Lovely Escapism with the PINK KUSH (90/10) Indica-dominant Hybrid + Loonie Stacked Grinder & Classic RAW Papers

last year


Not sure if it was the hybrids and lower 18% THC strains that I've been smoking lately, but this 24% THC Pink Kush hit me hard and lovely. Solid effects from head to toe, the slap happy feels were reminiscent of a light beer buzz.

PINK KUSH - Indica

Pink Kush is an OG Kush descendant, not much else is know about the lineage. Purchased from the Ontario, Canada web site, grown by San Rafael'71 / Medreleaf Corp. Plenty of terps with these buds, especially high in limonene, linalool and caryophyllene. Pink Kush has 24% THC, less than 0.1% CBD. Compact dark green shiny buds with some purples, pinks, and yellows from the covering crystals. The dainty and spindly burnt orange hairs are covered with crystals as well.


I took many of these photos on the poly enclosed patio. We had a huge snow fall that was reflecting a large amount of white light into the enclosure - lighting up the crystals.


The Pink Kush buds smell like sweet berries and dank - strong smell, this is going to be tasty.

Medical patients tend to gravitate toward Pink Kush for its overwhelming body effects that work to combat physical pain, migraines, and nausea. Used frequently to overcome stress, anxiety, and extreme nervousness, it’s a great way to calm yourself down and enjoy a carefree day. If used later in the evening, smoking a decent amount of this strain will lull you into a deep sleep.

Source: Wikileaf: Pink Kush Marijuana


Canadian Loonie Stacked Grinder

Broke out the Canadian Loonie Stack Grinder for Pink Kush grinding. The buds go in to top compartment, it has a screen for kief to drop down to the lower chamber. Would be nice if the screen wasn't quite so fine though, not much kief drops down there.


With a few twists of the grinder, the Pink Kush is ready to roll up.

Classic RAW Paper Roll Up

Rolling up this ground up Pink Kush the Single Wide Classic RAW papers. This double row pack with 100 leaves is perfect for the continuous spliff smoker.


Classic Paper RAW Classic - RAW(r) unrefined papers contain a perfect blend of unbleached plant fibers and are finished with an all-natural gumline mad from sustainable harvested organic Acacia tree sap. Made in Spain, Alcoy the birthplace of rolling paper.

Source: RAW Rolling Papers -


In the picture above you can see the ground up Pink Kush laid out on one of the papers, on the inside fold of the paper pack. Folding the pack closed on the paper makes it easy to push and pack the ground up buds into desired spliff form - before the roll up.


Spliff rolled up. Decently sheer paper, check out the ground buds through it in the picture above. In the picture below you can see the fully stacked loonie grinder. Spliff Sparked.


Pink Kush Taste

The thick smoke is a little spicy from all the terps, they're tingling my mouth and throat. Sweet berry and dank flavors. A little dryness on the first toke.


Pink Kush Feels 20 Mins in...

My arms, body, and legs are getting numb and relaxed. Feeling a little warmth and energy. most of the face and the head feel numb. The eyes don't feel heavy yet though, the deep relax stops at the forehead. The eye focusing muscles must be relaxed though, I keep bringing my face closer and closer to the screen. The mind isn't scattered but slowing and relaxing slightly - feel good buzz with everything relaxing. Slap happy, almost a light beer buzz kind of feel.


1 Hour After First Toke...

Relaxed and numb from head to toe. The eyes and brow don't feel heavy though, eye lids aren't sagging much, relaxed. This solid body buzz is warming up the body. Getting perma grin and still slap happy, the solar plexus is getting a non jittery energy rush. Feel good buzz.


3 hours after the first toke...

A solid and energetic body buzz still, head buzz seems to be relaxing a little. It was a friendly and outgoing buzz with plenty of relaxed and energetic kushy comfort. This is a good cut loose strain, I almost felt a drunk kinda relaxed and happy buzz in the head. Starting to get munchies.


I had a few enjoyable tokes of this Pink Kush the next day, it didn't make me tired, just hungry at the tail end. I'd recommend this tasty smoke for solid day or night escapism relaxation.

Have a great day!

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Your FACE kept going close to the screen.... HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA wait... Window Phone? ?wasn't that happening the other day!!!!lolololol. lmbo. Great post jack! I have like 4 hits left of my pink oil. I went to the dispensary yesterday, it was already gone..... so sad... But I got other stuff


Lol, the video call is when i made a note of the close face screening - the pink kush had me pleaseantly loopy. 4 hits left, savor them - yeah dispensaries can be crazy like that, seems like whenever i check one out the next time it's all different strains - makes it hard to pick a favorite. Keeps it interesting :)

Damn those buds really look tasty! I wish I could experience the aroma and taste
Nice shots taken!


Thanks - I especially enjoyed this one, i'll be grabbing some more when i get the chance.

Sounds like a very interesting strain. All those colors make it seem like some kind of rainbow strain.


The long and well spread crystals seem to help with the rainbow effect - seem to change the bright orange hairs to shades of pink when overtaken by the crystals.. the crystals on the green and purple buds give it additional colors in the shimmer :)

Awesome review as always. My girlfriend just got a glips of bud from phone, came and said Uuu..thats a good lookin bud. it looks fluffy.

Looks like high quality. Almost perfect. No?


Dry frozen in it's once fluffy form :) Tight brittle nuggs, about a medium for fluffy size - double the size of the blueberry kush buds of the same weight. Violator OG was my most favorite indica leaning, but it wasnt so good for daytime - this pink kush is one of my favorites for day or night wreckage :)

Pink kush one my favorites, One the reason I have started to grow it cause you are right daytime or night time it is a great strain.


I was an excellent buzz, was getting that good out-of-it kind of feel that i usually only get after taking a couple days off smoking. Daytime was nice, didn't get a crash, just got hungry :)

It is high-time to start growing my own weed. This are all ice looking buds. Great review bro.

Great review as always.deserves a Re smoke


Thanks, i appreciate that :)


Another one of my FAVORITE STRAINS! At the end of a LOOONG day, NOTHING beats the DEEP RELAXATION this one brings!

Above average post quality, SMOKED, RE-SMOKED and RE-RE-SMOKED!!!


I want those Pink Kush....!!!

I still have a few KC33 left and can´t wait to be back home to savor other strains gotten from Amsterdam. It is high time that I germinate the seeds collected from the grow shop... A couple more of weeks and I`m home and am excited already.

good smoked