LEMON THAI KUSH (60/40) Sativa-dominant - Balanced and Euphoric Energy - OCB X-PERT Slim Fit Papers

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Clean, refreshing, and eye opening lemon flavor. Solid, balanced, friendly, and euphoric energy. I'd smoke these mind exciting and body relaxing buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

LEMON THAI KUSH Sativa-dominant

Not to be confused with Lemon Thai or B.C. Lemon Thai Kush, this LEMON THAI KUSH 60/40 Sativa-dominant strain came from the breeding of the Haze and the well know White Widow strains (Source). These Lemon Thai Kush buds have a solid 20% THC.


Lemon Thai Kush Looks

Mostly dark with some light greens - coated with yellowish trichomes. Half of the spindly pistols are bright burnt orange, the other half are more of a muted and pale orange. Decent trim job, the leaves that were left on the buds are mostly coated with trichomes - very reminiscent of the White Widow strain. I'll give these Lemon Thai Kush buds a 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale.


Lemon Thai Kush Scent

When slicing up the buds they give off a sweet and dank herbal lemon scent with pine and other citrus tones. The lemon scent is full and sweet - refreshing and eye opening.


Lemon Thai Kush strongly smells and tastes of lemons. Lemon Thai Kush strain can be hard to find in the USA. Look for it in Michigan, Washington, Oregon & British Columbia marijuana shops. Lemon Thai Kush marijuana is good for day and evening time medical and recreational use. Type of High Lemon Thai Kush marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria. Energizes body and mind, boosts creativity, prompts giggles, socialization. Has good analgesic properties, relieves stress and nausea. May cause dizziness.
Source: CannaSOS.com - Lemon Thai Kush Cannabis Strain

OCB X-pert Slim Fit Kingsize Rolling Papers

Trying out the OCB X-pert Slim Fit kingsize rolling papers with the Lemon Thai Buds. The "Ultra-Thin" paper does feel light, I'm guessing the same 13g per square meter weight as the Smoking Master rolling papers. These Slim Fit papers aren't quite as slim as the 37mm width Smoking Master papers, but the have the same kingsize length - 108mm x 41mm. These are the slimmest kingsize OCB papers from the variety pack, not sure if they have slimmer - the OCB Slim Virgin papers were 44mm wide.


Nice looking grey and olive green colors on the pack, the OCB X-PERT and other details have a reflective sliver. The grey also has an OCB watermark. 32 papers per pack, "Made in France", "ocb.net".

The OCB X-PERT papers are 4 MM slimmer than your standard king size. Less paper smoked in every roll. Papers made from flax plant fibers 100% Natural Arabic Gum - VEGETARIAN - GM FREE Recycled packaging, printed using eco-friendly vegetable inks
Source: OCB Premium X-PERT - RollOCB.com
The papers have an OCB logo, a Tower logo, and lengthwise Pinstripe watermarks. "Ultra-Thin Paper - Natural Arabic Gum - Slow Burning"

Choice Lemon Thai Kush Buds for the Spliff


Buds Slice Up with the Scissors, Skipping the Filter Tip


Hand Rolled Lemon Thai Spliff


Spliff Sparked


Lemon Thai Kush Taste

Early wake and bake. Just lighting the spliff i can smell sweet lemon. First Toke... Sweet herbal lemon flavor. Second Toke... Smoke sweet lemon, not as herbal, it took more of a dry terpene tone with that toke. The lemon is exciting the mind. Two more tokes... More sweet lemon drop flavor is strengthening, the zest part of it too, tongue and mouth are getting scratch dry, quick drink of water. Cheeks numbing, mind is starting to relax.


Lemon Thai Kush Effects

5 Minutes after First Toke, Two More Tokes... Terpenes are building up quick with these Lemon Thai Kush buds, seeming like dry mouth tokes, nothing a sip of water can't fix. The eye brows are numbing, but not the eye lids, still feeling alert, but the mind has a little cushion forming. Upper part of the forehead and the top of the head numbing, lips numbing too. Heart rate has increased slightly.


