Juicy Jay's LIQUORICE Flavored Hemp Paper PINK ROCKSTAR (60/40) Indica Spliff - Tasty Jump Start to the Evening

2 months ago


Rolled up some of that candy sweet diesel Pink Rockstar with a Juicy Jay's Liquorice flavored hemp paper - tasty jump start to the evening.


PINK ROCKSTAR 60/40 Indica Hybrid

The Pink Rockstar 60/40 Indica hybrid strain was created by crossing the Pink Kush and Rockstar strains - lovely. I'm guessing at least 20% THC content with these Pink Rockstar buds (Source). Smooth energy burst on the front end with a balanced, cushioned, energetic, and lightly euphoric tail end. Great mind focus, not hazy. I'll gladly smoke these buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.
Source: Pink Rockstar Strain Review


PINK ROCKSTAR Look and Scent

Dark and bright greens, bright orange pistils, a generous coating of trichomes that thicken to an amber in many places. Resinous Pink Rockstar buds, dense but still a little squish to them, 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale. Very sweet lemon-lime-pine, grapefruit, pungent, and sweet flowery scent from the Pink Rockstar Buds - sparkling sweet terpenes, tasty.
Source: Pink Rockstar Strain Review

Juicy Jay's LIQUORICE Flavored Hemp Papers

Sweet Black Licorice flavored Juicy Jay's 1-1/4 Hemp rolling papers for the Pink Rockstar buds. Decently thin hemp papers, i'm guessing 14g/m². Interesting black color printed on the outside of the paper, width wise pinstripe watermark texture.

These Juicy Jay's flavored hemp rolling papers are perfect for smoking with your favorite legal herbs. Flavored rolling papers complement the legal herbs inside, and lessens any harshness that the herbs create when smoked! These rolling papers have smell and taste like delicious licorice and will satisfy just about any sweet tooth. Available in a 1 1/4 & King Size pack with 32 leaves per pack and 24 packs for a full box.
Source: Juicy Jay's Liquorice - RollingPaperDepot.com

32 Papers Per Pack, "Made In Spain".


Pink Rockstar Spliff Buds Sliced


Spliff Roll Ready


Pink Rockstar Spliff Rolled


Liquorice Pink Rockstar Spliff Sparked


Liquorice Pink Rockstar Flavor

First Toke... Taste of black licorice on the lips, sweet like candy terpene flavors - the mouth is tingling and puckering. Cheeks, lips, tongue, and throat are lightly numbing. Mind is exciting - so tasty. Second Toke... Interesting flavor, it's hard to make the Pink Rockstar not tasty - it's like a sweet'n'sour black licorice candy. Mouth numbed, energy building in the chest - light euphoria building.


5 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Sweet'n'Sour black licorice tasty - more mouth numbing and tingling, the sides of my face are tingling. Energy is bubbling up from the solar plexus, feeling that euphoric clean and outgoing energy burst from the Pink Rockstar that is reminiscent of an mdma buzz - upper cheeks are tightening from the perma-grin, feeling uplifted and lightly slap-happy.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Scalp is tingling - life of the party, One more toke will be plenty, i'll stack more tokes on later or change up to an Indica leaning strain. Fourth and Fifth Tokes... Lovely head buzz, clean and outgoing energy. Gentle numbness, even the temples are numbed - a big fan of the Pink Rockstar and relative strains.


Enjoyed the blunt reminiscent paper color and black licorice flavor, the Juicy Jay's Liquorice hemp paper burned slow and smooth.

Have a great day!

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I'm not sure if I could handle licorice papers. If the flavor subtle or over powering?


It's half sweet, half licorice, I'd say subtle - interesting paper and flavor, but it wouldn't pair well with some strain flavors I can imagine, I'll have to do more experimenting :) liquor flavored papers for spicy buds are my favorite so far.. Jamaican rum & blackberry Brandy.

yea... licorice kills me. although i heard it's ver good g=for the body and elimination of waste! but pink anything is always been great... just not sure on those papers... maybe try grape. lololol


Had root beer flavor last night - tasty... I just grabbed some Pink Kush - just like trump hahaha.. seriously got some more though, stoked :)