GOD'S GREEN CRACK (50/50) Hybrid Cannabis - Communion with the Beech Wood Straight Shooter

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God's Green Crack is a euphoric and mind-body balanced 50/50 hybrid strain. Clear mind with this strain, suitable for busy day and social night smoking.

GOD'S GREEN CRACK 50/50 hybrid

God’s Green Crack is a balanced 50/50 hybrid strain that was created by Jordan of the Islands to achieve the conception of a strain that was lighter than the Indica heavy God Bud. God Bud was bred with a Green Crack sativa from Georgia for the God's Green Crack result. Bright Greens, coated with crystals that gives a yellow tint to the buds. Dainty and long spindling burnt and light orange hairs, with a few well trimmed leaves in the mix. Fluffy buds.


Sweet lemon, mango, and citrus smells. just a touch of dank in there, these are some sweet and light fruit smelling buds.

The indica and sativa parents work together to deliver a duality of head and body effects that lift the mood while relaxing muscles.

Source: Leafly.com - God's Green Crack Cannabis


The Beech Wood Pipe seemed most fitting for the God's Green Crack

The Bowl's Packed Up, Ready for Communion


God's Green Crack Taste

Fired up the bowl at 2:25PM. Spicy, sweet, light citrus fruity, the smoke tingled my nose a little. dry with a touch of sweet fruit aftertaste. Very dry mouth, taking a drink of water before this next hit. 5 Minutes Later... Second hit, cheeks are getting numb. Third hit, lit that bowl up. Dry spicy with a light citrus fruit favor in the background. I can feel an energy burst coming, heart rate is getting a little faster. Going to stand up for a minute, more water.


10 Minutes after First Toke Feels...

Feeling solid energy in the chest, body is nicely relaxed but energetic. Mainly the cheeks numb, and up towards the temples, solid mind just a slight relaxing, no jitters, mouth still dry. Fourth hit, getting some happy feelings, on the verge of giddy, getting relaxed in the upper forehead, back of the head is slightly numbing. 5 Minutes Later... Fifth hit made my eyes water a little, i can feel some kushy head relaxation coming on. Still energetic, feeling another energy burst.

30 Minutes After First Toke...

Sixth hit, i'll have to step away from the bowl now. Feeling solid energy, pleased and giddy, top and the back of the head and cheeks are buzzing, arms and body too. upper cheeks are tightening a little from the grin., more water. Simmered down a little, but still good energy, relaxed. Eye lids and the brow is getting a touch of the heaviness. Relaxed and solid head and body buzz, relaxed and energetic mind.

2 Hours After First Toke...

Have some munchie feelings, getting some food and relaxing. Mind is very clear, body is relaxed and energetic - everything has smoothed out nicely. Upbeat and feeling a lightly buzzing energy, the upper cheeks are tight - clear mind.

3 Hours After First Toke...

Still have a decent head buzz. This tail end had me feeling a little wore out - a couple less tokes on the wood pipe may have prevented this small amount tiredness. Before the coffee was brewed most of the tired feels were over.

God's Green Crack is good for day or night smoking - balanced energy and good feels. I enjoyed it more when smoked at night, the daytime effects weren't as obvious as other choice daytime strains I've smoked. This would be a good daytime smoke for daytime chore, clear enough mind and solid energy.

Have a great day!

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Wow.... so beautiful. Great review. Your #nugporn Photography is the best I have seen anywhere.


Thanks i appreciate that. It's amazing to see how beautiful the buds look when i'm going through the photos on the pc screen :)

Great review and as usual, great visual report too.

Out of ten, how would you score this one?


Thanks - 7.5 out of 10 .. The head and the body buzz weren't as much as I prefer - I like to really know when i've smoked, and i've had better for day or night. If I was going to be busy doing physical labor and keeping busy during the day, then this would get a little higher score, but i generally just don't smoke if i'm going to have one of those kind of busy days, so this strain is not as appealing to me, won't be getting more of it any time soon .. If i was going to re-up for daytime/nighttime smoke, white widow and pink kush are at the top of my list currently. Clear and balanced mind was most notable with this strain, not something i usually go for - which may be desirable for someone smoking for medicinal purposes.


Cool. Thanks.

Not one to put on my list then if ever visit the cold northern parts of this hemisphere. :)

Great review as usual.... I love the shades of green and those orangy pistil they remind me of my crispy fried onions on the Roastbeef I cook....that I want to munch them right away! Keep on puffin´ for a high !

I love all your smoky gifs


yeah they're really cool, eh?


They sure are.


Thanks, i have fun making them :)

Awesome review as always. Man just look at those beautiful beautiful white hairs on the buds. And your pictures are getting better and better. You can be a professional budtographer. I love citrus strains. The smell of the citrus on the air and in the mouth makes me water and drool without end. Just looking at those buds makes me drool.

I love how you go through the buzz with your reviews! Another great one! Sounds like an amazing strain for a day at work!


Thanks - i'd forget a lot of the micro effects if i did take notes during the buzz, so it works out well for me to paste them in there - for me to look back and remember too :) For sure, this was a good mind focus, energetic, and upbeat knda buzz with a decently smooth tail end with light munchies.

As always @jackdub your content is top notch. Another great in-depth review!


Thanks, i appreciate that and will keep the reviews coming :)

such a cool pipe :D


Thanks - it's a larger size and comfortable for handling - not rolling over when i set it down is nice too :)

I think its a ginger!! Lololol. Nice pictures! I love that you do a timeline of how you feel. Right on!


Thanks - it makes it easy when it come to doing the taste and feels parts of the post - i dont edit the notes much, just paste them in there from the text editor that i type them into :) I wouldnt be able to remember the details if i didnt take notes lol.

good review/info , in depth, great pics visuals . thanks you for article


Thanks for checking it out :)

Epic review of an epic strain!
Keep up the good smoke!


Thanks - many more strains on the way :)

God's Green Crach, what a catchy name! Thank you for the review! Love the photography 💚


Thanks, i enjoy seeing how different the buds look when going in close with the camera, breaths a new life into the dried buds. Lol the names they come up with for the strains are entertaining :)