Juicy Jay's Flavored GREEN LEAF Paper with MASTER KUSH & WAPPA Buds - Thirst Quenching Energetic Zen

5 months ago


Rolled up some Master Kush and Wappa buds in a Juicy Jay's Green Leaf flavored paper. The Master Kush buds are fruity and spicy, the Wappa buds have a sweet lemon-citrus mango flavor. Imagine those flavors in a sweet iced tea - refreshing.

  • Both strains give solid body relaxation with euphoric and creative energy.


MASTER KUSH (90/10) Indica-dominant Effects

"The Master Kush gave a solid body relaxation - with a blissful and euphoric energy that didn't tire me in the afternoon or evening. It does set the stage for a solid night sleep. The effects stack nicely throughout the day - pile up the cushions with a toke here and a toke there." (Source)


Master Kush Scent and Taste

The Master Kush buds have a sweet lemon-lime, mango, pine vapor when crushed with my fingers... First Toke... Baked goods taste, sweet berry flavor, slightly spicy smoke - this tastes a lot like blueberry muffins. Strong terpenes, mouth and tongue are numbing. Second Toke... Front of the brain feeling cushioned, forehead and top of the head too. Cheeks numbing. Third Toke... Another sweet berry followed by burnt spicy flavor smoke - tongue and mouth tingling. Mind relaxing a little, cushion starting to set in.

Source: Master Kush Review

WAPPA (60/40) Indica-dominant Effects

"Relaxing and long lasting creative energy with these Wappa buds. The creeping effects are balanced, suitable for solo or social activities - day or night." (Source)


Wappa Scent and Taste

After crushing a Wappa bud with my fingers, the sweet lemon, mango, light pine and earthy cannabis scents rushed forward... lemon citrus, light pine - thick and dank smoke. Lips slightly numbing, front roof of the mouth too. Tongue is more puckered than dry.

Source: Wappa Strain Review

Juicy Jay's GREEN LEAF flavored Superfine Rolling Papers

I enjoy the Juicy Jay's flavored rolling papers - they're full of flavor, excellent quality. In a previous post I rolled up some Green Crack in a Juicy Jay's Sticky Candy flavored paper, rolled up some Tahoe OG in a Juicy Jay's Black Berrylicious flavored paper before that. I'm guessing this superfine paper weight is 13g per m² - very sheer. Slightly slippery, but the 1-1/4 size is easy to roll with. Not sure if these Green Leaf flavored papers are supposed to be tobacco, tea, or some other green leaf flavor - they have a slight tobacco scent, but with the sweetness, the taste is like green tea.

These Juicy Jay's Super Fine Greenleaf 1 1/4 flavored rolling papers add a subtly sweet, natural taste to any smoking herbs. These Greenleaf rolling papers successfully create a naturally sweet, citrus flavor that you'll love. Try some today!
Source: Juicy Jay's Green Leaf Superfine Rolling Papers - cannabisculturehq.com

"Made In Spain", 32 Papers per Pack, "Juicy papers use a natural, plant based glue". The papers have green colored green leaf graphics - "Printed with Soy Ink".


Wappa and Master Kush Buds for the Green Leaf Spliff


No Filter Tip for this Green Leaf Brew


Green Leaf Spliff Rolled Up


Green Leaf Master Wappa Kush Spliff Spark


Green Leaf and Master Kush / Wappa Taste

First Toke... That's nice - sweet green tea flavor, then a slow creeping light spice, more of a tingle, then more sweet. Light mouth tingling. Second Toke... More fresh brewed sweet green tea flavor, light citrus mango, less spice - citrus and sweet green tea aftertaste, so good lol. More mouth and lips tingling, cheeks numbing.



5 Minutes Later... Head feeling a light cushion, mind is relaxing with euphoric feels.


Third, Fourth Tokes... Tasty smoke, I keep thinking that I just had a sip of naturally sweet green tea - with a slightly different flavor each time.


These Juicy Jay's Green Leaf flavored papers rolled easily, burned clean, and were tasty like loose leaf green tea. Solid body relaxation and creative energy effects with the Master Kush and Wappa buds - tasty, I could imagine this sweet Green Leaf flavor pairing well with most strains.

Have a great day!

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Love master kush, haven't had it in so so so long. Last few times I saw it in a dispensary in Denver, it wasn't on point.


It's an excellent casually smoke all day kinda strain, i'll be keeping my eye out for it :) I've been pretty impressed with canadian buds.

I see you were busy at the studio all day. lololol. Dude I have some Master kush live resin right now!!!! only have maybe a sitting left but! how cool. Ill save it for Thorsday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Dam man, That third photo is a killer looking bud


It was delicious :)

Man oh man, such a colorful review!


Those Juicy Jay's pack really set a nice back drop, then having the 2 different strains next to each other - i'll be doing more of that, nice seeing the side by side differences in the buds. Double the eye candy too :)

Oh boy. Botha strains seem alluring but Wabba cought my attention for the balanced effect and day activity option.
Now we are talking. Those Jucy Jay's sound better then ever. That Greenleaf sound appetizing.

The buds are awesome, but that trimmings 😍

Very interested in master kush ,so thanks for review (pro ,as always). Also like those papers... : )

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