Fully Entertained with the WHITE WIDOW (60/40) Sativa-dominant Strain - Picked Up at the Post Office

6 months ago


Just In Time OCS.ca Package

The online Ontario Cannabis Store is currently the only legal place to purchase recreational cannabis in Ontario, Canada. The province is currently holding a lottery to randomly select 25 businesses to apply for a license to open a recreational cannabis store. I was happy to find many well know strains on the OCS.ca web site, placed an order of assorted kinda buds last week. It had arrived and was waiting at the post office since Friday, finally made it to town Tuesday to pick up the package.


Many strains to review. First up is the Sativa-dominant White Widow. Broke the Cannabis Duty Paid Canada tax seal, cracked open the box. The container is small, child proof, and looks like a film canister or pill bottle. I was happy to see the packaging wasn't extremely over sized.

WHITE WIDOW hybrid sativa

The White Widow 60/40 hybrid sativa-dominant strain was born from the breeding of a Brazilian Sativa, and a resin-heavy South Indian strain. I can see why it's called White Widow, it's covered with long white crystals, and the spindly bright orange hairs covered with crystals remind me of spider legs. Grown by Redecan Pharm - THC content is 16.3%, CBD content is 0.07%.


White Widow's Scent - The White Widow buds smell like a sweet tomato sauce - with a touch of lemon and earthy cannabis.

... loved for the amazing highs and medical goodness it provides. Its avid users claim an instant energizing punch that shifts to a state of profound calm. ... The strain is complex, yet very enjoyable. Expect a pungent, skunky aroma with pine and citrus undertones, a sweet and sugary smoke and an off-the-charts, cerebral experience. It’s known to help relieve depression, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, migraine, loss of appetite and PTSD. It’s also great for daytime use, social events and outdoor activities.

Source: Wholesalebud.ca - White Widow: Award-Winning Strain


Chopped up a couple of the White Widow buds for the Bowl


Pack it up, Light it up, Smoke it


White Widow Tastes

Bright and sweet tomato sauce flavor on exhale. With a light citrus lemon-lime, pine, and cannabis taste in the background. This full bodied smoke is a mouthful - with plenty of terps that made the inside of my mouth tingle.


White Widow Feels

Cheeks are already starting to numb - high cheeks too, up to just below the temples, a little on the top front of the head. Mouth is getting a touch of dry. Took a second hit, this really is some thick smoke. More mouth tingling and dryness, will need water soon. The rest of my head is feeling numb - except for the eyes and forehead, feeling energetic - mind and body, the mind is feeling clear. The body is starting to feel relaxed now, getting some water.


After getting up to get some water, I noticed the body and head buzz has leveled out, but I'm feeling a tiny bit of adrenaline, enough to warm me up - but the brain doesn't feel scattered, it's energetic and solid.


After the third toke, I notice he body relaxation is uniformly spread out, and I feel a light buzzing throughout the body. Upper part of the forehead is numb with top and the back of the head. The forehead, brow, and the eyes feel light and energetic. 5 minutes later - solid energy level, happy, energetic buzz, feels like that proud uplifting feeling that I'm getting in my chest - can physically feel the energy swelling there.


Powerful smoke, left some in the bowl for later. Plenty of creative and happy energy with these White Widow buds - cheerful and bubbly. A solid body buzz with a lot of interesting feels in different places. Entertaining, energetic, outgoing - an enjoyable daytime buzz.

Have a great day!

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White Widow is my all time favorite strain. It is easy to grow and has a high yield. But the smoke...ah the smoke...there is a reason it won that Cannabis Cup in 1995...the way that Sativa sneaks up on you after being pounded by the Indica is insane!


That's true, it does take you for quite the ride. It's like a bit of a tunnel with a few bumps and jerks, then the buzz opens up and it's like ahhh, this is nice. White Widow was one of the first strains I heard of - back when I started looking.

As always, nice well layed out review. So I got to ask, why metal pipe?


Thanks - glass ones I always break when scraping them, my big wood bowl was too big for this session. Haven't seen my little wood bowl in a couple weeks - I might have given it away though, can't remember haha. Metal bowl has the smokeless toke lid too which is cool for taking casual hits - the toke hole lid chokes the cherry so it doesn't burn away.

Looks like a sweet sweet sativa, love the white widow

Asides your GREAT reviews, i love the way you build your posts.If you could someday make a tutorial on inserting videos, resize images etc i would be very greatful


Thanks, I'll put together a few tutorials - the topics you suggested would be good ones :)

Bro! I love this strain. I may smoke a joint today. I never do but I still have some of that flower left (no not white widow, some other shit!). Maybe Ill smoke it and video it! lolol. Me coughing for 5 min. LOLOL. Hello Mr. jack! hope you are having an amazing! day! The fucking tricombs are insane. Dam sure wish we could take that, lay some of that True Purple Berry oil on a blunt wrapper and we go to town! we'd probably wake up a few hours later saying, what happen? lolol. HAAAA A friend and I did just that the first time I had an edible. she came over and we were smoking , each ate a half a chheba-chew, and before I knew it, I woke up. HAAA

Yeah, that´s a nice strain.... worthwaiting for to arrive and .....and I cansee, you have enjoyed it... Keep puffin´for a high!

Damn I wish I could smoke that right now, you've got me making some wishes right now, how high does it get someone?

White Widow!!! One of my favorite strains of all times :) I always try to get it every time i am in Holland ... here is not so commun to have it.

The pics looks really good, the nugs are amazing.

Great review... loved how you walk was through the high. Like I was there feeling the numbness spread.

This is the first strain I have ever heard of lke 15 years ago. It used to be only albanian outdoor that time. Every better weed would be called White widow.

Great review as always my friend. I had the opportunity to smoke it once a few years ago. I'm glad to see I didn't get lied to. The effect was energetic but leveld just as you said. The buds remind me of having kinda like white cow webs on it. I love energetic strains. I have been to in couch lock for so long with weed that for me the optimal high is when I'm energetic and ready to do something.

Nice! Wish I could get my hands on such a bud.
Thanks for sharing.

Reasons to move to Canada just keep getting better!