LEMON BUBBLE (80/20) Sativa-dominant Morning with Randy's Wired Paper - Go Energy with Head Cushion

3 months ago


Rolled up some morning Lemon Bubble buds with a classic Randy's Wired Paper. Lemon Fresh flavor, moving and walking around energy with a light head cushion. I'd smoke these energetic Lemon Bubble buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

LEMON BUBBLE Sativa hybrid

The Lemon Bubble 80/20 Sativa dominant hybrid was created by Pheno Finder Seeds with the crossing of the Silver Bubble and Super Lemon Haze strains (Source). Lemon Bubble buds have an 18-23% THC range.


Lemon Bubble Looks

Three nugs, each looking different - one with pale orange pistols, almost a yellow color, the next has bright burnt orange pistols, the third has bright burnt orange pistols and purple. Dark and bright greens for all three, a generous coating of trichomes on these resinous buds. This variety of Lemon bubble nugs get a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Lemon Bubble Scent

Crushing a Lemon Bubble bud with my fingers - there's a sweet lemon and lightly spicy pine terpene, and earthy skunk scent - refreshing.


This award-winning bud has a high that is characterized by a happy uplifted feeling coupled with a dreamy euphoria. You’ll be hit with a happy blissful state that leaves you completely relaxed with social tendencies. However, a building introspection will start to overtake you, leaving you easily distracted at times with a slightly sedative effect that can cause you to become spacey and distant. Because of this combination of effects, Lemon Bubble is perfect for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, tremors, and inflammation.
Source: Lemon Bubble - Marijuana Strain Reviews - AllBud.com

Randy's Wired Papers

Purchased these Randy's Wired Rolling Papers on accident, i thought they were Randy from the Trailer Park Boys signature papers - they were right next to the Julian from the Trailer Park Boys Rum flavored papers. I use spliff filter/tips often, have burn-proof fingers, and collect roaches, so these are more of a novelty. I remember these papers though, probably one of the first papers i smoked with 25+ years ago.


The paper thickness is similar to the Smoking Rice Papers - i'm guessing a 16g/m² paper weight.

The Classic Wired Paper has been Randy’s Staple since 1975! The built-in Wire gives two key benefits. The first being it is super easy to roll, even for the most inquietude! The Wire gives you a nice backbone to roll with. The second benefit it that you can bend the wire out after you spark up. This eliminates the awkward passes! Order a pack today and you’ll never buy another pack of papers.

Paper Length: 77mm (3.033 inches)
Papers are Wired and Hand-Packed in the USA
Made from a blend of flax and tree pulp with North American stainless steel wire.

Source: Randy's Classic Wired Papers - Randys.com

The papers have width-wise pinstripe texture, 24 Wired Papers per Pack.


Lemon Bubble Split Buds


Sliced Buds Roll Ready


Wired Lemon Bubble Spliff Sparked


Careful sparking these wired papers, the electric lighter shocked my hand when I touched the wire on the other end - twice haha.

Lemon Bubble Taste

First Toke... Sweet earthy flavor first, then the strong lemon flavor with a very lightly peppery tail end. Full lemon flavor, very nice.


Lemon Bubble Effects

Second Toke... Earthy, lemon, and light spice - almost like lemon pledge, strong lemon flavor without the zest. Cheeks are numbing, mind is calming, light euphoria like the heavens have opened up - balanced mind energy.


5 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... More lemon and light spice, top of the head is very relaxed, mind is exciting. Upper cheeks are lightly tightening from the slight perma-grin. Eyelids are lightly relaxed and slightly puffy, brow is numbing.


10 Minutes After First Toke, Fourth and Fifth Tokes... More sweet earthy lemon flavor, the sticky Lemon Bubble buds spliff is burning slow.


20 Minutes After First Toke...

Mind and body are energetic, but the eye lids are relaxed. Muscles have a slight contraction to them, teeming with energy and light euphoria - upper cheeks are tightening more from the perma-grin, skipping the energy drink this morning. Going to get up and move around, do some chores - dominant Sativa.


1-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

Mind slightly relaxed, body still energetic there's that slight mind cushion with the eye lids still relaxed though, that light head stone that is missing from some dominant Sativas. Face is lightly tingling.


2-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

Effects are gently diminishing, zen like after glow. A great strain being up walking and moving around - not so much for sitting and relaxing. I'd smoke these energetic Lemon Bubble buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

Have a great day!

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We in India get very less chance to smoke this type of precious rare stuffs.


I enjoy the variety, hopefully they lighten up on the cannabis laws there soon - there's such a wide and historic variety of natural medicines from India, i'm sure the old medicine books talk about cannabis.

I noticed no grinder this time :). The bud looks quite fresh, wonder if you chose to slice it coz it was too damp to grind.


I reserve the grinder for screened bowls and one hitter chambers - i've had too many spliffs harden and jam up from finely ground buds. These buds are sticky though, i was getting nervous about the spliff as i was rough slicing them, but it hit like a champ with no jams :)


Of course, you smoke puro - makes sense :) ..... I add baccy which facilitates the burn.

Would love to be smoking this strain tonight while watching the football game 😅😀

As salivating as ever!

I gave up the vape thing and ordered
some REAL WEED myself,
should get some Bubblegum, Peanut Butter Breath & Sour Tangie tomorrow!!!

marvellous and easy to read as always ,thanks hermano

I love Smoke... Have a nice day 😍😍


i love smoke too - thanks :)

This would be an interesting strain to smoke on the go. Like if you are walking in the wods and smoking.