LEMON ZEST (95/5) Sativa-dominant Hybrid - Euphoric Balanced Energy with Clarity - Smoking Master King Size Papers

5 months ago


Silky smooth, balanced, and euphoric creative energy with a clear mind. Friendly and social effects with a relaxed body that feels light.

LEMON ZEST Sativa-dominant hybrid

The Lemon Zest 95/5 Sativa-dominant hybrid strain came from the breeding of Super Lemon Haze and DeadHead OG, which combined is mostly Super Silver Haze (SSH) - with some Lemon Skunk, Chem91, and San Fernando Valley strains thrown in. (Source) I'm guessing upwards of 20% THC, high in limonene terpene.



Dark glazed and bright greens with spuratic clumps of bright and burnt orange pistols. A generous coating of trichomes that thicken in many locations on the buds. Not quite fuzzy buds - fuzzy in some places, but they're leaning more on the resinous side with a slight glaze. They get a 4 out of 5 on the fluff scale.



The crushed Lemon Zest buds have a Sweet Lemon-lime with a touch of pine scent.


this strain expresses a unique smell of pungent lemon zest, butter, and hashy earth. The flavor is a mixture of pungent berries and lemon intermixed with a creamy, unctuous undertone. This plant grows fist-like flowers with a productive calyx-to-leaf ratio, leading to resinous buds that weigh heavy on the branches–so heavy that bracing or trellising may be needed to support the large colas. Lemon Zest’s effects are creative and lucid, making it an excellent option at all times of the day.
Source: Lemon Zest Cannabis Strain Information - Leafly.com


Smoking Master King Size Rolling Papers

Selected the Smoking Master King Size rolling papers for a clean taste of the Lemon Zest flavor. They work well in the cigarette rolling machine too. The last post that I used these papers with was with the Napali CBD buds. Rolled easily, burned clean.


Smoking Brand has been making papers "Since 1879". These Smoking Master papers were "Made in Spain". SmokingPaper.com


Same 13g per square meter, and the same length as the Smoking Deluxe, but these Master papers have less paper because they are more narrow than the Deluxe papers.

The king size with the least paper in the market, for the experienced roller. Ultra-slim, 37 mm width x 108mm in 33 leaves per booklet of our ultrathin highly transparent paper. With 13 gr/m2, slow-burning and Smoking® watermarked - 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives, ensuring an optimum adherense in one go. FSC® Certified
Source: Smoking Master King Size Papers - SmokingPaper.com

These papers have the Smoking, Top Hat, and Pinstripe watermarks. 33 papers per pack, "Natural Gum".


Machine Roll Up

Breaking out the King Size RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine for the Lemon Zest marijuana cigarette roll up.


King Size Marijuana Cigarette Rolled Up


Lemon Zest Spliff Sparked


Lemon Zest Taste

First Toke... Dry and slightly spicy herbal kind of taste, didn't notice much lemon on this first drag, but there does seem to be a lot of zest, the tongue is tingling. Second Toke... More herbal taste, a touch of sweetness is building, can sense the zest. Third Toke... Pretty clean taste, little herbal, little zest, little spice from the zest overload - the herbal's kind of like light lemon balm flavor but without the lemon. Herbal zest.



5 Minutes after First Toke... The front part of the brain is feeling some relaxation and light numbing. Heart rate has increased a little, the breathing slightly as well. Fourth Toke... The sweetness from these tokes is building. Breathing rate increased slightly after that last toke. Cheeks lightly numbing, gums are numbing, tongue is dry and scratchy, drinking some water. Mind is relaxing a little, very slightly drifting.


10 Minutes after First Toke...

Happy feels are lightly bubbling up from the solar plexus, breathing rate has remained slightly increased. Fifth toke... The lemon and light herbal sweetness taste with the zest is building - enjoying the flavor. Sixth toke...


20 Minutes after First Toke...

Very light head cushion, light cushion energy in the chest - relaxed happy feels. Cheeks are numb, upper cheeks are tightening from a subtle perma-grin. 5 Mins Later... Center of the eyebrows is slightly numb, upper part of the forehead and top of the head too. Very light energy tingling on the scalp, mind is energetic. Very light energy bubbling in the solar plexus. Friendly and cheerful disposition - silky smooth energy, couple sips of water.


30 Minutes after First Toke...

Very relaxed body buzz, almost like the body is disappearing - smooth. Mind is sharp, energetic, and lightly cushioned.


40 Minutes after First Toke...

Front part of the brain is nicely numb, but the mind is still sharp and energetic. The brow, and the top of the forehead still numb. Continued smooth energy and happy feels.


2 Hours after First Toke...

Smooth and balanced energy, happy and positive feels all morning, gentle body relaxation. Still feeling the numbing and relaxed effects, a light bubbling in the solar plexus too - moving around still feeling energetic. Mind is sharp and energetic, almost excited. Getting munchies - lunch time, healthy appetite.


3 Hours after First Toke...

Had lunch already - satisfied energy and mind excitement after glow. Happy, energetic, smooth effects - excellent daytime buzz, I'd also enjoy these effects in the early evening. This Lemon Zest strain would be a good match for social settings - friendly, smooth, and euphoric creative energy.


Have a great day!

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I haven't had a lemon yet I haven't liked. Also I'm a big fan of sativa so I would jump on this in a heartbeat.


The energy is so smooth with this one too - euphoric energy but balanced. Lemon seems like a good flavor for a quick spirit lifting.

your content is really great for smoke ! <3 :)

That looks like some mouth watering kill right there.


Clean taste, mostly zest, then the lemon builds :) I've been smoking this one in the mornings lately - it has a nice energy kick to it but it's smooth.

I've got some Lemon Hash to review. Superb strain


I like this strain, savoring the last couple nugs i have left, hope to cross paths with it again some day. Lemon hash sounds tasty, looking forward to the review :)

Does food seem to lower the effects for you? If I eat even hour after I get sober and need another one.


My buddy maintains that eating sobers him up, so he likes to eat before smoking. If i havent ate for a while, sometimes smoking can get me too hyped up with adrenaline going, or too crashed out - depending on the strain, so that is more of my reason for being well fed before i smoke. If i get munchies i'll sometimes entertain them, if the effects go down, then i guess it's time to spark up again :)

Hell yeah. Now that's what I'm talking about. That's what I call a Sativa and a lemon taste as well. A perfect strain for daytime hobbie doing. My kind of strain. The defects and the taste all sound so appealing and attracting.