LSD (55/45) Indica-dominant Hybrid Strain Roll Up with Deluxe King Size Smoking Papers

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The effects from this LSD strain only lasted a couple hours, but it took me on quite the ride with lots of feels. Starts off with a Sativa buzz, then half way through flips over to Indica. Night time use recommended for this bi-polar trip.

LSD (55/45) Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strain

The LSD 55/45 Indica-dominant hybrid strain was created by the breeding Mazar and Skunk #1. Mazar is a cross between an Afghani Indica and Skunk #1 - so LSD strain is possibly three quarters Skunk #1. Solid 24% THC, noteworthy 1.3% CBD. Bright and dark green well trimmed leaves interwoven with mats of long and bright orange hairs. An even covering of crystals over everything almost gives them a fuzzy look. Decently fluffy buds, they have some bulk to them.


There's a sweet lemon-lime citrus - and sweet dank cannabis scent from these buds. Thick scent, almost creamy.

LSD marijuana strain induces psychoactive cerebral high, characterized by enhanced visual effects, creativity boost, and uplifted mood. Followed by deep body relaxation and sedation. At higher doses can trigger anxiety, paranoia, restlessness.

Source: CannaSOS - LSD Cannabis Strain


Deluxe King Size Smoking Brand Papers

The LSD buds were fluffy enough to break out the Deluxe King size Smoking brand papers, the spliff Tips, and the Rolling Machine. "Finest Quality Paper", "Smoking Since 1879" - these Deluxe papers are made in Spain.

An ultrathin highly transparent paper. With 13 gr/m2, slow-burning Smoking® watermarked Slim paper of 108 x 44 mm size and 33 leaves per booklet. 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives, ensuring an optimum adherense in one go. FSC® Certified , ensuring our commitment to environmental sustainability.



These papers are super thin, mostly transparent with small white fibers in between. The picture above doesn't do it justice, I didn't have enough hands to push the paper down flat for the transparency example.

Bright and Fluffy LSD Buds Ground Up


LSD Deluxe Spliff Gets the smooth-hit tip. Check out the Smoking, top hat, and pinstripe water marks - Deluxe.


Roll It Up

Tried the glue on the inside rolling method a couple times, it stuck to everywhere but where I wanted it to. Broke out the RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine to roll up the King Size Deluxe LSD strain spliff.


Light it Up, Smoke It


LSD Taste

9:45AM - Blazed up the Spliff. Sweet citrus lemon-lime, light pine, with an earthy bud taste - a little spicy. With the second puff the smoke is tingling my mouth. Sweet and slightly dry aftertaste reminds me of lemonade. Couple more puffs - 5 minutes in - getting dry mouth, drinking water. Nice head buzz, decent energy. Mind is awake and energetic, feeling relaxed and slightly numb at the top of the head.


LSD Feels

10 minutes into the buzz, feeling a light numbing in the forehead, the front and the top of the head, and lightly in the cheeks - with the the lips slightly tingling. Mind is calm and comfortable - relaxed. Good energy, but i'm also feeling a little lazy - somewhere in the middle. Comfortable, the mind is wandering off a little. Body is a little relaxed, regular energy. Most of the cushion is in the head, cheeks feeling warm. Good energy, feeling slightly giddy, upper cheeks are starting to tighten from an approaching perma-grin. Happy to be here.


10:05am - Feeling a little absent minded, euphoric - another small burst of energy kicking in. The mind is energetic and happy, a touch jittery - that smoothed out quickly. Feeling a body buzz in the chest and solar plexus, but not so much the arms and legs. Cheeks still slightly numb - forehead, scalp, and back of the head, and the sides too. The whole head's relaxed - except the eye lids and brow don't feel heavy.


11:30am - The effects are smoothed out, slowly coming back to solid mind, the second Indica half of the buzz tired me out to the point of slight agitation. Not so much a full body buzz with this strain, mostly a kushy mind with the body buzz in the chest and solar plexus. The buzz has me wanting to smoke more - will do.


The effects from this LSD strain only lasted a couple hours, but with a few tokes on the spliff the buzz restarted. Stronger effects the second time around with the stacking on this one. A lot of interesting feels with this psychoactive hybrid strain - night time use recommended.

Have a great day!

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Excellent review as always.. I can´t seem to really do away with that cigarette rolling machine. I have tried a couple of different ones but I end up making a mess. I just found my old stuffing tool, made of simple metal and wood and it is very old that I got way back in the 80´s. I´ve been looking for the same in the dispensary but I think they do not manufacture it anymore. Atm, I used pre rolled papers from Amsterdam and they are really the most convenient for me.


Thanks - I've had a couple cigarette making machines - like for actual cigarettes. one had a crank arm on it .. load it up, put on the cigarette tube, crank out the cigarette. Probably a similar stuffing mechanism. Another one I had you'd cock like a shotgun to work the slide in packing mechanism. Handy machines, tobacco smoking shops might have them.

Smoking papers are ace. That LSD i can see why it is so called. I don't think I'd wanna attempt doing much after smoking a fat J of these!

This is what you were smoking last night!!! Man I gotta find that strain then hit up the Vegas strip. LOlolololol.


Yup, these are those bi-polar buds I was smoking on yesterday. That would definitely be trippy with all the lights and the people :)

Wonderful review my friend. I have heard about this strain but only in stories. The LSD Strain. Seems like a well balanced strain with a smell to my liking. I heard it had a pretty wild effect with a bit visual ply aswell. Its good tat I get to "experince" a lot of the strains trough people like you who make such detiled and wonderfull strain reviews.