DEATH STAR 75/25 indica dominant hybrid Evening Tokes - Well Cushioned, Creative Energy

4 months ago


I had some tasty evening Death Star bud tokes. Well cushioned with smooth underlying euphoric energy. Sweet, vanilla pine diesel with light spice flavor and mouth tingling terpenes.


The Death Star 75/25 indica dominant hybrid strain was created with the crossing of the infamous Sensi Star and Sour Diesel strains (Source). These Death Star buds have a tasty 20% THC, terpene content includes: 2.29% Linalool, 1.65% Caryophyllene, 1.39% Humulene, 0.71% Caryophyllene oxide, 0.65% Myrcene, 0.52% alpha-Pinene, and less then 0.01% beta-Pinene, Limonene, and Terpinolene terpenes (Source).


Looks and Scent

The resinous Death Star buds have dark and light greens, dainty and spindly orange pistils, and a heavy dusting of white trichomes with a sweet and pungent earthy pine scent to them.


Death Star Effects (Source)

Death Star is an Indica dominant hybrid strain of marijuana known for it's potency and having a creeping onset. While you may be eying this strain in particular as a Star Wars fan, it's got a lot more going for it than just a cool name.


Death Star split


Death Star grindage


Death Star flavor

Sweet, slightly pungent skunky diesel flavor with spice on the tail end.


Death Star effects

Mind relaxing, mouth tingling from the terpenes - cheeks, brow, and upper forehead numbing, face tingling. Front of the brain well cushioned, relaxed mind, smooth euphoria - solid body relaxation, light spicy energy in the chest.



Eye lids relaxed and puffy, smooth balanced energy - mind and body relaxed with euphoric creative energy. Well cushioned, laid back indica dominant effects.


Well cushioned end of the day bong tokes with the Death Star indica dominant buds - smooth underlying euphoric energy. Sweet, vanilla pine diesel with light spice flavor with mouth tingling terpenes - i'll be saving these buds for end of the day relaxation.

Have a great day!

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Star Wars has the best Nugs.....

Not had the chance to try this yet, looks dank, great review 👍


Thanks - tasty buds, just the right amount of indica ;)