Celebrating with CHEMDAWG (50/50) and ELEMENTS Rice Paper - SMOKE.IO GEAR Arrived From @tecnosgirl

3 months ago


SMOKE.IO GEAR Arrived in the Mail from @tecnosgirl

I was about to head out of town when the letter arrived this past Thursday - patiently waited to open the envelope until after arriving back home today, Saturday.


Winnings from one of @tecnosgirl's weekly #RochSunday contests - a Puppy Dawg greetings card with congratulations from @tecnosgirl, and a sweet smoke.io / #RoachSunday key chain - Many Thanks :)

The #RoachSunday key chain is a great match for the bud lock box key.


Good to keep the buds safe from kids or risk of fire. The water bottle cozy is also from a previous #RoachSunday contest.


Celebrating the new #RoachSunday smoke.io Gear with a Chemdawg spliff - rolled up with Elements Ultra Thin Rice papers. Chemdawg provides quick action cushion effects with balanced and euphoric energy.

CHEMDAWG Balanced Hybrid

The Chemdawg 50/50 Balanced Hybrid's genetics are present in many well known strains, including OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, and many more - including the Chemdawg 91 variety. Chemdawg is believed to be created by U.S. breeders - from the crossing of Thai and Nepalese region Sativa strains (Source). 19% THC - wide terpene content variety, Beta Caryophyllene 0.29%, Limonene 0.22%, and Linalool 0.12%, smaller amounts of Beta Myrcene 0.08%, Alpha Pinene 0.06%, Alpha Humulene 0.06%, Caryophyllene Oxide <0.01%, and Terpinolene <0.01% (Source).


Chemdawg Looks

Dark and bright greens, dainty and spindly burnt orange pistols, an ample dusting of trichomes that thicken in many places. A few extra leaves with the trim job, a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale for these Chemdawg buds.


Chemdawg Scent

Pungent, very dark berry scent - sweet earthy smell, reminiscent of exhaust fumes.

The high from Chemdawg hits quickly, sometimes before users have had a chance to finish appreciating its distinctive diesel aroma. Smokers may experience a sharpening of the senses and an increased hyper-awareness of their surroundings. This initially disorienting head high becomes more productively cerebral and introspective in the right set and setting. Chemdawg can lend itself to exuberant conversation. Its ability to amplify sensory experiences also makes it particularly good for creative endeavors. Many users report a palpable sense of physical relaxation -- although nothing near couchlock -- leading to some speculation that Chemdawg has some indica in its genetics as well. Chemdawg’s strong cerebral high has made it valuable in treating some of the symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and even PTSD. Some fans of the strain describe relief from chronic pain and migraines as well.
Source: WikiLeaf.com - Chemdawg Marijuana Strain Information


Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers

Rolling up the Chemdawg with an Elements Ultra Thin 1-1/4 Rice Paper. Recommended by @tecnosgirl, I've been enjoying them - they roll easy, burn smooth and clean. Very thin papers, weighing in at 12g/m².


50 Papers in this Pack, Made in Spain, "Grown in the Earth, Nourished by the Water, Powered by the Wind, Burned by the Fire".

Earth - Elements Rolling Papers are made from natural earth friendly materials. They burn with almost zero ash except for the natural sugar gum turning into caramel as it burns. The earthly result? The best rolling paper known to man. Fire - Elements Rolling Papers are designed for the fire, and alas they burn perfectly with almost zero ash except for the caramel created as the sugar gum burns. Elements are designed to burn incredibly clean and not alter the taste of your smoke.
Source: Elements Rolling Papers and RYO Accessories - ElementPapers.com

The papers have logo and burn run preventing crisscross watermarks.


