Evening Bowl Tokes With SKYDOG (80/20) Indica dominant - Solid Cushion Relaxation Nightcap

7 months ago


Hey smokers - blazed up a nightcap bowl with Skydog buds last night. Relaxed and well cushioned with light euphoria - i'll save these heavy Indica buds for evening nightcaps.

SKYDOG Indica dominant

The genetics of Skydog 80/20 Indica hybrid strain is unknown, but they are believed to be strong Indica strains crossed with haze (Source). These Skydog buds have 20% THC.


Skydog Looks

The Skydog buds have vibrant dark and light greens, ample mats of bright orange pistils, a thick coating of trichomes that give the buds a faded yellowish look. The have decent bud structure, resinous but not sticky - i'll give these buds a 4 out of 6 on the fluff scale.


Skydog Scent

These Skydog buds have a grassy earthy and sweet lemon lime scent to them.

Skydog offers a very intense high that isn't recommended for those new to the use of cannabis. Smoking it is the most common method of use. It is a dry strain so some people find it initiates coughing. It is often used by those that want a very in depth high or those that suffer from high levels of chronic pain. May Relieve Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Inflammation, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, PTSD
Source: Skydog - Marijuana Strain Reviews - AllBud.com

Skydog buds split


Skydog buds grinded


Marley Bowl Packed


Marley Bowl Sparked


Skydog Flavor

First Toke... Sweet and sour lemon-lime cand-like baked goods taste - very slight spice. Tongue and mouth dry from the terpenes, drink of water. Second Toke... Sweet and sour spicy lemon lime candy like baked goods sweetness, a little tang to it, tasty.


Skydog Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke... Breathing and heart rate increased slightly. Cheeks, brow, and upper forehead numb, mind relaxing lightly. Sip of water, Third and Fourth Tokes... Mind excited from the terpenes and double toke, breathing accelerated slightly. Energy cushion building in the chest, light euphoria. Mind relaxed, scalp tingling lightly - sweet and tangy aftertaste.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Energy lightly bubbling up from the solar plexus. Eye lids relaxed and slightly puffy.


20 Minutes After First Toke...

Mind relaxed, zoned in focused - relaxed and well cushioned, light euphoria. Eye lids relaxed almost a little sleepy, it's been a busy day - the buds are a cushioned wind down. Fifth Toke... Tasty - so relaxed, perma-smirk.


1 Hour After First Toke...

Solid cushion and buzz, mind is relaxed, decently energetic - the almost sleepy feeling has passed.


2 Hours After First Toke...

Munchies then i'll be drifting off to sleep soon - relaxed and well cushioned with light euphoria. I'll save these heavy Indica buds for evening nightcaps.

Have a great day!

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It can work for me then as headache is a very common issue of mine


Wife said this strain actually gave her some relief from a headache, I could see that with heavier indicas like this that relax everything. I'm not a doctor but cannabis is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, so I see how the right strain could help with some headaches :)

That’s some really prime photos. Nice #nugporn!


Thanks - solid Stone with that bud icing :)

I' m always amazed by the pistils of the strains you review. Its orangy tidbits are lovely and I think the plant where this nug had been harvested from was so healthy! Great review Jack, as always!


Thanks - that cannabis resin seems to be a great preserver, especially with proper drying and curing. It's amazing how bud pistils and trichomes retain their structure - even on the inside of the split open buds.

Pretty interesting strain. Probably too heavy for me right now but the buds look very appealing.