CITY LIGHTS (Critical Kush) Indica - Heavy Relaxation with Euphoric and Creative Energy - Socket Wrench Pipe Toking

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City Lights aka Critical Kush delivers well cushioned effects with a touch of euphoric creative energy, and some interesting feels. In for the night type of effects, I'll be using these buds for evening toke relaxing.

City Lights (Critical Kush) Indica

The City Lights aka Critical Kush Indica strain was born from the breeding of Critical Mass and OG Kush. Critical Mass is from the breeding of an Afghani Indica and Skunk#1 - a rework of the original Big Bud strain. These City Lights aka Critical Kush buds were grown by Edison, purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store web site - lower than usual 15% THC, high in Linalool 1.35%, Limonene 2.24%, and alpha-Pinene 0.90% (Source).


City Lights (Critical Kush) Looks

Vibrant light and dark green tones with a decent enough covering of trichomes to give them a slightly fuzzy look. Matted with plenty of long and spindly bright orange pistols. Well trimmed buds with enough air spaces to fluff them up a little, i'll give them a 3 out of 5 on the fluff scale.


City Lights (Critical Kush) Scent

These buds have a sweet Lemon, Pine, Mango, and slightly musky scent.

It should go without saying that, because of its heavily sedative effects, Critical Kush is better suited to evening than to daytime use. Medical cannabis patients can also find various uses in this strain’s therapeutic properties. It can work against deep-seated aches and pains, whether temporary or chronic. The medicine’s anti-inflammatory may also help with more minor irritations like headaches or nausea. This strain’s mood-elevating effects may provide some welcome (albeit temporary) relief from stress, depression, and even anxiety. Finally, in high enough doses, Critical Kush may lull even insomniacs into a deep, fulfilling sleep. Because paranoid, cerebral thinking isn’t common with this strain, it’s a good choice for those who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.
Source: - Critical Kush Marijuana Strain Information


Incognito Socket Wrench Pipe

Breaking out the Incognito Socket Wrench Pipe, seems fitting for the City Lights fix.


Critical Buds for Grinder


Critical Buds After Grinder


City Lights Pipe Packed and Lit Up


CITY LIGHTS (Critical Kush) Flavor

First Toke... Creamy, sweet, mango, citrus lemon, pine, spicy terpene filled taste. Mouth is tingling, cheeks are puckered - spicy diesel aftertaste. Second Toke... Sweet pine flavors, spicy tail - ginger ale reminiscent aftertaste, slightly creamy flavor. Cheeks, brow, upper forehead and the top of the head lightly numbing. Third Toke... A sweet red wine aftertaste on that toke - complex favors.


CITY LIGHTS (Critical Kush) Effects

5 Minutes after First Toke... Heart and breath rate increasing slightly, mind is becoming energetic, the front part of the brain is slightly cushioned. Standing up for a minute, Fourth Toke.


35 Minutes after First Toke...

Energy in the solar plexus and chest, light bubbly giddy feelings - friendly. Mind is cushioned and relaxed, slightly and blissfully wandering. Temples lightly numbed, cheeks, lips, forehead, and top of the head too. Scalp is lightly tingling. Eyelids relaxed, lightly puffy.


45 Minutes after First Toke...

Mind his happy and blissfully light. Heart rate and breathing rate has relaxed. Body is relaxed too. 30 Mins Later... Mind wandering and comfortably numb, drinking some water.


2 Hours and 40 Mins Later...

Cheerful effects, relaxed - front part of the brain still numb. Eyelids still heavy, I'll have no trouble getting to sleep tonight. These City Lights (Critical Kush) buds I'll be saving for cushioned evening toking.

Have a great day!

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City Lights, DEEP SEATED PAIN RELIEF is what I live for, Isn't this one of Northern Lights's Kids? on the football team?. lololololol. I gotta find this strain and try it. (nice post , i fear your haed may be getting to big) haaaaa Much Luv man! You Rock


Yeah the City Lights name the Edison company made up for it, the name not even having anything to do with it's genetics - I imagine they were worried old folks might not not want to purchase CRITICAL Kush lol. You should be able to find Critical Kush in the States though - it's from the breeding of Critical Mass and OG Kush, an appropriate name for the genetics :) The sativa's will give me a big head, the indica's bring me back down to earth :D


Oh thats right you told me about the way they do it. The names are different because the company that grows etc etc.. i remember

Drooling all over your picture as I'm left dry.


Oh my, hang in there - the one good thing about running dry is whey you eventually do get more, the effects are usually more intense :)


Definitely, that is the only thing that is good...

sounds like one sweet smoke, heavily sedative you describe it as to begin with however it seemed you were still able to ride it out and stay creative!


My thc tollerance might be higher than average, and the bowl size must have gotten me just the right doseage. I also smoked just after dinner so it was early enough in the evening for it to not knock me out too much :)

If it ain't purple, I'll take that light light green! So nice

Critical Mass is a CBD strain in Illinois. Interesting mix.


That seems to be an Illinois exclusive - calling it the medicinal version. Critical Mass CBD (source) .. 16-23% THC with the Critical Mass CBD strain, 6.5% CBD i think it reads (1:15 ratio). That's good they kept the THC in that one, some of the CBD strains i've seen are low in THC. They can pretty much breed any strain to be high or low in CBD or THC, that's what's nice about the re-defining of hemp to not be a particular strain, but just to not have THC is now considered hemp and legal to grow.

Critical is always a good choice, but then again I like just about all kush. Yours looks exceptional.


I'm a fan of the Kushes too, they seem to give that decent energy with mind numbness - blessed by the Hindu Kush region :)

Lime green and orange two of my favorite colors.


Energetic colors - so fresh and so clean :)

Wowzers! Great review and amazing photos. That bud looks incredible!


Thanks, i enjoy the buds :)

I tend to have cerebral thinking when I smoke before bed. Tends to keep me more awake then I like. Thats why I stopped smoking a lot before bed if I work the next day. City Lights sounds like a strain that could help with that.


Indicas are the medicine for that, just a matter of finding the ones you enjoy the most. Yeah when i started venturing more into sativa strains recently i did find that i was getting a little too hyped up throughout the day and restarted capping the night with indica :)


Well recently even Indicas tend to keep me awake if I am high as a kite. Not so much but I will till have trouble going into dreamland.


I also try to have my last smoke an hour before sleep time, they any of the excitement from the terpenes and other psychoactives have time to chill out before the lazy part of the buzz kicks in. If i smoke then go right to sleep i'll sometimes wake up a little groggy.


I try to limit it to 2 H if possible. So that the high let's down and makes me sleepy.

that looks fire, would you ever consider using hemp wick?


I saw that RAW offers hemp wick, not sure what it's for, i'll have to look into that. I assumed it was for lighting on fire with a fero rod, then to light the spliff off of it, but i'm probably wrong with that assumption :)

I wanna try to ease the pain of my knee and all bones. But it's still illegal in our place.




There seems to be some decent world wide movement to legalize, especially medicinally with CBD at the least, but unfortunately some parts of the world will maintain strict control. Hopefully at the least they will lighten up on punishments for cannabis. It's been illegal most of my life - it shouldn't be.