Juicy Jay's STICKY CANDY & GREEN CRACK Sativa for Breakfast - Tastes Like Candy, Feels Like Euphoric Caffeine

5 months ago


Rolled up some Green Crack with a Juicy Jay's Sticky Candy flavored rolling paper - an eye opening jump start to the morning, skip the coffee.


GREEN CRACK (65/35) Sativa-dominant hybrid

The Green Crack sativa-dominant strain was born in Georgia - it's exact genetics are unknown, but it has strong Skunk #1 roots with some Afghani Indica mixed in. It was originally named "Cush", but was dubbed "Green Crack" by Snoop Dogg, he was struck by the powerful Sativa effects (Source). The "Cush" name may have less stigma, but the people got hooked on the "Green Crack" name.
Source: Green Crack Strain Review

Green Crack Looks and Flavor

The Green Crack buds have vibrant green leaves, light and dark orange pistols, all coated with a generous layer of trichomes. Some larger leaves on the backside, but overall a decent trim job, they get a 3 out of 4 on the fluff scale. The buds have a sweet, dank, lemon citrus, pine - and light mango scent. The smoke from the Green Crack tastes like dank lemon-lime citrus, sweet - mouth tingling with a sweet citric aftertaste.


Careful with the Green Crack Strain

This strain's speedy. I've been saving this Green Crack for a couple weeks - I wasn't paying attention the last time I smoked it and smoked down a fat kingsize spliff of it. Didn't feel right for a couple days haha, even took the next morning off smoking, if felt like a too much caffeine hangover. Finally ran out of all the other buds, so I reached for the Green Crack - I was much more mindful of the amount of consumption this time and caught a much kinder and gentler buzz.


Juicy Jay's STICKY CANDY Flavored Rolling Papers

A couple weeks ago I received a variety set of Seven Packs of Juicy Jay's Ultra-fine Flavored 1-1/4 length rolling papers. "Superfine" - I'm guessing the papers are 13g per square meter. Pairing up the Green Crack's lemon-lime citrus with the Juicy Jay's STICKY CANDY flavored paper.

Did You Know? Did you know that the average human has about 10,000 taste buds; however, they’re not all on the tongue. Some are under the tongue; some are on the inside of the cheeks; some are on the roof of the mouth. Some can even be found on the lips; that’s why Juicy Papers and Wraps taste so amazingly good. Juicy has 3X more flavor than our bland competitors!
Source: Papers - Juicy Jay's
The "Superfine" papers have pink cotton candy graphics printed with Soy Ink - "Made in Spain", "32 Ultra Thin Leaves", "www.juicyjays.com".

Green Crack Chopped - Ready to Roll


Sticky Candy Green Crack Spliff - Rolled Up

A little slippery, but the 1-1/4 paper length was easy to roll.


Sticky Candy - Green Crack Spliff Sparked


Sticky Candy - Green Crack Spliff Flavor

First Toke... Sweet candy taste on the lips from the paper, citrus, lemon-lime, mango, light pine. Sweet candy aftertaste. Second Toke... Subtle lemon-lime, more candy sweetness - the taste reminds me of those hard candy-sticks that they use to sell as pretend candy cigarettes - now they call it stick candy. Sweet stick candy aftertaste.


10 Mins After First Toke... Third Toke, More Flavors...

The lemon-lime has muted to more of a baked goods taste, more candy sweetness. Getting relaxed front of the brain, euphoric energy in the mind. Don't want to over do it on the Green Crack, One More Toke... Tasty smoke, sweet candy aftertaste in the mouth and on the lips - nice.


25 Minutes After First Toke...

I was careful not to over do it with the Green Crack, enjoying the energetic effects. My eyelids are relaxed, but the mind is excited and euphorically energetic. Plenty body energy and excitement too, heart rate is increased - Green Crack is an energy beast of a strain.


1 Hour After First Toke...

A Few More Tokes to keep the motor running. 2 Hours Later... I thought the Green Crack energy would suppress my appetite, but I have a healthy hunger - ate lunch early, it hit the spot.


3-1/2 Hours after First Toke...

Solar plexus energy still buzzing away, clean and very alert energy, reminds me of a speedy mini-thin, caffeine, or ephedrine buzz. The Sticky Candy - Green Crack roll up was a tasty and energetic after breakfast smokey treat. The sweetness of the papers paired nicely with the lemon-lime citrus flavor of the Green Crack buds.

Have a great day!

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Looks so damn flavorful,
too bad the damn name
has to be what it is!...

I had a time in my life
when I was using harsher chems...
now that I am beyond that,
I tend to avoid anything
that reminds me of that period...

Even though I understand
what they meant metaphorically
when they named it,
I still think it's a poor choice of names,
as far as anything related to this
sacred wonder plant is concerned.

Marijuana has NOTHING to do with crack...



Lol, true, many people would be turned off by the name, maybe a good warning for it's effects :) I could think of a few other potential names for strains that would be awkward. They do have that LSD strain though. I thought the Girl Scout Cookies strain name was a little weird, they've tried to chang the strain name to GSC lol. I have had strains that tasted like ground beef chili but i can't think of a strain named after meat :)

Green crack is great, I've only ever had it the once & that hookup is gone 😢


I do enjoy the lemon-lime lime taste to the buds, and they last so long because it doesn't take much to get desirable effects. Real nice looking buds too. A little too energetic for my wife, makes her too anxious - but we both like the god's green crack, that one's tasty too and a little less speedy :)

I enjoyed your last green crack review and damn did I enjoy this one as well. It's definetly a strain I wish to try out.


Thanks, this is a unique one with the speedy energy - refreshing sweet lemon-lime citrus taste. It doesn't take much, i could see a strategic use for it, like making some quick distance on a long nature hike or bike ride :)


Oh yes and yes. It would be an excellent pusher for a weekend camping trip with friends.


Sounds like a complete mind fuck lol. a bit like some good shit I bought in Panama during my Navy days, wipe out had my John Lennon glasses on painting on the main deck thought I was back in the Flower power days.

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