FANTASY ISLAND (60/40) Indica-dominant Hybrid Strain - Felt Cushioned, Friendly, and Creative Energies - Mini Bong Toke Vacation

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Great for a daytime or evening relaxation vacation. I'm giving these buds the 60/40 Indica-dominant rating. I felt a cushioned body and focused mind with these buds - with pleased, friendly, and creative energies.

FANTASY ISLAND Indica-dominant Hybrid

These Fantasy Island Indica-dominant hybrid buds are grown by Synr.g, not much is know about the genetics. They also grew the Tropical Breeze that I sampled a couple weeks ago - both have the vacation theme name, both were purchased from the web site. These Fantasy Island buds have 20% THC, and have "beta- and trans-caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene and alpha-pinene in its terpene mix."

Dark and vibrant green, a solid coating of trichomes that go from fuzzy to thick and darker where most concentrated. Dainty bright orange pistols bunch together in some places. These buds get a 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale.


These Fantasy Island buds have a sweet lemon, pine, a touch of dank, and a sweet berry scent that reminds me of tomato sauce.


grown and hand-sorted in the Niagara Escarpment. The indica-dominated strain is very high in THC content and a complex taste because of the beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene and alpha-pinene in its terpene mix.
Source: - Fantasy Island


Fantasy Island Bud Grind Up


Festive Mini Bong Rips

I grabbed for the colorful Mini Bong for these vacation themed Fantasy Island buds - also used this Mini Bong for the RockStar, Tropical Breeze, and the Skywalker OG strains.

Packed the Mini Bong Bowl, Blazed it Up.


Fantasy Island Flavor

First Bong Rip... Sweet dank with a light tomato sauce or tangerine citrus zest taste. Dried tongue and numbed the cheeks. 2nd Toke... Sweet tangerine after taste - that last bong toke tickled the throat. Eyebrows and lips numbing, grabbing a quick drink of water.


Fantasy Island Feel

5 Minutes Later, 3rd Bong Toke... Little bit of a light head with that last Mini Bong Rip, this is cold bong water - smooth smoke, it may have numbed my throat a little. Starting to get a nice body buzz starting in the chest then expanding out through the limbs. Whole head's feeling relaxed, but the eye lids and brow aren't heavy. Getting some light smile feels, going to grab some firewood.


15 Minutes after First Toke...

4th Bong Toke... Chopping some firewood. Nice relaxed cushion head and body buzz. Relaxed warm energy in the chest. Chill but not tired effects, feel friendly enough.


1 Hour and 10 Mins after First Tokes...

Decent effects still, smooth ride, clear enough mind. The mind feels relaxed but not slowed down, eyelids don't feel heavy. 5 Mins Later... Solid buzz still, relaxed, mind clear, smooth upbeat energy. Getting lots of work done with no stress - this is a clear and focused mind, with relaxed and cushioned body buzz. Light munchies, getting some food.


2 Hours and 45 Minutes after First Toke...

Relaxed buzz still hanging in there, cheeks and eyebrows still feeling numb, clear and relaxed mind, little bit of head cushion still - another smooth ride. Relaxed body and focused mind - friendly and creative energies with these buds. This Fantasy Island strain vacation would be suitable for day or night.

Have a great day!

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Amazing review as always. I love the colors on it, the hairs. I love the overall look, taste and feel this strain give you. The name also is first class. Fantasy Island is a place I definitely want to visit, and smoke.

You know how I feel about purple flowers, but, I really enjoy the lime green too!


Both the strains i got from this company have been vibrant colors like this one - adds an extra bit of excitement when grabbing for them :)

That definitely looks like a tropical strain, but it looks more like a sativa than an Indica, very interesting.


I'd be curious to see the fan leaves of this strain - not a big energy boost with these, just enough for creative and pleased feels.

Another fire review! Love them colors. I like your little mini bong as well.


Thanks - a conservative size glass bong is on my short list :) Like the bongs for a quick tune up, and there's very little smoke that gets lost.

Wow.... so beautiful, a relaxed buzz is exactly what I am after. I will look for this one. Will. Share your review on Twitter.


This is a smooth buzz - the two strains i've tried from synr.g so far have been pleasantly fuzzy looking with festive colors :)


That is good to know... I have a few shares of CannTrust (parent company of SynR.G.)

Very good review! That looks like some tasty bud! I dont know if i can almost 3 hours without smoking more lol. Now thats what i call will power.

This is an awesome review. I am going on a smoking vacation soon.


Where to?

Hi Jack... love the colors and the appearance of the buds ...I love those trichs as well as the pistils... you always get so great nugs to review... cheers!

It's really a reality with a fantastic review. Keep smoking