Chocolate Fondue (80/20) Sativa Bong Tokes - Smooth and Energetic Fluffy Cushions

3 months ago


The after lunch dessert today is Bong Tokes with Chocolate Fondue. Excellent chocolate aftertaste with smooth energy and fluffy cushions.

Chocolate Fondue (80/20) Sativa-dominant

You know that old saying, “There’s always room for dessert?” This bud is why that saying exists. By crossing Chocolope with Exodus, DNA Genetics Seed has created the perfect blend of salty and sweet for this incredibly smooth high.
Source: Chocolate Fondue Marijuana Strain Information -

Purchased these buds from the Ontario Cannabis Store web site. Grown by DNA Genetics - 19% THC, notable amount of Alpha-Santalene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Phellandrene, Limonene, and Selinadienes terpenes.


Bud Grind for the Chocolate Fondue Nugs


Bong Packed, Toked


Chocolate Fondue Taste

First Bong Toke... Sweet and sour, lemon-lime, baked goods taste to it. Lots of terpenes, they stung the nose a little. Second Toke... Just after a second toke, i noticed there is a strong chocolate aftertaste - smooth, that's tasty. Sweet and sparkling lemon-citrus with the aftertaste too.


Chocolate Fondue Feels

For users who fancy themselves as the outgoing type, a bong of Chocolate Fondue is the perfect conversation starter. After the first hit, users can expect a sudden rush of bliss and creative energy, encouraging their more social side, while the deeply satisfying body high makes its way to the party. This bud is perfect for any time of day as it is both relaxing for your muscles and joints as well as uplifting and engaging for those that need to be productive throughout the day. If you prefer to smoke at night, Chocolate Fondue makes a perfect after dinner treat.

Source: Chocolate Fondue Marijuana Strain Information -


Third Toke... Smooth chocolate on the exhale with the nose tingling citrus terpenes blending well on top of it - a hint of mint is in with the chocolate, maybe it's just the vaporous terpenes. Fourth Toke...


Smooth effects, feeling some energy and some head cushion, eyelids lightly relaxing, face numbing. As the terpenes relax, a light cherry flavor joins the chocolate, nice.

Have a great day!

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Bro, that looks like some fire! Loving the dense nug/bud structure it's got going on. Buds like that don't shake up on you as easily. 19% is a bit lower than I'd expect looking at that, but it's probably compensating in the terpenes.


Yup these ones are like crispy little brickettes. I prefer buds around 20-25% THC tops - i like to be able to smoke a fatty or blunt and not get painfully wrecked from too much THC. I can see how high THC would be cool for vaporizers though.

The name sounds delicious and the like back it up.


I've had strains with food names where the flavor didn't hit the mark - after a couple tokes, this one is on point. Smooth and velvety chocolate and buzz :)

Looks like you MILKED the CHOCOLATE!



lol i see what you mean, that bong toke gif does look like i'm milking it :) haha the milky white chocolate smoke

This sounds great


Fondue makes me think of get togethers - along with the taste and the gentle energetic effects, this would be the perfect strain to break out when friends are over :)

Oh yeah...chocolate with some cherry ....nice....


The realistic chocolate flavor was nice, then that cherry flavor snuck in as an unexpected bonus :)

Ahaha, fluffy cushion!
That's an understatement!
I loved this one the flavor
Is quite unique, I am not
at all surprised you enjoyed it!
Great Work, as ever,
and ever, and ever,...


Yeah man, his is real smooth, nice and gentle - full body cushion, just lit up a skunk brand spliff of it, it was calling me :)

Finnalyngot time to comment on this one. As you know I love Sativas and citrus taste. This sounds like a dessert of dreams. I could easily imagine myself having that as my birthday cake.