan, unbleached plant fibers and finished with the purest natural tree sap gumline. Each leaf is watermarked with our proprietary criss-cross steam imprint that helps prevent runs and maintain a smooth, even burn.
Source: RAW Classic Paper -

Crisscross and RAW logo watermarks.


Pink Bubba Kush buds Sliced Up for the Spliff


The RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine is ready for Marijuana Cigarette Rolling.


Spliff Rolled, Sparked


Pink Bubba Kush Flavor

First Toke... musky sweet lemon and mango taste - plenty of terpenes, mouth is numbing. Second Toke... Sweet lemon, pine, and mango flavors on the exhale, spicy tail end - a little dry, taking a sip of water. Cheeks numbing, heart rate increasing slightly.



5 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Smooth tokes, lightly sweet and musky mango with just a touch of spice on the tail end - lightly sour aftertaste. Mind is getting a little cushioned, slowing slightly. Top of the forehead is numbing, lips are lightly numbed, getting some light bubbly feels from the solar plexus, putting some music on.


10 Minutes After First Toke... Fourth Toke and Fifth Tokes...


Pink Bubba Kush Effects

15 Minutes After First Toke... Euphoric feels, solar plexus energy bubbling, upper cheeks tightening from slight perma grin. Front part of the brain is cushioned, mind is euphoric and lightly energetic. 5 Mins Later... Eyelids lightly relaxed, slight mind cushion.


1 Hour After First Toke... Still cushioned and energetic, solar plexus still lightly bubbling. The mind is decently clear and focused.


2 Hours After First Toke... Energies have smoothed, pleasant energetic and body cushioned effects still.


3 Hours After First Toke...

The Effects are pretty well diminished except for the afterglow. I found this Pink Bubba Kush Strain gave a solid body cushion with a lightly relaxed mind and euphoric energy. I'd smoke these buds day or night.

Have a great day!

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That's some John Blaze right there. I never been big on NL, but I love some bubba


The Kushs' and their descendants seem to have solid body and mind cushion with a touch of euphoria and energy - i'm definitely a fan of them.

Never heard of pink Bubba kush, although since I'm a fan of all is parents I assume it is awesome. It looks fantastic with all that purple and orange.


Yeah i've had the Pink Kush, but not Bubba Kush before - yeah it's in there with the kushes, it didn't disappoint - solid and balanced buzz.



Pink Bubba Kush .. i've had it's parent, the pink kush, enjoyed that one too. Balanced buzz with this one, not too hype, not too chill .. i've had a great time with these kushes lately :)

Woah! This was a fantastic review! I wish I could try it!


Thanks, i try to document the full session and effects - for my own remembering purposes too, it's helped me keep track of more than a few favorites, and a few i'd rather avoid :) i enjoyed these tasty buds - i've smoked one of it's parents before, the Pink Kush, liked that one too.

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