10 Minutes after First Toke...

Breathing rate has slightly increased as well, standing up for Two More Tokes. Feeling a light cushion energy building in the chest, breathing rate stil slightly increased, but that may be more from the tokes. 5 Mins Later... Eye lids are lightly relaxing, temples feeling slightly numb too. Mind is ever so slightly wandering, getting some happy feels from the bubbly energy starting to build in the solar plexus - giddy, getting some smiles. Last two tokes.


25 Minutes after First Toke...

Upper cheeks tightening lightly from the perma-grin. Friendly and social energy starting in the solar plexus, bubbling up through the chest, extending out the arms and into the face. Body feels comfortably energetic. Front part of the brain has a solid cushion, mind is lightly cushioned but energetic and alert when needed - but then the mind will wander here and there when idle. 5 Mins Later... Cheeks, upper cheeks, temples, brow, upper forehead, and top of the head numb.


35 Minutes after First Toke...

Nice morning body buzz - full of relaxed energy, feels good to stretch out the arms. Getting up to move around and do some things, it's like moving around brings on more smiles. 25 Mins Later... Energetic body effects, the brow is noticeably numb - front part of the brain has a solid cushion.


1 Hour and 15 Mins after First Toke...

Energy bubbling from the solar plexus has relaxed. Solid energy in the chest now, it's asking me to get up and move around - not uncomfortable or with tension, this energy is cushioned.


2 Hours and 20 Mins after First Toke...

Still feeling body relaxation, mind in a relaxed lul. Healthy appetite is building for lunch time. Looking forward to after lunch - the afternoon smoke session. 25 Mins Later... Just got done chopping wood, feel great, getting lunch ready.


3 Hours and 40 Mins after First Toke...

Most of the major effects have wore off, face is still lightly numbed, mind is coming out of the fog. 5 Hours After First Toke... Brow and front of the brain still numb. The effects for the first couple hours were almost too energetic for sitting down. Great euphoric energy effects for the morning chores, moving around, keeping busy - I'd smoke these buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

Have a great day!

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Thai strains often give me headaches. Curious how it would be combined with the Kush genetics. Kush usually helps with head pain


This one was well balanced, the energy didn't tighten the back of my head muscles. I got that kinda headache when i wasn't paying attention and over did it on the green crack once, it took a couple weeks before i ran out of everything else and had to crack it back open haha - i was careful with it that time though.

I love a good active high.


I like this one a lot, a very smooth active high - no tension with this one :)

I like the look of these buds here. Is it just me or is the lemony flavor just delicious? I find my mouth waters after hitting the herb with a lemony flavor. More than just the normal good weed mouth water?

Again @jackdub great post with some really hi def #nugporn shots. The clarity is impressive indeed. I’ve got to know do you make the gifs locally? Or do you upload 1000 pictures?


Thanks - i've smoked some strains that were especially mouth watering, the sweet lemon and berry ones usually. I've had some blunts where i was essentially drooling going in for a hit lol.

For gifs i use my cell phone camera to record a short video, then i use an app on android called GIF Maker to make a GIF with the recorded video. If i want to do some faster speed or reverse edits on the video then i use an app on the android phone called PowerDirector to edit and export the edited video, then use GIF Maker to convert to GIF. Both apps have free versions and would be available on iphones or an equivalent.

I usually prefer indica dominant hybrids over plain old indica, because I like having a bit of the sativa UPLIFTING, but however, I don't like when I get too jittery, I guess I'm more of a couch lock guy you can hardly lock on any couch but can get him well frosted while trying lol... I just received 14G of Gorilla Bomb!!! Thanks for the upvote BTW! Great Work as always!


Thanks - that Gorilla Bomb looks nice too, looks like it would have some sour flavors or at least the diesel from the gorilla glue. I like the balanced strains, that energy bump from the sativas. The most energetic strain i've had so far is the Green Crack - i have to be careful with that stuff it can be like having too much caffeine :)


Tell me about it! The sativas in general get me too jittery for my liking, while strains such as this one are, as you mentioned, quite balanced sometimes even boasting a surprisingly high CBD content, which I appreciate more and more, as far as sativa hybrid moderation is concerned...

Now those are some buds I would be down for and a forest walk. The strong lemon smell and taste, the Sativa hyperboost, walking around and smoking around. I love green bright colors. I have never had the pleasure to try the WW strain but I would like to try. Both.

These free free great I wish I had some of those