HIGH OCTANE OG 90/10 Indica-dominant - Rolled Up with IRIE Hemp Papers - Creative and Cushioned Escapism

3 months ago


Had a High Octane OG smoke with IRIE. Cushioned and euphoric creative energy effects with mind escapism in the middle - I'd smoke these buds in the afternoon and evening.

HIGH OCTANE OG Indica-dominant

The High Octane OG 90/10 Indica-dominant strain was created when Chemdawg was bred with with the result of the breeding of the Lemon Thai, Hindu Kush, and Pakistani strains together (Source). I'm guessing these High Octane OG buds have around 20% THC.


High Octane OG Look

My first bag of bud shake in a long time - there were no whole buds, just pieces. The High Octane OG strain grows large buds, similar to OG Kush. These bud pieces have spindly bright orange pistols and a lavish coating of trichomes that thicken to an amber color in many places.


High Octane OG Scent

The High Octane OG buds have a sweet lemon, pine, pungent, and eye opening terpene filled scent.

The flower is light green and very sticky with large OG Kush-like buds. ... Strong and fast acting, you may not want to use High Octane OG when you’re planning to leave the house. Great for those suffering from insomnia, pain or lack of appetite. High Octane OG has made a name for itself among other indicas. A top nighttime strain, it provides an extremely lazy, heavy body sensation.
Source: High Octane OG - thechrono.ca


IRIE Extra Light Hemp Papers

These IRIE Extra Light 1-1/4 hemp papers are easy to roll with - they burn clean and smooth. The last time I used these papers was a Morning Ultra Sour Smoke with IRIE. Before that was the White Widow blood moon smoke with IRIE.

The hemp paper looks and feels like it's the same paper used for the Cheech & Chong hemp papers. I'm guessing the weight is 13g/m². No watermarks, just fine hemp fibers. This is the "Mamma Jamma" bonus pack with 64 papers - and the free "Sticker Inside!".
STUFF ME Our papers are made from a 100% natural fine hemp blend ROLL ME Interleaved and creased for easy rolling SMOKE ME Our papers are extra light so they burn clean and smooth everytime
Source: IRIE - Our Papers - Extra Light Hemp Papers
"Made in China with thin European Hemp Paper" for RollingSupreme.com - they make many well know brand papers including Juicy Jay, RAW, KingPin, Skunk Brand, IRIE, and many more.


IRIE Stuffed


IRIE Rolled



IRIE Smoked - High Octane OG Taste

First Toke... baked goods taste, slight spicy like cinnamon, cherry, diesel taste at the tail end. Mouth tingling, cheeks numbing. The after taste reminds me of ginger-ale - tingling. 5 Minutes after First Toke... Second Toke... More sweet baked goods taste followed by that diesel taste. Nose hairs burning a little with that exhale. More mouth and cheek numbing - the gums and lips are numbing too, and down the chin. Heart and breathing rate increasing slightly. Upper forehead and the top of the head relaxing.



High Octane Effects

10 Minutes after First Toke... Upper cheeks lightly tightening, light energy building in the solar plexus. Smile forming, front part of the brain feeling cushioned, mind is relaxing and exciting slightly. Feels good to move around, body has solid energy but relaxed and feeling almost like it's not there. Abdominal muscles are tightening slightly from the ample energy - the mind is pleased and well balanced, focused.


15 Minutes after First Toke...

Third Toke... Sweet diesel, nose tingling tail end. Mind feeling more relaxed with that last toke - perma-grin returning, energy building in the chest. Listening to some music, good creative energy. Light solar plexus bubbling energy, heart rate increased slightly. Getting up and grabbing some water.


20 Minutes After First Toke...

5 Mins Later, Fourth Toke... Mind energized, cheeks lightly tingling - smiles. More cushion for the skull, brow is numbing, but not the eyelids. Energetic effects, perma-grin still, light mind numbing.


30 Minutes after First Toke...

Energy still bubbling - energetic, but a balanced energy like with the Tahoe OG - enjoying the music, more water. 5 Mins Later... Euphoric pride energy forming in the chest. Breathing rate increasing slightly. Mind still solid, cushioned but energetic - maybe a touch slap happy.


40 Minutes after First Toke...

Mind is slowing a little - eye lids are lightly relaxed now, pleasantly wandering mind. Still a light energy in the chest, but the energies are smoothing - breathing and heart rate are relaxing. As I stand up there's a spring in my step, the mind is relaxed but the body has a balanced energy.


1 Hour after First Toke...

Solid energetic and euphoric effects still, head cushioned. 15 Mins Later... Solid smoothed out and comfortable effects. 45 Mins Later... Mind is coming out of the haze, eyes more open.


2 Hours and 40 Mins after First Toke...

Still a little effect after glow, could see it lingering for another half hour - smooth tail end, getting some munchies. I'd smoke these High Octane OG buds in the afternoon and evening - cushioned and euphoric creative energy effects with a mind escape in the middle.

Have a great day!

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That's some light and bright! Super crystal covered!


Bling :) It had the matching terpene sparkly taste to go with it.

Looks a bit shaky, but still fire. Thai strains don't agree with me, curious how much of those genetics are present in this one


I can't remember the last time i've gotten buds this shaky .. i opened it up and was like what the ? - didn't have to break anything up for the first couple spliffs. The Thai it does have is pretty far back in the lineage, i'd guess it would be a limited amount - but it's hard to know for sure. Could try a little of it at first if you got your hands on some.

Just curious, what kind of camera do you have? You take some dope high res photos of beautiful flowers. I have always been into photography but have never had a nice camera.


Thanks, i'm using a Canon PowerShot SX620HS (20.2 megapixel) 25x optical zoom.. got it for $270 on amazon prime last year. Same insides as the full size Canon PowerShot SX420 with 42x optical zoom, but this is the pocket version with a popout 25x optical zoom - bought it so i could easily always have it on me for taking animal and nature photos at a distance, but i've been enjoying it with the bud photos lately :) I'll use a little of the optical zoom sometimes just so i don't cast a shadow on the buds when i'm trying to get in close. I was getting good photos with my samsung note 2, but i like how the canon can get up in there :)

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