Fluffy SHISHKABERRY (80/20) Indica-dominant Hybrid Buds - GIZEH Extra Fine Paper Roll Up

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These Shishkaberry buds are a smooth smoke with their medium THC. The fluffy berry flavor buds make for a long and tasty smoke session.

SHISHKABERRY Indica-dominant Hybrid

The Shishkaberry, also known as "Kish", is a 80/20 Indica-dominant hybrid strain. Shishkaberry is another DJ Short creation accomplished with the breeding of Blueberry and an Afghani strain. These buds are from the OCS.ca web site, Redecan is the cultivator. Redecan had a mould problem in the past with mouldy B.E.C strain buds recall, but this Shishkaberry looks fine. These fluffy buds completely filled the small container - in comparison, compact buds like Blueberry Kush would only fill 1/3 of the same container. These fluffy buds - with a medium 18% THC - will be great for fat joints, blunts, or the large wood pipe. 1% CBD is a decent ammount, 4x more - or more -than you average high THC buds.

They left a few too many leaves with the trim job, but they are well dusted with crystals - like the rest of the buds. Caked on in some places, the long crystals have a yellowish tint to them. Dainty and spindly red hairs make a limited appearance.

Sweet lemon-lime citrus scent - with a touch of pine and light cannabis. After easily crushing the buds, I also smell a lightly pungent scent that reminds me of blueberry.

Shiskaberry’s buds have a fruit and berry aroma and will be painted with shades of purple. Its initial head buzz is happy and good for finishing things up or being social, but once its indica side kicks in, lazy is the word.

Leafly.com - Shishkaberry


GIZEH - Extra Fine Rolling Papers

Breaking out the GIZEH Extra Fine rolling papers for testing out the Shishkaberry buds. These extra fine papers are made with organic unbleached hemp, weigh in at 14 grams per square meter of paper.

Fifty papers per pack, natural Arabic tree gum glue line.


These papers have some nice looking watermarks: Pinstripes, GIZEHs with backward Zs, and Pyramids.


Shishkaberry buds were chopped up - ready for roll up.


Rolled this one up old school - the extra fine papers rolled up well enough. Next time I'll be trying out the "Inside-Out" roll up method that @psyceratopsb uses. I'm liking the pinstripes on this spliff - classy.


Shishkaberry Taste

Very smooth, might be that lower 18% THC content. Dry lemon-lime sweetness with a touch of light cannabis, it leaves the mouth tingling. Almost a touch of orange flavor on second drag exhale. Cheeks are getting numb. Lots of dry terps, comes off as a slight char peppery pine if exhaled quickly - if exhaled very slow, the sweet and more subtle flavors appear. Sweet and dry dark berry aftertaste.


Shishkaberry Feels after 15 Minutes and 5 Tokes...

Throat, mouth, and cheeks are tingly. The forehead, top, and the back of the head are numbing. Decent energy, very slightly mind scatter energy - I sense a touch of adrenaline but not much. Lips and chin are tingling as well. I got up and grabbed some water - it's a cheerful and happy energetic buzz at the moment - feeling like a live wire. The head is feeling much more numb than the body.


25 Minutes After First Toking...

The head's feeling way relaxed and kushy, the body is starting to feel relaxed. The energy burst has smoothed out - time for a couple more tokes.


It's a smooth, relaxed, and kushy buzz. There were no extreme energy rushes, a smooth ride with the Shishkaberry. By kushy I mean a relaxed and cushy couch comfort. Relaxed and swelled up like a padded marshmallow kind of comfort. Would make for a relaxing day or night, it didn't tire me out during the day - like some of the high THC Indica strains do. Fluffy buds for the long Shishkaberry smoke session.

Have a great day!

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Looks like some fire, but they could have gotten those big leaves off


Would have been nice of them :)


Yeah, a bit cheeky of them to not fully trim it..


If I see any leaf on my buds when I get it, I hand trim the it to perfection lol. The sugar leaves cover the beautiful buds, but they are beautiful in their own way. Reminds me of the best dank I got in my early smoking days on the black market.


I'm curious if their recalled B.E.C. buds with mould were trimmed this way - if so, maybe leaves were hiding mould that spread even more while packaged.


I hope not!

awsome Jack! I love your post. does it say if it contains CBD? Im only asking because we had a shatter (almost two years ago now) but it was called Shishkaberry and it had high CBD in it.


Thanks - 1% CBD from this grower, i'll add that to the post.. most seem to have 0.5%, so double the CBD than normal high THC strains, but not what i would think of as high over all .. i've got this Napali high CBD strain i'll be testing soon - it's got 10% CBD - 5% THC :)


Double checking the regular buds CBD levels, they look even lower, like .014, .024%, etc, so 1% CBD does look like a decent ammount in comparison.

That’s a fine set up and papers you got going. Sounds like a lovely smoke, big and fluffy is awesome - less tobacco required

What's a pinstripe?

Haha..reminded me of Floyd..did you become comfortably numb?


Comfortably numb, and feeling like soft styrofoam :) Pinstripe like a pinstriped suit .. stripes about the width of a sewing needle.


Kewl...soft styrofoam would be..? Sponge?
Edit: don't know who is higher right now..

Marvelous review as always. The buds look really good. Personally I don't mind a bit of leaves if the bud itself is satisfactory.