CHOCOLATE FONDUE Breakfast Blunt (80/20) Sativa Dominant - Century Sam Split Cigar

8 months ago


Rolled up a Chocolate Fondue breakfast blunt with a Century Sam split cigar wrap. Tasty blunt, smooth morning - cushioned and energetic with a decently focused mind.


CHOCOLATE FONDUE 80/20 Sativa-dominant

The Chocolate Fondue 80/20 Sativa hybrid strain was created by DNA Genetics Seed with the crossing of Chocolope and Exodus (Source). Purchased these buds from the Ontario Cannabis Store web site - they were grown by DNA Genetics - 19% THC, a notable amount of Alpha-Santalene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Phellandrene, Limonene, and Selinadienes terpenes.
Source: Cotton Candy flavored Chocolate Fondue Spliff Celebration

CHOCOLATE FONDUE Flavor and Effects

Smooth chocolate on the exhale with the nose tingling citrus terpenes blending well on top of it - a hint of mint is in with the chocolate, maybe it's just the vaporous terpenes... Smooth effects, feeling some energy and some head cushion, eyelids lightly relaxing, face numbing. As the terpenes relax, a light cherry flavor joins the chocolate, nice.
Source: Cotton Candy flavored Chocolate Fondue Spliff Celebration


Century Sam Cigars

With the Chocolate Fondue having 19% THC, it's an excellent candidate for blunt roll up. The chocolate and light mint and cherry flavors are a good match for the robust tobacco blunt wrap flavor. I've had chocolate flavored tobacco wraps before - a nice taste.


They banned tobacco wraps in Ontario Canada, so if i want to roll a tobacco wrap blunt to put that fire in my chest, then i split cigars. CENTURY SAM is Canada's answer to Phillies Blunt. Not a harsh natural tobacco leaf wrap, the Century Sam inside wrap is one piece and easy to roll with.


5 Cigars per Pack, Made in "Montreal, QC"


Chocolate Fondue Buds Scissors Sliced


Chocolate Fondue Blunt Rolled


Chocolate Fondue Blunt Sparked


Chocolate Fondue Blunt Taste

First Toke... The terpenes from the Chocolate Fondue are blending well with the cigar paper - smooth toke, already noticed the slight sour and chocolate taste - sweet. Second Toke... Lightly chocolate flavor again with well blending tobacco wrap, the lightly sour flavor from the buds hovers between sour and minty - pine is in there with the sour.


5 Minutes After First Toke...

Third, Fourth Tokes... With that fourth toke i just took a little sip, the sour is not as detectable without the larger toke terpene taste overload. Mouth's getting dry after those last two tokes, sipping some water. Cheeks numbed - the brow, upper forehead, and the top of the head feeling cushioned.


Chocolate Fondue Blunt Feels

10 Minutes After First Toke, Fifth Toke... More Chocolate Fondue terpenes, the sour tast has light strawberry or cherry tast to it, very nice. The mind is lightly energized, a little slap happy - upper cheeks lightly tightening from the slight perma-grin. Eyelids slightly relaxed.


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Sixth and Seventh Tokes... Took some slow hits, dank tastes on those tokes - have to sip it slow, lots of terpenes coming down that pencil size tobacco straight shooter. Plenty of time to sit back and sip on the blunt.


20 Minutes After First Toke...

Half way done, ashing the blunt for here and there toking over the next couple hours. Enjoyed the flavor combination of the Century Sam split cigar wrap and Chocolate Fondue strain flavors - a match made in Chocolate Blunt heaven. A lightly cushioned gentle energy that hits first with the cushion, then the energy slowly creeps in.


35 Minutes After First Toke, Finished the Blunt... Feeling Nice, Smooth Morning - cushioned and energetic with a decently focused mind.


The Century Sam Chocolate Fondue blunt toked smooth and burned slow - the chocolate and tobacco flavors are a tasty pairing.

Have a great day!

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I’m a fan of breakfast blunts myself. Never heard of this brand of cigars but that chocolate fondue looks killer.


Great way to start the morning - I doubt they export the Century Sams, pretty sure it's just a Canadian brand - really close to the Phillies. I used to be able to get Phillies Blunts and Swisher Sweets up here but they're hard to find now, but can always find Century Sams. The Chocolate Fondue is a strain to watch for.

Another awesome strain, DNA is one of my fav seed banks, they are now in partnership with Canopy Growth, these guys are ready for world take over


I'll be buying more of this strain before too long, enjoyed the flavor and effects - Canopy has been making lots of big moves, even down in the states they're already positioning themselves for the emerging CBD market.

I loved the sound of that strain the last time you did him and I still do now. Thats a kind of strain that sounds like a
big hit on get together parties.


I purposely saved some of this strain for when buddy was over visiting so he could check it out, it's a nice one.


It's good to have some sweets on the side for when company arrives.

oh man, seeing the century sam brings back memories from years past! sounds tasty, hope you enjoyed it bro!


Ah nice - I do enjoy the blunt half hour smoke sessions, Century Sams are my favorite that I can get my hands on. Zig Zag has some blunt wraps rolled onto a cigar that are decent, but I still like Sam's more - smoother.