JUICY Hemp Wraps - Tropical Passion Flavor - Tasty BLUNT rolled up with Auto BLUEBERRY DOMINA (70/10/20) Indica-dominant Strain

6 months ago


Rolled up a Blunt with a Auto Blueberry Domina bud, and a Juicy brand Hemp Wrap - Tropical Passion flavored.


The sweet coconut and tropical fruit flavors of the hemp wrap were a good match for the "Light lemon-citrus and sweet blueberry dank taste, a little spice at the tail end" flavor of the Auto Blueberry Domina bud.

Auto BLUEBERRY DOMINA (70/10/20) Indica-dominant

The Auto Blueberry Domina (70/10/20) hybrid is 70% Indica, 10% Sativa, and 20% Ruderalis. The Ruderalis causes the bud to auto-flower - seed start to finished buds in 65 days. This Auto Blueberry Domina was born from the breeding of Blueberry and an auto-flower Black Domina. Heavy Indica effects - 17% THC, 1% CBD.
Source: Auto Blueberry Domina Strain Review


Auto Blueberry Domina Looks

The vibrant greens - and some dark ones that darken at a few leaf edges to a blueish purple color - are brightened to a yellowish color in many places by the ample coating of trichomes. Bright orange pistols. Well trimmed and dried buds, they get a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


When crushed with the fingers - the Auto Blueberry Domina gives a sweet lemon-citrus and blueberry - dank weed scent.


Juicy Hemp Wraps

Juicy Hemp Wraps are made by Juicy Jay's. I've rolled with their superfine Flavored Rolling Papers - good quality. I purchased these six various flavors of Juicy Hemp Wraps from amazon prime for $18 Canadian dollars with free shipping. $3 per pack is a decent enough deal, it would be $3 to $5 at the corner store. The flavors in this variety pack are Natural, Red Alert, Purple, Black'n'Blueberry, Tropical Passion, and Mango Papaya Twist.


This Juicy Hemp Wrap variety pack also came with a We Need Weed blunt/spliff saver tube, and a We Need Bongs cardboard scoop card.

Juicy Tropical Passion Hemp Wraps

The sweet coconut scent from the Tropical Passion flavor Juicy Jay's Hemp Wrap package hits first, then cherry and other tropical fruit scents. If the coconut scent doesn't remind me of tropical drinks, then it reminds me of the scent of sun tan lotion at the beach or pool on a tropically hot summer day. The sweet citrus-lemon and blueberry dank scent of the Auto Blueberry Domina buds are a good match for this wrap, the flavors pair up nicely.

2 Hemp Wraps per Pack - "Made in the Philippines" - "from natural toasted hemp, Juicy Hemp Wraps have no tobacco but you won't know that from the mellow delicious smoke. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE them!"

I personally find these Juicy Hemp Wraps to be the easiest wrap or paper that I've ever had to roll with. The hemp wraps are soft, thick, and a large size to work with - it's like molding with clay, the paper wraps around the bud so tight.

Blueberry Domina Bud Goes in the Grinder


Ground Up, Ready for Blunt Rolling


Juicy Tropical Passion Blunt Rolled Up


Blueberry Tropical Passion Blunt Sparked


Blueberry Domina Tropical Passion Blunt Taste

First Few Tokes... Could smell the coconut and tropical passion when I was lighting up the blunt. Sweet coconut, tropical fruits, citrus, blueberry - nice flavor combination.


5 Minutes Later, More Blunt Tokes...

The flavors are darkening a little, more of the blueberry is coming through now - plenty of sweet coconut, citrus, and tropical fruit flavors in there still. Tasty blunt. Not much bitter from the wraps, the sweetness of the buds over power it if there is any - there's that sweet spot where you have just the right amount of weed in there. Too little weed and you taste paper, too much weed and you have to be careful sipping the blunt.


Auto Blueberry Domina Effects

These Auto Blueberry Domina buds are an excellent night cap. Heavy Indica body relaxation with cheerful euphoria. I'd reserve this strain for the evening, I found them a little too heavy for the day time. Tasty in a blunt.

Tasty ratio in this Auto Blueberry Domina Tropical Passion blunt too - no harshness at all, just sweet tropical blueberry. I can taste the hemp wraps, but it's not bitter - more of an herbal taste that I've become use to I suppose. It will be interesting to smoke the Natural flavor Hemp Wraps to get a clear flavor sample of the hemp in these wraps.

Source: Auto Blueberry Domina Strain Review
I'll sip half of this blunt down, then save the other half for later - it'll take a while, this one's burning slow. I do enjoy a long smoke session.

Have a great day!

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That blueberry domina sounds like an excellent tropical heaven. Who needs to pays butt load of money to taste the tropical life when you can roll it up in the conform of your home. You really got my interest up a lot in those jucy Jay's. I have been looking into buying some for myself.


Low cost tropical staycation - just crank the heat up to high, close your eyes and sip the blunt. Some good music would finish setting the stage. I've been liking the Juicy brand, good quality and flavors :)


I'll probably order myself some after I order something special for a post that I have been eyeing for a while.

The thing I loved about blunt wraps when I used to smoke was they were so easy to roll with. The thing I hated about them was they had so much paper. The flavored ones really flavor it though. I used to rip some of the paper off of them.


I find that if i get enough weed in there so the paper doesnt wrap around more than twice, then i dont taste any paper harshness. If wraps were just a tiny bit wider, then i could cut them in half lenghtwise and easily get two.

Hi Jack, before I left Spain, I got some RAW papers as what I commented in your last review of the juice jay papers...plus I also got a bit of that Juicy jay packs.... I´ll show them in a post when I have the time soon. Your nugs looks great! Always love those shots of yours , and again very good detailed review.... Cheers!


Thanks, very cool, i'm curious to see what packs you got. So far i've been enjoying all the Juicy flavors that i've tried :)


Well, here is that promise... posted yesterday

I tagged ..you in this content post, check it out..

You just totally mad my mouth water! shit and I smoke concentrates and I was like let me smoke that right now! nice wraps! looks yummy!


This tropical wrap was a great escape from the cold up here - the scent and flavor reminded me of that madonna cocomo song lol :)


Your so silly jack! its not cocomo, thats the Beach Boys! It's, La Isla Bonita you're talking aboout. Great song!

I didn't know juicy made wraps. I'll have to be on the look out since I do enjoy the hemp wraps.


I do prefer tobacco wraps, but these hemp wraps are good - they banned tobacco wraps in ontario years back, so the hemp and herbal wraps took their place - i havent found a herbal wrap that i like so far though :)

Since blueberry is hands down one of my favorites I'm still drooling over those nugs!


So tasty, solid bueberry flavor with these buds too :)

Fantastic reviews and loving the quality of the photos and the buds themselves.


Thanks @elemental - i appreciate that, i do enjoy the buds :) I saw that glass blunt on your video, that's awesome - i remember hearing about them, but hadn't seen one before, i'll be shopping for one next time i'm in town :)