MOB BOSS (50/50) Balanced Hybrid - Cushioned Energy with a Focused Mind - ZIG-ZAG Unbleached Cone

8 months ago


Filled up a Zig-Zag unbleached cone with ground up Mob Boss buds. Euphoric cushioned effects with decent energy and a relaxed and focused mind. The cone hit smooth end effortless, I'd smoke these sweet lemon-lime diesel pepper buds morning, noon, and night.

MOB BOSS Balanced Hybrid

The Mob Boss strain was created by Grindhouse Medical Seeds with the crossing of the Chemdawg D and Tang Tang strains. Chemdawg D is a phenotype of Chemdawg, Tang Tang is a Sweet Tooth strain descendant (Source). The Mob Boss strain has an average 18% THC.


Mob Boss Look

These multi-colored Mob Boss buds have dark and bright greens, purple, white and amber trichomes, and bright orange pistils. Resinous and sticky buds, they get a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Mob Boss Scent

The Mob Boss buds have a slightly musky sweet terpene scent with a light citrus and floral scent to them.


Unlike other strains, Mob Boss does not rely on delivering a hard hitting cerebral high. It in fact induces a clear and lighter buzz that will give you the munchies in no time. However, if you get your hands in a good Mob Boss phenotype, it will feel as though someone smacked you in the face. You will feel a buzzing pressure around your head that will immediately cause your eyelids to lower themselves. However, the strain is not recommended for a tiring, end of the day high. It instead delivers a high dose of body relaxation. The strain has shown benefits with muscle pain, anxiety and migraines. High doses can aid patients suffering from insomnia get a good night's sleep thus making it a versatile strain for patients looking for indica-like effects.
Source: Mob Boss - Marijuana Strain Review -

Zig-Zag Unbleached 1-1/4 Cones

Impulse purchase, picked up this 6 pack of 1-1/4 unbleached Zig Zag cones from the convenience store - not something i'd usually purchase - $1.50 Canadian dollars, plus tax.


Buddy gave me a rolled up cone the other day, enjoyed it. I'm plenty happy with the marijuana cigarettes that i currently roll up, but i wanted to check out these pre-made cone papers - i'll roll them free-hand after using up this pack.

6 Unbleached 1-1/4 Cones per Pack, with Filter Tips.


"Made In Spain", "Packaged in the Dominican Republic"


Fine unbleached cones paper, i'm guessing 12g/m².


M folded filter/tips.


Mob Boss Buds Split for Grinder


Cone Filled and Tap Packed

The have special cone filling and packing tools, i'm just scooping it in and tapping it on the tray to pack the buds down. The end of the filled cone paper gets twisted to help pack it a little more, and keep the ground up buds from falling out.


Cone Stuffed, End Paper Twisted.


Mob Boss Cone Sparked


Cone spliffs give large and effortless hits. It's like starting with a fat joint already burned down a little - it hits so nicely.

Mob Boss Flavor

First Toke... Sweet lemon lime with a touch of diesel pepper. Cheeks lightly numbing. Second Toke... More sweet lemon-lime diesel flavor with that touch of spice. Brow, upper forehead, and the top of the head numbing - cushioned.


Mob Boss Effects

Five Minutes After First Toke... Getting a hint of euphoria, mind lightly energetic, awake - breathing rate increased slightly. Third Toke... More lemon-lime diesel, almost a baked goods flavor. The mind feels cushioned but still lightly energetic.


10 Minutes After First Toke, Fourth and Fifth Tokes...


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Eyelids slightly relaxed and a little puffy, a light stoned feel. Lightly euphoric and energetic - at peace, a good balance. Upper cheeks are tightening a little from the almost perma-grin, solid energy and cushion in the chest.


You can see that i need to pack the next cone a little more, the paper wrinkled up a little from those last couple power tokes.

2-3/4 Hours After First Toke...

Finished eating lunch, still have a light head cushion hanging in there, enough where i'm not in a hurry to smoke the next one.


The Zig Zag Cone paper burned and hit smooth, i'll pack it a little tighter next time. Euphoric cushioned effects with decent energy and a relaxed and focused mind - these Mob Boss buds are a solid smoke. I'd smoke these sweet lemon-lime diesel pepper buds morning, noon, and night.

Have a great day!

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Lovely smoke session. I once smoked out of preroled. It was a blast. Literally. The Strain I had at that time was powerful and a rear time we smoked a clean joint without tabacco. It burned nicely and shot us up into space. The name of this strain is fascinating. Mob boss. Like it was something a mobster boss smokes. I like it.


Joints often seem nicer when they're rolled for ya, pre-rolled buds sitting for a little while i could imagine curing a little and burning more evenly. The cones do hit nicely, especially with the kind buds in there :) I could imagine a Mob Boss smoking cones or spliffs with the filter/tips, gotta keep the fingers clean - and they'd definitely be pre-rolls.

I love the name of this strain and it does look very tasty! Another great review 💚💚💚


The name works with the buzz too, level headed and cushioned like a Mob Boss should be :)

We get some nice Mobb Boss in Illinois, looks real similar.


I saw that on one of your past posts, they spell it with two b's in Illinois ? i had to double check mine when i saw yours :) Decently clear but cushioned headed buzz, enjoyed the samplings.

This shit looks boss!!! I love the purple it almost looks pink. Lol

Wow that looks like a phat joint! Very enjoy, nice as always!