EL NINO 65/35 Indica Blunt in the City - Discrete Smoke - Cushioned and Social Effects

2 years ago


Rolled up an El Nino split cigar blunt for a quick walk in Toronto city. Put a spring in my step for the walk, relaxed, cushioned, and social energy for the dinner meet up.


El Nino Indica hybrid

The El Nino 65/35 Indica hybrid strain was created with the crossing the White Widow, Haze, and Super Skunk strains (Source). These El Nino buds have 18% THC, and an impressive 1% CBD - decent amount of Myrcene, and other terpenes. Smooth and well balanced effects - excellent body and mind relaxation, light euphoria, creative and social energy. I'd smoke these kind buds in the afternoon or evening.
Source: El Nino Cannabis Strain Review - smoke.io

El Nino Looks, Scent

Colorful pale buds with dark and light greens, a dab of purple, pale orange and golden pistils, a generous coating of trichomes. These resinous buds get a 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale. The El Nino buds have a sweet citrus and lightly pungent scent - darker sweet tones. Sweet baked goods blueberry muffins scent - some vanilla scents in there too. Interesting flavors.
Source: El Nino Cannabis Strain Review - smoke.io


Century Sam split cigar - El Nino blunt


Buds Sliced, Blunt Rolled


El Nino blunt sparked

Took the El Nino blunt on the town before dinner with family.


El Nino blunt flavor

Tasty blunt on the town, sweet spicy diesel flavor with a touch of lemon-lime - flavor took on some darker fruit tones and and spicy baked goods flavor as the blunt burned down.


El Nino Effects

Solid and bubbly energy in the chest and solar plexus brought on just enough euphoria for the walk to the Hunny Pot recreational cannabis dispensary.


Euphoric social energy and comfortable body relaxation as i sat down for dinner with family - Caesar salad and 4 cheese garlic bread, tasty. Enjoyed these El Nino buds in the Century Sam split cigar blunt, discrete for the walk around the city, cushioned and social energy.

Have a great day!

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Very nice buds. The colors are so vibrant and alive.


These ones were tasty in the blunt :) My mum was with us and remarked on how everywhere we went it smelled like weed - then she noticed my blunt haha.


Hahaha I have this hoodie with a hidden pocket and I was showing it to my parents and my mom asked what it was for. My father just went "it's for Marijuana". Both my folks know I smoke.

That’s some bright fresh looking bud. Really nice.


When they have the bright colors like that it reminds me of sherbet ice cream :)

Looking awesome

Keep smoking :D