Morning Smoke with MR PINK 20/80 sativa dominant strain and RAW Classic Black Papers - Energetic Euphoria, Well Cushioned behind the Eyes

2 months ago


I rolled up a morning Mr. Pink smoke with RAW Classic Black rolling papers. Energetic and euphoric day buzz, solid front of the brain cushion, and a well focused mind - gentle and balanced body energy. Interesting sweet and sour cream cheese citrus skunk flavor.

Mr. Pink

The Mr. Pink 20/80 sativa dominant strain was created with the crossing of the Pink Lady and Purple Kush strains. The strain is named after "Mr. Pink" character played by Steve Buscemi - from the 1992 "Reservoir Dogs" movie (Source). These Mr. Pink buds have a smooth 20% THC (Source).


Looks and Scent

The Mr. Pink buds have vibrant dark and light greens, ample mats of pale orange pistils, and an ample fuzzy coating of light amber trichomes with a sweet and sugary mac & cheese scent to them - sweet dank and bright terpenes.



Mr Pink Effects (Source)

Users describe Mr. Pink as having an immediate head high that hits behind the eyes and in the forehead, leaving a heavy effect. This is accompanied by a mellow warming body buzz that spreads from the head throughout the rest of the body, providing significant body and mind pain relief. This high is characterized by a giggly effect with increasingly social tendencies as it continues.

RAW Classic Black rolling papers

I reached for the RAW Classic Black natural unrefined papers for the Mr. Pink roll up.






Mr Pink Flavor

Sweet cheese cake flavor with light citrus pine, a touch of spice - sweet and bright citrus terpene and pine aftertaste.


Mr Pink Effects

Mind relaxing, front of the brain cushioned. Second Toke... Less cheese flavor, more of a sweet and pungent, slightly sour citrus pine, dank. Body lightly energetic, cheeks and brow numbing. Smooth energy in the chest and solar plexus, lightly cushioned. Eye lids relaxing, touch of euphoria, good mind focus.


Mind relaxed, cushioned, euphoric - zen like. Energy gently bubbling up from the solar plexus, cushioning the chest - euphoric energy, smooth. Front of the brain well cushioned - eye lids relaxed, slightly puffy. Front of the brain well cushioned, almost numbed - decently focused mind, euphoric. Smooth and kind sativa dominant morning buzz - feeling the momentum.


Energetic and euphoric day buzz, solid front of the brain cushion, and a well focused mind with the Mr. Pink buds - gentle and balanced body energy. Interesting creamy sweet and sour cheese skunk flavor. I'll save these smooth sativa dominant buds for the mornings or afternoons.

Have a great day!

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