Evening Marley Bowl Tokes with BLUEBERRY 80/20 indica dominant - Cushioned, Cheerful, Relaxed

6 months ago


Packed some Blueberry buds into the Marley Bowl for an after dinner smoke. Sweet and slightly sour blueberry vanilla pine flavor with a touch spice on the tail end. Smooth, cheerful, and well cushion effects.

BLUEBERRY indica dominant

The Blueberry 80/20 indica dominant strain was bred by DJ Short with the crossing of what is believed to be the Purple Thai and Afghan landrace strains (Source). These buds have 21% THC - decent amounts of Caryophyllene 1.70%, Myrcene 1.12%, alpha-Pinene 1.00%, Humulene 0.42%, and Linalool 0.26% terpenes, and less than 0.01% of the Caryophyllene oxide, beta-Pinene, Limonene, and Terpinolene terpenes (Source).


Blueberry Looks

Buddy grew these outdoor Blueberry buds. A few extra untrimmed leaves - the natural rugged look. Light and dark muted greens, light and dark orange pistils, an ample coating of amber trichomes hiding behind the leaves. Loose buds, they get a 4 out of 5 on the fluff scale.


Blueberry Scent

There's a sweet and light blueberry, vanilla, pine, and earthy scent to these Blueberry buds.


Blueberry Effects (Source)

Effects - Euphoria, Happy, Sleepy. May Relieve - ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Nausea.

Marley Bowl for the Blueberry Bud Tokes


Reached for the Marley Bowl for the after dinner Blueberry tokes - bud split for the grinder.


Bowl Packed


Bowl Blazed


Blueberry Flavor

6:20PM was the First Toke... Sweet and sour blueberry vanilla with an earthy flavor from these buds - lightly spicy, sip of water. Cheeks, brow, and upper forehead numbing, mind relaxing - brain lightly cushioned, touch of euphoria.


Blueberry Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... Earthy sweet and sour berry flavor with a touch of vanilla, pine, and a spice on the tail end - sweet pine aftertaste. Energy cushion building in the chest. Eye lids relaxed and slightly puffy, mind and body, cushioned. Energy gently bubbling up from the solar plexus - gentle effects, relaxed, slight perma-grin.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Flavors smoothed out, less pungency - sweet blueberry and vanilla pine with a touch of spice. Smooth and laid back buzz, very gentle and well cushioned, a touch of euphoria bubbling up from the solar plexus.


15 Minutes After First Toke, Fourth Toke...


30 Minutes After First Toke...

Fifth Toke... Smooth and well cushioned buzz - not too hype, not too laid back, just right. - relaxing during the hottest time of this sunny day.


2-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

Cheerful, well cushion and relaxed buzz from the Blueberry after dinner tokes. Sweet and slightly sour blueberry vanilla pine flavor with a touch spice on the tail end. I'd smoke these Blueberry buds in the morning, afternoons, or evening.

Have a great day!

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Like that pipe so much better


True that, looks much more suitable!
It has its presence and probably makes you wanna nod your head reggae style right after the toke...;)


Thanks, i do like the large bowl and easy tokes from this one - just have to pack it once for the evening :)


Lol, that is practical!! :))

We need that touch of euphoria.. isn't it? and loved the post :)


i suppose all cannabis has at least a touch of euphoria :)

Looking good Jack. I'm going to get some Blueberry Headband today from the dispensary, it will be my first experience with it.


Thanks - I haven't had that one before, i'm curious of what you think of the taste. i do have a 707 headband in the garden this year, looking forward to that one :)

This is one of my top 3 favorite strains. Check out this song about the strain. Enjoy