JUICY JAY's Superfine Rolling Papers - Blackberry Flavor - with TAHOE OG (60/40) Indica Strain - A Tasty Afternoon Spliff

last year


Rolled up some Tahoe OG in Juicy Jay's Black Berrylicious flavor 1-1/4 superfine papers. The Blackberry sounded like a good match to Tahoe OG's "Bright and sweet citrus mango, slightly pungent - terpene taste, not much dry" flavor.

The Tahoe OG 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid strain is an OG Kush Phenotype that was created in Lake Tahoe, California. OG Kush is believed by some to be from the breeding of Chemdawg and a regional Hindu Kush strain, but some believe it's genetics came from a random bag seed - Source. THC is usually 20-25% with Tahoe OG.
Source: Tahoe OG 60/40 Indica-dominant Review

Juicy Jay's Flavored Papers

I purchased this variety pack of Juicy Jay's (7) flavored superfine rolling paper packs from amazon prime for $24 (Canadian Dollars) - with free shipping, that's about $3.43 per pack. Close to the same cost I'd pay at a walk in store, this was more of a convenience mail order.


As far as flavored papers go, Juicy Jay's is top quality. Each flavored pack was individually wrapped, the flavors are solid, the ultra fine paper is quality, and the fun printed graphics are a nice touch. I already have another variety pack of nine other Juicy Jay flavored paper packs on the way.

Rolling Paper Storage


With the variety of paper packs on hand, it takes me a long time to use up a full pack of papers. To ensure these flavored papers keep fresh and flavorful, I put each one of the packs into it's own mason jar. Plastic food wrap would work well too, I just happened to have these mason jars on hand. Buddy was telling me that when they used to get non plastic-wrapped flavor paper packs from the store that they'd take the first few papers out to get to the flavorful ones.

Juicy Jay Black Berrylicious - Super Fine Rolling Papers

Sweet and refreshing Blackberry scent with Juicy Jay's Black Berrylicious flavored rolling paper. I'm guessing these superfine papers are 13g per square meter - very sheer. Slightly slippery, but the 1-1/4 size is easy to roll with.

"Made in Spain, the birthplace of Rolling Paper"

Did You Know? Did you know that the average human has about 10,000 taste buds; however, they’re not all on the tongue. Some are under the tongue; some are on the inside of the cheeks; some are on the roof of the mouth. Some can even be found on the lips; that’s why Juicy Papers and Wraps taste so amazingly good. Juicy has 3X more flavor than our bland competitors!
Source: Papers - Juicy Jay's

32 Papers per Pack, "Juicy papers use a natural, plant based glue". The papers have purple blackberries and green blackberry leaf graphics - "Printed with Soy Ink".


Blackberry Tahoe OG Spliff


The Spliff rolled up easily. The papers are a little slick, but ultra thin papers can be like that - easy enough to handle with the 1-1/4 paper length.


BlackBerry Spliff Sparked


Blackberry Tahoe OG Spliff Taste

First Toke... Sweet blackberry flavor with Tahoe OG terpenes numbing the lips and mouth. Taste pine and mango too weed flavors too. Sweet and spicy aftertaste.


Second Toke...

Blackberry taste on my lips, reminds me of grape bubble gum flavor at first - didn't notice paper aftertaste. Slight cannabis dry mouth, drinking some water.


Tahoe OG Effects

Creative and social energy, relaxed and cushioned - with slightly slap happy euphoric feels. This is the type of strain that I could smoke on a regular basis - day or night.
Source: Tahoe OG 60/40 Indica-dominant Review


Third Toke...

More sweet flavors, these blackberry flavored papers are a nice match with the Tahoe OG - the spliff's hitting nicely. Tasty, excellent aftertaste - a few more tokes...

I'm looking forward to pairing up these multiple Juicy Jay's flavored papers with different strains to see how they match up.

Have a great day!

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I have some watermelon Juicy Jays. I been meaning to ask but where did you get the cool electronic lighter? Oh and those nugs looks fantastic.


Thanks - i've been waiting for a fruity and non spicy bud to match up with the watermelon. The lighter I got from amazon for $20, just search for USB chargeable lighter :)

The paper pack reminds me of the chewing gum packs! And wow, that could be a good combination for the fruity taste added to the Tahoe OG strain. I can imagine the relaxed mode you were in... I´ll be passing by the dispensary tomorrow before leaving Spain, see if that is available. Thanks for the share!


The printed graphics i like a lot, wasn't even thinking of them when i ordered, so it was a nice surprise - so colorful, and a good hint as to remembering what's rolled in the roach :) I've been enjoying changing up the smoke flavor here and there for something a little different.

I can't see how this might be bad combination. Best part is licking your lips after...refreshing ...
Do you feel more thirsty after? I have noticed I get more cotton mouth after flavored papers.


Cotton mouth would depend more on the strain it seems with these papers. Spicy and zesty terpenes seem to bring on cotton mouth more. If anything is seems like there could be less cotton mouth if the flavor is tasty enough to get the mouth watering. Herbal wraps dry my mouth out for sure - especially cherry flavor herbal wraps, but all the herbal and thick hemp wraps seem to give me cotton mouth, and i don't like the flavor in general with the - but these superfine paper flavors are sweet not at all bitter that I've noticed so far, looking forward to matching up more of them.


Interesting. I always smoke same stuff in different papers so I noticed it.

Wow.... incredible nug photos as always. Upsmoked and resmoked.


Thanks @offgrid :)

I've never had these Juicy Jays, may have to try them out. Looks like you don't really need flavored papers with that flower though, golly!


I agree with ya, the Tahoe OG is plenty tasty on it's own, but it's been fun tweaking it a bit. These papers have a clean flavor too, no weird aftertaste like i've had with many of the flavored herbal wraps.

Generally I am not a fan of flavored papers but you make those juicy Jay's sound like a worthwhile try. I'll see if I can find them on Amazon.


Make sure that you read the comments on the papers if they're not obviously individually wrapped to be sure that the packs have strong flavors and not intermingled :) With the superfine papers the flavors aren't bitter, sweet. Flavored tobacco wraps i liked, but not the herbal or hemp ones so much, those ones seem bitter to me.


I see. I'll read the commentabd make sure they do. Thanks for the tip.

WOE SO THROUGHOUT JACK! I WILL ADMIT THIS IS MY FAVORITES POST TO DATE!!oopse pressed enter too soon. Anything Tahoe, like Alien Tahoe, Tahoe lemonade etc has been a good strai. Its like they must grow some great smoke out in Tahoe!


Thanks @prettynicevideo - the tahoe does have nice taste and decently balanced effects, I'll have to keep my eye out for those descendants :)

excellent, as always ,re smoking it!!


Thanks @lamanoverde :)