Chemdawg Buds Sliced up with the Scissors


Spliff Ready for Rolling


Chemdawg Spliff Rolled


Chemdawg Spliff Sparked


Chemdawg Flavor

First Toke... Earth, sweet burnt taste - reminiscent of diesel exhaust. Dry with a very light and sweet citrus. Cheeks are numbing, that every so slightly spicy and sweet aftertaste also has that baked goods taste to it. Mind and eyelids are relaxing, already getting some euphoria with a slight perma-grin. Inside of the mouth and the lips are numbing too. Smooth smoke.


Chemdawg Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... More of a sweet and baked goods flavor with that very slight spice to it - a nice change from the hyped up fruit flavors. Brow is numbing, eye lids are slightly puffy. A cushioned energy is building in the chest.


Third Toke... It's a lightly sweet lemon-lime citrus, baked goods, more lightly spicy diesel - a smooth thick smoke that puts a little fire in your chest, enjoying this. Mind is slowing more, relaxing - head is cushioned.


Body is lightly cushioned. Upper cheeks have tightened lightly from the perma-grin, solar plexus is lightly bubbling - feeling mildly slap happy, solid escapism effects. Relaxed and balanced.


10 Minutes After First Toke, Fourth and Fifth Tokes...


20 Minutes After First Toke...

Eye lids relaxed and puffy, relaxed and cushioned chest, head, and body. Mind cushioned but lightly energetic and euphoric. Balanced energy, solid cushion - feeling good. Sweet citrus and almost pine aftertaste with that underlying sweet energy. Relaxed, on my own cushioned cloud - putting on some music, grabbing a drink.


40 Minutes After First Toke...

Comfortable and well cushioned, enjoying some music, going through some video footage and Chemdawg photos. No tension, hype, strain, or stress in the head - comfortable cushion with light euphoria.. solid.


2 Hours After First Toke...

Well cushioned effects with balanced and euphoric energy. I'm in for the day though, so i'm going to go ahead and spark up the second half of this spliff - I'll be sure to leave a fat roach for #RoachSunday.


Thanks again @tecnosgirl for the #RoachSunday key chain and puppy dawg card. Be sure to follow her and enter to win some gear and other prizes :)

Have a great day!

#roachsunday #smoking #nugporn #review

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I'm really liking Chem 4. A more Indica leaning cut of Chemdawg


Nice, i'll have to watch for that one.

that Chemdawg looks fire af js


Straight the fuck up. lol

This is one I am very familiar with. I'm a big fan of Chemdawg and have been since the first time I tried it.


I've enjoyed all of the Chemdawg descendants - these pure Chemdawg buds didn't disappoint with the solid and balanced effects Glad i got my hands on these, i can see why i like all the descendants :)


Chemdawg is in my top 5 prob. I have to have a top 40 due to the sheer amount of strains... but Chem has always been in the top 10, moreso the top 5 when I got my first batch of actual professional-grown shit.


@tecnosgirl is the treasure chamber of smoke.io while you're the king of reviews. Which makes this piece the best report I've read thus far about receiving something from the infinite smoke.io treasury! <3


I'm quite the commenter myself. ;) Ofc, I've been absent for a little bit, but I'm back and in full force. :P

Glad to see you being active, I recently followed you due to liking what I saw. Hope you're enjoying your time here thus far. :)

Looks like a very fine specimen. I just finished off since chemdawg the other night.


Ah niiice, solid buzz with the chemdawg :)

Like the elements papers ,great design ....


They have the crisscross watermarks and still maintain the low paper weight - thinnest papers i have, smooth rice smoke :)


Nice one. : )

Roach Sundays ... Yea i will follow technosgirl


Well worth the follow, she always has some good smoke, giveaways, and contests :)

Your buds look great.
Your papers look straight.
And you're branding the fuck out of things in smoke's honor...

I fuckin love it mate. ;)


Thanks man - i'm all in with smoke, gotta show the love :)

Do you ever use tips in your rolls? I never did for 20+ yrs until 2yrs ago and now i could never see myself going without them. Great chemdawg review that's very popular in my area of Oregon.

So cool jack!!!