DUKE NUKEM (65/35) Sativa-dominant hybrid with Smoking CORN Papers - An Energized and Friendly Blast

7 months ago


Duke Nukem is an energetic and friendly effect strain. Great for day and night, active and social activities. Don't expect much sitting around and relaxing with this friendly blast of energy - It's Go Time.

"The Alien invaders are stealing Earth's women, especially the hot ones! And they drank Duke's beer. Time to bring the pain." - Video Game Name Sake

DUKE NUKEM 65/35 Sativa-dominant hybrid

The Duke Nukem 65/35 Sativa-dominant hybrid was born from the breeding of the Chernobyl and Chemmando strains. The Chernobyl strain is from Trainwreck bred with Trinity - then bred with Jack the Ripper to cement the result. Chemmando is mostly Empress Kush with a touch of Grapefruit and Mendo Purps - heavy Chem Dawg influence with the Empress Kush strain (Chemmando Info Source).


This Duke Nukem bud gets a 3 out of 4 on the fluff scale. The burnt orange pistols and dark greens are coated with a generous amount of crystals. The crystals take on a yellowish color where they've reached maximum density.


Sweet lemon citrus dank scent - with bright mango and a touch of pine. Lots of bright and sweet terpenes with this Duke Nukem strain.


Duke Nukem marijuana is good for daytime use, social interactions, weekend with friends... Duke Nukem marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral high. Boosts energy, increases creativity, focus, prompts socialization and laughter. Followed by body relaxation and sleep. Relieves stress, alleviates depression and pain, stimulates appetite.

Source: CannaSOS.com - Duke Nukem Cannabis Strain Information


Smoking Corn Rolling Papers

First time using these Smoking Corn rolling papers. A perfect match for Duke Nukem - with their energetic yellowish corn fed color. Same 1-1/2 length, but one gram heavier - at 18 grams per square meter - when compared to the the Smoking Rice paper that I rolled with the other day. Unique square shaped pack.

Corn paper look with its characteristic colour. FSC® Certified. Designed for those who like a slow burn. 49 leaves per booklet. 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives. This ensures you get the optimum stick with just one lick.

Source: Smoking Paper

Generous 77 mm x 44 mm Paper Size, 49 Papers per Pack, Pinstripe Texture.

Duke Nukem Grindage - Ready to Roll.


Duke Nukem Spliff Ignited.


Duke Nukem Taste

First two tokes... Sweet mango and lemon favor - with a dry and dark and slightly spicy tail end. Cheeks and mouth are numbing, tongue is starting to pucker. Can already feel the mind energizing and getting a little rush - I'll give credit to the terpenes. Upper cheeks are numbing too, I can still taste the sweet mango.


8 Minutes after First two Tokes - 3rd and 4th tokes...

Can taste a little paper with a slight corn background. I'll have to cut some paper or roll reverse gum next time. This is the first with all the papers that I've noticed a paper taste - this is not the fine paper, but the sweet mango buds quickly over power the hint of paper taste.


Duke Nukem Effects

Energy building in the chest and solar plexus. Heart rate and breathing increasing a little, getting smiles, feeling energetic. Slight body buzz creeping in. Cheeks still numb, tongue still tingling like it had sour lemon, the gums are getting numb.


20 Minutes after First Toke...

Feeling a nice head buzzing, smiles, feeling giddy. The brow and eyes don't feel heavy. Great body energy - not jittery but balanced energetic. Grabbing some water and a couple more tokes. Two More Tokes... Roof of the mouth is especially dry after those last two tokes. Solid happy buzz - still lots of smiles, feeling friendly. The top-front of the head has a nice buzz. Chest and solar plexus still energized, no jitters - smooth and energetic mind-body buzz.


33 Minutes after First Toke...

Getting munchies, grabbing a drink. Solid buzz, energetic, feeling slight numbness in the temples. 1 Hour after First Toke... Happy and energetic buzz still, but slowly relaxing. Eye lids and brow are feeling a slight weight - it seems like the Indica influence will be at the tail end of this buzz.


3-1/2 Hours after First Toke...

The buzz has pretty well leveled out. I got a little tired feel at the tail end, but by the time I was done eating dinner, I was feeling solid and ready for another smoke session. Duke Nukem was an energetic and social strain, suitable for active daytime or nighttime social situations - don't expect to do much siting around and relaxing with the Duke.

Have a great day!

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Duke Nukem

Great name for the strain, one that knocks you down. Buds look really tasty.


The name does fit well with the effects and the lineage. Too tasty - i've been smoking these high in terpenes buds lately - this morning at 10am, after a bagel, i hadn't smoked anything yet, and i still had a strong citrus terpene taste in my mouth. The taste buds need a break hah.


Man, don't tell me this, I just came a bit...💧

You continue to amaze us with your top quality reviews!! Keep up the good work buddy 🌿🌿🌿


Thanks, I appreciate that. Another box of strains is on the way, i'll keep the reviews coming :)

beautiful Jack! as usual! so you didn't much like the corn paper? or was it the glue you think? Always amazing reviews.


Thanks :) It was the thickest paper that i've rolled with lately at 18 grams per square meter - the similar style rice papers were 17 grams per square meter, extra fine papers are like 13 grams per square meter. I do like the size of the papers and the thickness is nice to roll with, but i'll just make sure i reserve them for fat joints. I only noticed the paper taste on the like the third toke or so, after a couple more tokes the bud flavor saturated the paper anyways - wasn't bad, just the first time i've noticed paper taste in a while :)

Love the name, reminds of a popular game i used to play! Could imagine myself smoking this strain and playing that game :)

This has got to be one of the greenest buds I have ever seen. It's so so so green. And the hairs look so mesmerizing. Being a Sativa fan this strain interests me greatly. Anything that will get me to clean my apartment is welcome.