Delightful Day with Buddy - Old LEMON SKUNK (60/40) Sativa-dominant Hybrid - RAW Classic Kingsize Slim Papers + Disc Golf, RockStar BTs, Edibles

last year


Monday was a fun day with buddy out for a visit. He brought complimentary cannabis oil edible muffins, and a pile of two year old Lemon Skunk buds - Nice. The Indica mind numbing effects hit first, then the cheerful and friendly Sativa energy - Always good to see buddy.


The Lemon Skunk 60/40 Sativa-dominant hybrid came from the breeding of two Skunk phenotypes. Genotype would be the Skunk strain genetics, the Skunk phenotype would be the unique characteristics of the Skunk plant after it has adjusted to an environment. So two different Skunk phenotypes were bred together to birth the Lemon Skunk strain. Pheno/Geno Info Source.

These haggard buds were kept cool, and open-air dried for two years to achieve this dullness. Plenty of long pistols and thin sativa leaves - all coated with crystals. A high 3 out of 4 on the fluff scale, a touch leafy - these buds have rarely experienced containment. They would be as dry as dust if it wasn't for the sticky cannabis oils.
Sweet and spicy lemon-lime citrus scent - lots of terpene vapors. Almost smells like blueberry, sweet like tart apples, dried lemon grass - dusty dry old weed smell in there too.
... a high that affects both the body and the mind. The head high is slightly more pronounced and produces a thought provoking and meditative experience.

This trait makes the strain a good choice when engaging in some deep conversation with friends, or when looking for some creative insight during artistic endeavours. The body high produced by the strain is also quite strong and creative calming and even sleepy effects if taken at the right times. The effects generated by smoking this strain have some medical potential when it comes to stress, pain, fatigue, and headaches.

Source: Lemon Skunk - Strain Information -


RAW Classic Kingsize Slim Papers

With ample Lemon Skunk buds on hand, I reached for the RAW Classic Kingsize Slim papers, the RAW tips, and the RAW hemp plastic cigarette rolling machine. 32 papers in the Classic RAW pack, I prefer this unbleached raw fiber color. Decently fine papers, similar to the Smoking Eco Hemp papers - I'm guessing 14 grams per square meter weight.

Check out the RAW logo and criss-cross watermarks.

RAW Classic is where it all began. The launch of RAW Classic transformed the smoking culture to a focus on quality and true naturalness. RAW is crafted from vegan, unbleached plant fibers and finished with the purest natural tree sap gumline. Each leaf is watermarked with our proprietary criss-cross steam imprint that helps prevent runs and maintain a smooth, even burn.
Source: - RAW Classic Paper

Marijuana Cigarette Rolling Machine - the RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine assisted with the quick roll up...

Look at that Lemon Skunk Kingsize Spliff Beauty.


Sparked Up - Toked.


Old Lemon Skunk Taste

Buddy was curious to document these bud strain effects - I showed him some posts on We each took a couple tokes off the spliff... A sharp and dry earthy taste that you would expect from over-dried buds. A light lemon-lime citrus - not overly sweet, dry spicy taste. Sweet lemon citrus taste is building. 10 Minutes Later... Feeling a relaxed and comfortable head kush - forehead, front-top of the head, cheeks are all numb. Lips are tingling - full of terpenes. Mind is relaxing, eye lids feel heavy, up beat feels. This is feeling like an Indica - chill.


20 Minutes after First Toke...

Blaze up the Lemon Skunk spliff again. This feels Indica leaning, but there is that touch of upbeat and friendly energy - like with Sativas. 30 Minutes after First Toke... There's a perma grin and upper cheeks tightening setting in. Euphoric social effects. Can feel energy building in the chest. Nice buzz in the forehead and front part of the brain - numb tingling. Drinking water - excellent weather, it's well above freezing, all the snow is melting.

Check out that late Solo Cup Challenge Entry :)

1 Hour and 10 Minutes after First Toke...

Feeling good energy, euphoric, buzzing nicely. Slightly dry mouth, drinking water - the forehead has relaxed a little but is still comfortably numb. Feeling energetic, we're about to play a few holes of frisbee golf.

