Bong Tokes with the ROCKSTAR (50/50) Hybrid - Feel Good Energy Rush, Relentless Smile

7 months ago


Party Like a ROCKSTAR with these High Energy buds. Euphoric and Out Going effects. Grandiose and Slap Happy. The strong Sweet and Sour flavored perma-grinning buzz lasts for hours - recommended for daytime and well before sleep-time smoking.

The ROCKSTAR 50/50 Hybrid Strain

ROCKSTAR 50/50 hybrid was born after the breeding of the Heavy Indica Rockbud and the Sativa leaning Sensi Star strains. These buds only contain 17% THC, but they pack a punch. Plenty of terpenes in these buds, the scent reminds me of the sour Rockstar energy drinks.



Dank, pungent, sweet and sour terpenes - citrus lemon, orange, mango, and light pine scents with these very strong smelling buds. The room still had that sweet dank smell 20 minutes after putting the buds away.



Dark green leaves and buds lightened by the ample coating of crystals. Interwoven burnt orange hairs, and a few untrimmed leaves. The crystals thicken to a yellowish tint on much of them. Fluffy buds, I'll have to save some for a blunt. Tonight it's flavorful mini bong tokes for the RockStar.


Easing tension, loosening muscles and causing users to feel happy, RockStar is an Indica that does not strongly act as a sedative. ... The earth and citrus flavors of RockStar may be used to deliver potent pain and muscle spasm relief. Its euphoric effects may be used to help deal with anxiety, depression and stress. Some do find that it helps them rest easy. Others use it for migraines and nausea.

Source: - RockStar Marijuana Strain Information


Bong Rips for the RockStar - to get this party started. The Mini Bong is filled up with the finest plastic bottled water, the RockStar buds get ground up and packed in the bowl.


The Mini Bong gets Toked.


First Bong Rip... Dank, pungent, sweet lemon and mango - sweet and sour aftertaste. The barrage of terpenes dry the roof of the mouth and tongue. 2nd Bong Rip... The flavors take a darker turn, sweet and sour grapes flavor. The smoke burns the nose a little. The head and mind are feeling very relaxed and at peace, feeling an energy building in the chest - feeling some smiles. Cheeks are numbing, and the brow is numbing - but not heavy, energized. The upper cheeks are getting sore from smiling - perma-grin giddy, feeling almost a slight drunk buzz slap happy social feel. Can still taste the sweet and sour citrus flavor. It's only been two tokes, nice.


10 Minutes After First Bong Toke...

Third bong toke... More sweet mango and dark fruit tasting goodness - enjoying this happy buzz. Relaxed the mind, the body energy is buzzing. 20 Minutes After First Toke... Feeling the heart rate increase a little, getting a slight energy rush in the chest, the mind is solid. My skull is so relaxed that it could feel non existent. Getting water to drink.


The ROCKSTAR Experience

35 Minutes After First Toke... Energetic, euphoric, bubbling in the chest happiness, still smiles. I would say the solid energy is flow is adrenaline, but there are no mind jitters - the energy feels more like a light mdma buzz. Back of the head feels a little tightening, i suspect muscle strain from the perma-grin - the cheeks are straining too. Drinking more water.


1 Hour After First Toke...

Balanced energy, spread out and even. Still happy feels, but not so intense that the smile muscles are straining. Relaxed but energized body buzz, feeling flush, bubbly.


2 Hours After First Toke...

Much of the big energy rush has simmered, but still feeling energetic. Relaxed body with a light numbing, still a little bubbly energy in the solar plexus here and there. The effects have slid into the second phase, not so much diminishing but smoothed. Still have the slight mango after taste, the tongue is still numb - as if I bit into an orange peel. Cheeks and lips are still a little numb.

3 Hours After First Toke...

Still feeling the head buzz nicely, not a sharp drop off with these effects - smooth landing. Still a light taste of mango, even after eating almonds - these RockStar buds are heavy with the terpenes. I enjoyed the energetic and bubbly rush of the RockStar buds - good times.


4 Hours After First Toke...

Still lightly tasting the sour citrus, Face Muscles finally starting to loosen - intense and grandiosely euphoric RockStar buzz. Slap happy and friendly perma-grin - light drunk buzz feels. I'd smoke these RockStar buds in the daytime, but not too late in the evening - they'd keep me awake.

Have a great day!

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Now that's my kind of bud. Energizing and citrus flavored. And the name, fantastic. A great review as always my friend.

Beautiful nuggs!

I admire your daily reports and find them very successful, especially the pictures are a feast for the eyes.


Thanks, i'm on a mission to find my favorite buds. Soon i want to do a roundup post of my favorite buds so far :)

Are you smoking a different strain every day? If so, i'm jealous, haha. Great review as always :)


Ever since got on i make a point of only grabbing grams. Between my wife and i, we smoke about a gram a day. Eventually I'll re-up on a couple favorite strains, having fun finding them :)

Citrus and pine, I really like those terps, looks like some murder


Somehow the citrus and pine combination always reminds me of mango. I had this bag of mango-flavored loose leaf green tea - same smell, down to the biting vapors.

Another great one.

LOL at the muscle strain suspicion from perma-grin.


It was some intense euphoria - the whole head was relaxed except for the tightness of the cheek bones, and eventually the muscles at the back of the head - where the skull starts to curve down to the neck. Didnt smoke any today, wanted a day to recuperate lol - intense :)

Now this is the indica that I like.
Great review as always.




I have a feeling your face is like a puppy that wants food or to cuddle.



Yep, party like a rockstar with a rockstar. Good that you keeping the tempo up of your parties and doing it the right way.

OMG! The review is just so awesome. Seems you doing rolling different types of indica on a daily.

I could use some permagrin lol

I almost had to put my nose to my phone so I could perceive the smells you described.