LINDSAY OG 70/30 indica hybrid Morning Smoke with RAW Organic Hemp Papers - Smooth Cushion and Euphoria

27 days ago


Rolled up a morning smoke with Lindsay OG buds and RAW Unrefined hemp papers. Well cushioned buzz - decently focused mind, laid back and smooth euphoric energy. Sweet and slightly pungent citrus pine woody light spice flavor.


The Lindsay OG 70/30 indica hybrid strain is an OG Kush variety from Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. Before it's selective breeding in Lindsay, the OG Kush strain had originated from Chad Jackett's crew from B.C. ten years ago (Source). These Lindsay OG buds have a solid 26% THC with a smooth 1.2% CBD.


Lindsay OG Looks

The Lindsay OG buds have resinous dark and light greens, spindly burnt and light orange pistils, and a thick dusting of white and amber trichomes.


Lindsay OG Scent

There's a sweet dank earthy and light citrus pine scent to the Lindsay OG buds.


Lindsay OG Effects (Source)

Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Happy. Medical: Pain, Stress, Depression.


RAW Unrefined Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Reached for the RAW Unrefined Organic Hemp paper papers for the Lindsay OG roll up. Thin off-white papers with crisscross texture - i'm guessing the weight is 13g/m² - "".


Lindsay OG grindage






Lindsay OG flavor

8:55AM was the First Toke... Sweet and sour citrus fruity pine spice flavor - bright terpenes with citrus pine zest aftertaste.


Lindsay OG effects

Mind relaxing - calm, spirits lifting. Cheeks, brow, upper forehead numbing, front of the brain cushioned. Euphoric energy gently flowing up from the solar plexus, chest cushioned buzzing lightly.


5 Minutes After First Toke...

Second Toke... Sweet and sour citrus fruity pine spice flavor. Mind relaxed with smooth euphoric energy and solid mind focus - alert. Face buzzing lightly, euphoric energy flowing up from the solar plexus, smooth buzz, sly perma-grin.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Sweet and slightly sour fruity pine citrus zest flavor - flavors darkening nicely. Smooth relaxation, cushion, and euphoria - eye lids slightly relaxed, good mind focus, bubbly body buzz with decent momentum. Calm and cheerful buzz for the morning.


3 Hours After First Toke...

Well cushioned buzz from the Lindsay OG buds - decently focused mind, laid back and smooth euphoric energy. Sweet and slightly pungent citrus pine woody light spice flavor. I'd toke these smooth and cheerful Lindsay OG buds in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Have a great day!

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another great review from you man!
and ofcorse another perfect bud!


Thanks - love when the buds have that resinous glazed look - usually with indicas :)

Great review mate :)


Thanks - classic OG Kush variety - funny enough my wife's from Lindsay :)

Another taste everyday, the more I'm craving for it everyday. I'm so interesting to learn more about this.
Thank you for 'our nice review.

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top shelf
as EVER!