PENNYWISE 70/30 indica Afternoon Blunt Tokes with Kingpin Laid Back Hemp Wraps - High CBD Buds

2 months ago


Hey all - I rolled up a Pennywise Blunt yesterday with Kingpin Laid Back flavored hemp wraps. Sweet and spicy buds, sweet cinnamon wraps, cushioned and euphoric buzz.


PENNYWISE indica dominant

The Pennywise 70/30 indica dominant strain was created with the crossing of the Jack the Ripper and Harlequin strains (Source). These high CBD Pennywise buds have 15% THC with 12% CBD - crispy buds with lots of kief.


Pennywise Scent and Flavor

They have a sweet, earthy, floral, and spicy aroma with a sweet bubblegum, woody coffee, lemony, and spicy flavor.


Kingpin's Laid Back flavored hemp wraps

I reached for Kingpin "Laid Back" flavored hemp wraps for the Pennywise Blunt roll up. The no-tobacco hemp wraps have a Playdough scent with a slightly sweet cinnamon and spice flavor.


Pennywise Grindage


Blunt Blazed


Pennywise Laid Back Blunt flavor

Sweet and spicy bubbkegum herbal woody coffee lemon citrus pine spice flavor - dark, sweet, and spicy flavors with a touch of citrus zest.


A rush of euphoric endorphins with each sweet and spicy blunt toke - face numbed, eye lids relaxed, scalp tingling. Smooth and well cushioned euphoric buzz.


Tasty and spicy flavor pairing with the Pennywise buds and Laid Back Hemp wrap - the lower 15% THC makes sense for blunts too.


Higher CBD strains seem to have that extra smooth buzz.

Have a great day!

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