GORILLA GLUE #1 (50/50) in the Ghetto Blaster Printed Rolling Papers - Enjoyable Day or Night Buzz

5 months ago


This Gorilla Glue hybrid strain I found to be a solid blaze up any time - day or night.

Gorilla Glue #1 (Hybrid) 50/50 Strain

Sativa-dominant Gorilla Glue Hybrid cannabis strain was created by the breeding of Chem's Sister and Chocolate Diesel. Much like Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue is a pungent and spicy descendant of Chemdawg. Compact grape-size buds with brighter than burnt orange hairs. Earth tone green leaves, but it's hard to tell with all the crystal build up, they look like they were covered with glue.


Gorilla Glue Sniffing

The buds have a dank, sweet lemon and lime scent to them. A strong citrus terp and pine vapor that comes off as a pungent and spicy nose tingling gasoline or model glue smell - that Chemdawg influence.


More on the effects... expect a very warm and deep body buzz. It's reminiscent of a deep tissue massage with a very small sense of a head high. Kind of like you're getting a head tickle. .... Are you socially awkward? After trying this strain you will feel a lot calmer in social settings. You'll find yourself talking for hours and this is honestly a really good sativa dominant strain. We highly recommend this for social gatherings and weed dates.

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric - Medical Effects: Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Pain, Lack of Appetite - THC: 23%

GetWhitePalm.com - Gorilla Glue #1

Ghetto Blaster Hemp Rolling Papers

When I was down in Kensington Market Toronto over the holidays, I purchased eleven packs of various rolling papers to blaze up with. Some were made with hemp, one corn, one rice, some were large size, some were thick, and some had fun designs. This is one of those fun pack designs with papers made from Hemp - the limited edition Ghetto Blaster printed rolling papers - made in Spain by Rolling Supreme.


Non Toxic Soy Ink

You can see the fun retro pack with the Ghetto Blaster on the cover. The 1-1/4 size papers are a little wider than regular. Not thick papers - notice the lightning bolt behind the paper in the picture below. You can see the papers have ghetto blasters printed on the the papers - on the pack it reads "Printed with Non-Toxic Soy Ink / Sugar Based Gum".


The inside of the pack cover reads "Blast from da Past" - with an astronaut holding a ghetto blaster. At a distance I keep thinking the astronaut shape looks more like Chewbacca from Star Wars. There are 24 ghetto blaster printed hemp rolling papers per pack. Raw spliff tips for the Gorilla Glue ghetto blaster spliff roll up - Just Add Gorilla Glue.



Taste and Feels

A thick and heavy dank with sweet lemon/lime on inhale, and the first moment of exhale. The more I exhale, the abundant terps and pines quickly flood and overwhelm the senses - the taste quickly sharpens into the concentrated pungent flavor that is reminiscent of gasoline. Slightly spicy, like the taste of chili or sloppy joes. The sweetness quickly diminishes with the dry roof of the mouth aftertaste. A slight numbing in the cheeks. Dry and mild spice on the tongue. The taste of gasoline is also present on exhale and on the hands. I thought my hands had gasoline on them, but I hadn't ran the gas generator since the day before. Took another toke - gasoline flavor and smell on exhale.


Back part of the top of the head is very relaxed, solid body buzz. The mind is relaxed and focused - not scattered, this is a mellow and uplifting buzz. 10 mins later feeling a slight heaviness in the forehead and top of the head.


Two more tokes later...

A nice buzz is washing over my head - a slight heaviness in the brow, and upper eyelids, but not much. Mouth is numb and tingly. Solid body buzz, intense. Feeling like I'm on the verge of sweating - an adrenaline rush feel. A slight adrenaline rush crept in, but it smoothed out soon enough - feeling happy and giddy. A hour and a half later I still have a solid body buzz, and the munchies. Mellow and uplifting in the head with longevity - it was easy to fall asleep that night.


These Gorilla Glue buds have been my day and night go to this past week. They don't tire me out or slow down my mind during the day. At night there's a good balance with not feeling sleepy, and at the same time it's easy to fall sleep if I want to. The Ghetto Blaster blaster rolling papers rolled up with the gorilla glue easily - burned clean with no static.

Have a great day!

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This is one of my all time favorite strains. It really does help with social situations. I can talk for hours on this strain. Nice review.


Thanks - cannabis is so amazing with the variety of effects the different strains have. Lately i've been enjoying picking the right bud strain for the situation :)

Makes you want to eat em one by one. Like a candy in that stashbox.


This, my friend is a great idea. Just wait a bit and you will see all the artists, like ones that do extraordinary stuff with cakes, emerge in edibles industry.


They do look tasty - bite sized - it would be interesting to see edible cannabis looking like that some day, like instead of getting a box of chocolates :)

those ghettoblaster papers are the biz ... watching out for them so i can make a review!


I imagine they're available at many smoke shops. Among all the packs, this one jumped out at me. I didn't even realize they were hemp papers until I was writing this post - bonus :)

Finished work one hour ago, and reading your article is a great start of the weekend. The shots of The Gorilla Glue buds are amazing and the article is very well written.
Would love to use some of this photos on my instagram, if you give permission? :)


Thanks, for sure, feel free to share the bud shots on your instagram. Enjoy the weekend :)

This looks so good!! Got me excited for my chem dawg plant!! Starting flower soon!

Do you know anything about a popular strain from Florida called krypee or cryppee? I lived there for a year back in 1996 or so. And that was the first time I ever saw pot that wasn't either brick weed or bad home grows.

I remember it was sold by the gram. Where regular brown weed was always sold as at least 7 grams (a quarter bag).

But this stuff was so good! and the taste was so distinct.

That's actually why I bought chem dawg. The guy said it was the closest thing he had to those old school genetics.


Ahh that's awesome you're growing a chemdawg, I've been liking it's descendants. Chemdawg's in one of those classes by itself - very unique characteristics. I was reading about Crippy .. someone on Facebook is claiming to have copyrighted the 1970s genetics, but that page only has 13 likes lol. Then you have 420Magazine saying Crippy is Florida slang for super good weed. It will be interesting to see if a Crippy strain rises to the top and gets the nod from the OGs that remember it.

A lot of good stuff you have.... the Gorilla Glue looks good! I will remember that Ghetto Blaster Rolling Papers, these should be available in the grow shop here in my town in Spain.


Thanks - for sure they should have them, as you probably read, the papers are made in Spain - Rolling Supreme :)

That looks super fire, I haven't had GG #1 I don't think. This looks more like a kush, like a Paris OG or a Bubba Kush like a bubba kush hybrid like Bubba Fett

Oh my! Those nugs look like little sugar cubes. They have such a lovely tint to them, i bet they would taste epic in some wax based edibles. Lawd just the speculation is making me salivate :-D