HAN SOLO 40/60 sativa hybrid - Morning Smoke with GHETTO BLASTER hemp papers - Energetic, Smooth, Euphoric

2 months ago


Hey Smokers, they should be releasing this lock-down soon, before it all collapses, IMO, but I have a feeling they're gonna drag this out... Enter the Hans Solo buds with the throw-back Ghetto Blaster hemp papers for a morning smoke. Lightly cushioned, energetic, euphoric, and smooth effects. Sweet and sour citrus pine flavor with a touch of vanilla diesel spice and mango.


The Han Solo 40/60 sativa hybrid strain was created with the crossing of the Pure Dog and Cinderella 99 strains (Source). These buds have a decent 22% THC.


Looks and Scent

Dark and light greens, thick mats of dark and light orange pistils, and a generous coating of white and amber trichomes with a sweet and sour citrus scent.


Han Solo Effects (Source)

patients looking for symptomatic relief associated to conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, PMS, are graced with a comfortable lasting effect, from this strain.


Ghetto Blaster Hemp Papers

The Ghetto Blaster hemp papers seemed appropriate for the Hans Solo bud roll up. The papers are sheer, i'm guessing 12g/m², they burn slow and smooth. They have Ghetto Blaster graphics printed with soy ink - www.rollingsupreme.com.


Han Solo grindage




Han Solo Flavor

Sweet and sour citrus pine with a mango aftertaste, a touch of vanilla and diesel spice.


Han Solo Effects

Relaxing and uplifting, cheeks and brow numbing. Mind feeling energetic, getting a perma-grin. Mind cushioned, lightly energetic, eye lids slightly relaxed.


Balanced energy in the chest lightly bubbling up from the solar plexus - euphoric and balanced energy.


The Han Solo morning tokes put that extra spring in my step - lightly cushioned, energetic, euphoric, smooth. Sweet and sour citrus, pine, mango, and vanilla diesel spice flavor. I'll save these Han Solo buds for morning, afternoon, and early evening smokes.

Have a great day!

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Sounds a bit odd, but I can see the Cindi99 in that strain. Definitely a strain needing to be toked. Nice to see one of your spots, been a lick since your last...


Han Solo was a complex guy .. time traveler, spice drug runner, rebel alliance commander - the Cindi99 definitely takes the buzz out of this world :)

Canadians Love Star Wars eh ! What the hell is wrong with us ????


Don’t kid yourself, a lot of us Americanos love the Star Wars!


That's True .... What's wrong with us ? ha ha ..... I finally watched The Rise of Skywalker last night ....

Pump up that volume dude......: )

Nice looking g flower. Thats the first I have heard of this star wars strain. So many around.


I've seen the Yoda strain before, wish i had grabbed it, I still have to try that one :)

I have to try that strain!


A tasty strain, close to balanced hybrids often seem to have that touch of euphoric chaos :)

Awesome.... beautiful Nugs .... I need to add this one to my Star Wars Collection.


So many Star Wars themed strains :)