Frisbee Golf Session

I wouldn't forget about the beech wood bowl - it got cleaned out and topped up with ground up Lemon Skunk buds for the frisbee golf session.


In the second picture below you can see what the frisbee golf goals look like - not exactly regulation - orange fencing around a pole or tree. It works. The first picture below is of the overflowing creek and beaver dam that was next to the course. Good times.


Rockstar Bong Tokes

After the frisbee golf session, we wanted to kick it up a notch. Next up was bong tokes with the RockStar buds. Prepared the Bluetooth speaker stack. Buddy enjoyed the RockStar Bong RIPs - they were extra sweet fruit flavorful after the tame and dry lemon-lime citrus flavored - older - Lemon Skunk buds.


Edible Treats

Buddy prepared some cannabis oil muffins for the day. To make the cannabis infused oil, in a deep frying pan he gently simmered olive oil and bud trimmings for a few or four hours. Let it cool, then strained the oil into a mason jar container. Stores the oil jar on a dark and cool shelf. He said he used one tablespoon of oil per muffin, the whole muffin has to be eaten (in case the oil sank to the bottom of the muffin). The next step would be to try one muffin and see how the effects are, then decide if the amount of oil per serving/muffin should be increased.


Gave a couple muffins away to other buddies, i'll be trying one or two of these muffins in a couple days. Instead we each ate one of the 50 mg edible cinnamon rock candies. Sent buddy home with one - I now have one more King Tutankhamon Bubble Hash Rock Candy for another day. Always a fun day with buddy. I've been smoking this Lemon Skunk - night, morning, and day ever since - brings back memories. Mixed some in a blunt with Duke Nukem for an extra blast of flavor - delightful.

Have a great day!

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Lol you almost had me with the red solo cup, then I zoomed in 😂


lol jokes .. respect to all the real entries :)

A good day with some good trees. Id like to try that hard candy.


Sweet cinnamon, like the valentine heart candies - so good. I've been tempted all day to eat the other one lol.

You have some pretty awesome friends back there. if you leave it for that long I think you might just eat it as the THC has started to decarboxyly. It's not lacking crystal though.
Machine and filter roach, experimenting I see.

Looks like great time on creek, view is awesome, landscape...Did you feel edibles ?


I appreciate the buddies - the Lemon Skunk buds were plenty powerful smoked :) The 50 mg edible rock candy was a nice light amount compared to the 150 mg that i ate for the previous sessions. The 50 mg laid down a relaxed buzz foundation but wasn't so much that I couldn't enjoy smoking, so I had my cake and ate it too - nice buzz, ate the candy, smoked the RockStar bong about 4:30pm, felt a nice tummy relaxing from the edible at about 5:30pm. Had dinner, was feeling a nice little buzz from the edible creeping in at 6:30pm. Smoked a Lemon Skunk & RockStar spliff about 7:30pm, the other half bowl of Lemon Skunk at 10:30pm .. fell asleep about midnight, slept like a baby :)


After all this I am sure you were one with the bed, no doubt

Mmmm mm I have always enjoyed lemon skunk. I really like the look of those edibles and wanna try something similar now.


I enjoy the lemon skunk, a touch of tired at the tail end, but sometimes that's just munchies :) i'll usually plan the edibles, because if i have a good amount then i dont smoke, but i like to smoke, so i plan for that. Solid buzz with the edibles, just a matter of not eating too many :)

Skunk check, citrus taste check, Sativa check. Checked all the marks of my favorite strains. Lemon Skunk is one of the best strains I ever got to try and it will be the first strain I plan to get when I go to a legal place if they have it. It's a perosnaly favorite of mine in all aspects. That strange combination of green, light brown and kind of yellow brown makes it look like a lemon in gives it more diversity.

Have never used any of your strains and I feel like am missing out. If I ever come to Canada I will try all and fall from the sky with overwhelming joy.

Nice review once again. Smoke on mate

Look at those pistils in the first image.... looked so wonderful, I love those colors.


The crystals have seemed to changed to an amber, reminds me of fall season colors :)