ICE CREAM (60/40) Indica-dominant Hybrid Strain - 'Eco' Hemp SMOKING Paper Roll Up

5 months ago


Tangy Sherbet Ice Cream flavors that start off with a light energy rush. An hour later the Indica-dominant effects kick in for relaxation - maybe too much, these buds wore me out at the tail end. I'd recommend these buds for afternoon smoking.

ICE CREAM Indica-dominant Hybrid

Ice Cream is a 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid strain, 22% THC - not much is know about the genetics. The buds are dark green, mats of small bright orange hairs - all lightened with the ample covering of white to yellow crystals. Decently fluffy, I'll give it a 3 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Ice Cream Strain Scent

The Ice Cream buds have a sweet citrus-mango, and creamy orange sherbet ice cream scent. The bright and tangy citrus tones with the creamy dank scent make me think of sherbet ice cream.


The high usually starts with the Sativa effects, generating uplifting moods with heady cerebral sensations. Users report feeling more creative. Adults diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD report feeling more focused. The Indica effects follow, often producing a numbing laziness, sedation and increased appetite. Negative effects include the usual dry eyes and mouth. Some anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia may also occur (especially with higher doses).

Source: - Ice Cream Marijuana Strain Information


King Size Eco Hemp Smoking Papers

Rolling up shaved Ice Cream in a King Size Smoking brand Eco Hemp paper. The pack spine reads "Finest Quality Paper - Since 1879" - these Eco Hemp papers were made in Barcelona Spain.


"33 Extra Long Leaves - Natural Gum - Pure Hemp Rolling Papers"


These are light papers, but not extra fine like the Smoking Master and Deluxe papers. Same size as the Deluxe papers, just 1mm shorter - 108 x 43 mm size. Pure Hemp logo, and pinstripe water marks can be seen on the papers.


The King Size Smoking Eco Hemp paper, a rolled up RAW hemp tip, and the shaved up Ice Cream buds are loaded into the RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine.


Ice Cream Spliff Rolled Up, Sparked Up.


Ice Cream Taste

Two Ice Cream spliff hits, smooth and thick dank smoke - sweet flavor on the lips. Lots of terp citrus, almost spicy - it's tingling my mouth. Sweet mango, lemon, creamy and tangy taste like with orange sherbet - sweet terpenes after taste. Took a couple more smooth hits from the Ice Cream spliff, grabbing some water.


Ice Cream Feels

10 Minutes after first tokes, I can feel the front part of my brain numbing slightly - the forehead, and top of the head too. Numbness in the cheeks and temples. The back of the head is numb and tingling slightly. Mind is relaxing slightly, feeling a slight giddy feeling building in the chest.


15 Minutes after first spliff tokes...

The mind is getting an energy boost, heart rate has risen slightly. Feeling a good energy in the chest, body has a mild buzz. Feels like the touch of Sativa adrenaline. The front of the brain is buzzing nicely. Energy now in the chest and solar plexus. Still tasting that mango, a happy giddy feeling is bubbling - friendly and outgoing feels.


1 Hour after first Tokes... Nice body and head buzz still, face is feeling warm. 1 Hour and 40 Minutes after first tokes, nice buzz still, head and body, good enough energy.


Two and a Half hours after first tokes,

The buzz is tapering, feeling relaxed, slightly wore out - will be fixing an energy drink or eating food soon. Wife said it gave her a touch of anxiety, so she drank some milk to chill out the adrenaline effect. She does like the God's Green Crack strain though. I'd recommend this Ice Cream strain for an afternoon craving, the energy might be a bit too jittery for first thing in the morning - or in the later evening.

Have a great day!

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Sounds like a very interesting strain. You say it's indica dominant but looks a bit sativa to me. The jittery may be from whatever sativa is in it's lineage.


That's what the internets say, but i agree with you, more of the sativa seems to shine through. Was a small and consistent energy, small jitters too, but just the right spot to throw some people off. Sativas and high terpenes seem to turn on the adrenaline often, some more than others. The White Widow is 50/50 and i don't remember annoying rushes. Seems like the Indica/Sativa ratio is a good guide, but some strains seem to be a little different than expected sometimes. Other things come into play too of course, i'm intrigued by the strain differences and predictable effects :)

Put some in a cone for me bro! GOD Damn!


No doubt - a cone would have been perfect, i should have done that :D I did get that spliff and a nice blunt out of it though - the Ice Cream Blunt was smoooth.

Awesome review as always. Icebacream sounds like an interesting strain. With those strains that have a similar percentage of Sativa and Indicia are interesting to me because they always change between energy and lock. Atleast that the feel I got when I got to learn the strain name and then do research later on. It's an interesting effect.


Thanks - i'm usually smoking more Indica leaning, some of these sativa influenced hybrids are starting to wear me out - so many energy rushes :) I'm going to be back on the hunt for pure bred Indica strains soon. Purple accented buds up next :)


So you are more of the chill on the couch type of guy. I did notice that. Most of your reviews are indicia based. I lately preffere the energizing Sativa to give me strength to work the day.
Goodluck on your hunt. May it bear great and plentiful bounty.


Thanks - funny enough the antidote for the ice cream was girl scout cookies. The GSC are a solid day or night lounging around buzz.


Ice cream and cookies go hand in hand.

I have the funniest story involving me high and a glass of milk!!! OMG. Too funny. I didn't think milk was a thing to help. I thought my friends were just bullshitting me! lololol


If my adrenaline gets pumping too much then milk usually chills it out. I'll have to hear this glass of milk story sometime :D


Ill talk about it Thorsday! lololol

Well you have made few fans of "ICE CREAM Indica-dominant Hybrid" with your fantastic review.

Ice cream got to say I have not ever heard of this one.


Wife randomly brought it home from a friend. Creamy thick smoke, smooth puffs - the taste was excellent. I found to be not the smoothest ride, mainly because of the slight tiring at the end, didn't last long, maybe could have been avoided by smoking a little less. I'm probably more particular these days now that i know how some of the other strains can be. Ice Cream taste though - nice :)