Old School Feel NAPALI CBD - Balanced Hybrid Strain with 10% CBD / 5% THC - Rolled with Smoking Master Papers

5 months ago


The THC component in cannabis gets you high, the CBD is more for health and well being. These lower in THC buds make me think of the old school cannabis that I hear about that wasn't as strong as the high THC bred buds that we have now.


Also know as CBD God Bud - Napali CBD is a balanced hybrid with 10% CBD / 5% THC. Napali CBD has some God Bud genetics. God Bud was created by breeding of Purple Skunk, Hawaiian, and the Canadian God strains. These Napali CBD buds were purchased from the OCS.ca - Ontario Cannabis Store web site, Haven St. growers.


Pale green speckled with purple - leaves and buds. Ample spindly bright and burnt orange hairs are covered with orange and mustard-yellow crystals. They're not fluffy buds, but not too compact either - about a medium for fluffiness.


Napali CBD buds have a fresh lemon, fresh celery, and a very light earthy cannabis scent to them.


No. 301 Napali CBD from Haven St. is a green and yellow hybrid with a sweet, tropical flavour, earthy notes and mild THC ... The alpha-pinene and limonene in its terpene profile give it its sweet, tropical flavour and earthy notes. Napali CBD has mild THC potency and comes in a variety of dried flower and pre-rolled formats.

Source: OCS.ca - Ontario Cannabis Store

OG Original Mini Grinder

Filling up the OG Original Mini metal grinder to break up the Napali CBD buds.


A few twists of the grinder, then the bud goes onto the metal stash box lid.


King Size - Smoking Master - Rolling Papers


These King Size Smoking Master papers are almost the same as the King Size Smoking Deluxe Papers. They are the same weight per square meter, the same extra long 108mm length, but these Master Papers are a little narrower with a 37mm paper width - compared to the Deluxe Paper's 44mm width.


The king size with the least paper in the market, for the experienced roller. Ultra-slim, 37 mm width x 108mm in 33 leaves per booklet of our ultrathin highly transparent paper. With 13 gr/m2, slow-burning and Smoking® watermarked - 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives, ensuring an optimum adherense in one go. FSC® Certified

Source: SmokingPaper.com

Smoking, Top Hat, and Pinstripe watermarks on these sheer Extra Long - Smoking Master papers.


Master Smoking Paper Filled Up with the Napali CBD Buds.


Quick Roll It Up after adding a hemp tip, Sparked It.


Napali CBD Taste

First toke off the spliff - an old dusty weed kinda taste. Old school weed - before all the thoroughbred medical grade strains - kind of taste. Not a lot not a lot of sparkling fruit flavors, it's muted with darker tones. Took another toke, more flavors are surfacing, a light creamy taste, a dry tingling with the smoke in the mouth - on exhale a slight sweetness, almost a very light strawberry taste in there. A blueberry or grape flavor is developing - very light. A very light cinnamon taste is appearing too. Subtle and complex flavors with this smoke.


Napali CBD Feels

5 Minutes Later... A couple more tokes - feeling slight numbing in the cheeks and forehead. The mind is relaxing, slowing a little. I haven't smoked all morning, but i'm surprised how much this 5% THC is getting in my head - a quick acting Indica side of the Napali CBD 50/50 genetics.

15 Minutes After First Toke, two more tokes for six total... Light forehead and brow numbing, upper cheeks and back of the head tightening a little, drinking some water.


30 Minutes after First Toke... This is nice, a light Indica buzz without the intensity or rushes. A smooth feels smoke, solid. Getting some happy and upbeat feels.


1 Hour and 30 Minutes after First Toke... Solid feel good buzz, grounded. Good appetite, making some lunch. Mind has returned to solid, but the scull is relaxed. Still some euphoria.


The effects were similar to the old school buds - smooth and low intensity. The effects may have lingered for a couple hours at best. I'm not sure how much therapeutic effects the CBD had, I haven't yet tried no THC buds to help with a comparison.


These buds could come in handy - day or night - if you don't want to over do it, have work to do, or are trying to cut back on THC. The effects are too light for my liking's - higher THC strains of the same weight would give the desired results for more sessions. An interesting and gentle old school feels smoke.

Have a great day!

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Not too often for the CBD buds, i'm mainly looking for the THC. I was curious to check these ones out to see what the buzz was like - smoke seshjuan :)

CBD strains are a pretty good thing for people who don't like or want to feel that THC high but still want to medicate or are in need of its medicine but are not up to getting specifically high. The buds look amazing and apetizing.


The were pretty tasty, it was an interesting old school buzz. I could see good applications for them, it's just that none of them apply to me. If they charged by the THC and i got 3 times the weight of these buds for the same price, then that might be interesting to me for rolling up fat joints and blunts :)


Well you are the THC type. You like to feel the high and see your wings spread and fly up high when you smoke. I actually got to know a while go the pleasure of smoking CBD. Cbd hash from Berlin helped me easy up the Amnesia Haze I had and which was makin me stupid as a rock. I would just put a bit of CBD has in the jiff with the AH and I would feel much better and the high was better.

Sound like a good ratio for me. I prefer higher CBD. It looks likes lots of leaf on that bud. Beautiful photos.


Thanks - these buds were definitely too leafy, probably gave them that little bit of false fluffiness now that i think of it.


I wonder why they didn’t do a better job at trimming. I’d use those leafy bits for tea. And smoke more bud. They are trying to add leaf to the weight.

You always have this perfect pictures of different strains of weed that makes me want to eat my laptop screen. What camera do you use and how do you use?


Thanks - i use a samsung note 2 cell phone for many of the pics, touch on the screen to pick what to focus on. Also use a Canon PowerShot sx620hs pocjet camera for the super close ups, it auto picks what to focus on so sometimes i have to try different angles. Lighting is key, regular indoor lighting is not enough, i usually go to the patio for pictures. If there's not enough light then the cameras cant focus, so with more light you can get closer shots. The power shot has a 25x optical zoom so i can get in closer without blocking the light. When taking a closeup shot, it doesnt take many millimeters to be out of focus, so flatter sides of the buds are easier to get more of the pic in focus .


Great thanks for the reply..

As always amazing review man, I am not the biggest fan these kinda highs as well I like my heavy thc buzz.

I am also with you and never smoke a pure cbd high strain all on its own to compare to a 2:1 strain


Thanks - it would be interesting smoking these during the day, then the high thc buds would hit that much harder. If it wasnt for the cost per thc. I wonder if no THC bud growing would count towards the alotted number of cannabis plants someone can grow.

Interesting Napali CBD review... If I could get hold of that strain, would love to try it for my backpain that is causing migraine. Your images are super as always and a WOW for that king size paper!
Keep puffin´for a high!


Thanks - less end-of-the anxiety with the king size lol.. an all-day spliff. I'll keep puffin :)

very interesting strain, i'd be interested to make muffins with it i think. that old-school earthiness confirms the high CBD count ..