Bong Tokes with PINK ROCKSTAR (60/40) Indica Hybrid - Tasty Initial Energy Burst followed by Sweet Relaxation

3 months ago


Afternoon Bong Tokes with Pink Rockstar buds - a tasty treat. Smooth energy burst on the front end with a balanced, cushioned, energetic, and lightly euphoric tail end. Great mind focus, not hazy. I'll gladly smoke these buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

PINK ROCKSTAR Indica hybrid

The Pink Rockstar 60/40 Indica hybrid strain was created by crossing the Pink Kush and Rockstar strains - lovely. I'm guessing at least 20% THC content with these Pink Rockstar buds (Source).


Pink Rockstar Looks

Dark and bright greens, bright orange pistils, a generous coating of trichomes that thicken to an amber in many places. Resinous Pink Rockstar buds, dense but still a little squish to them, 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Pink Rockstar Scent

Very sweet lemon-lime-pine, grapefruit, pungent, and sweet flowery scent from the Pink Rockstar Buds - sparkling sweet terpenes, tasty.


As this powerful head-high develops, you’ll gradually feel a body buzz creep over you that leaves you completely relaxed in every individual muscle, causing you to be helplessly locked to the sofa and in a state of pure bliss. Due to these potent effects, Pink Rockstar is reported to be perfect for managing inflammation, muscle spasms or tremors, chronic pain, and mild to moderate cases of depression. This strain comes with an aroma of fruity earth with a hint of spiced mulled wine and a pungent skunky exhale.
Source: Pink Rockstar (60% Indica / 40% Sativa) -


Pink Rockstar Buds for the Bong Tokes


Bong Bowl Packed


Pink Rockstar Bong RIPs


Pink Rockstar Flavor

First Toke... Sweet citrus and lemon-lime flavors with a peppery diesel tail end - the mouth is tingling, cheeks and lips numbing. Cheeks are extra numbed out, a couple spicy tingles.


Pink Rockstar Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke... Mind is feeling euphoric and solid with a light cushion. Second Toke... Sweet baked goods diesel taste - very sweet, like a Rockstar energy drink sweet. Most of the numbing is with the mouth, lips, and cheeks - excellent euphoric energy, no tension. More like a balanced and euphoric mdma buzz than a tense caffeine or adrenaline hype kind of buzz - smooth, euphoric, energetic. Reminds me a lot of the original Rockstar strain effects - let's get the party started kind of buzz, very nice.


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Love that sweet candy lemon-lime exhale with that touch of spice tail end - it's a tasty mouth full of smoke. Mind is energetic, lightly cushioned, euphoric - an excellent social buzz. Three bong tokes of the Pink Rockstar may have been enough - solid mind-body buzz feeling so nice that i'm not sure what another toke would really do for me.


20 Minutes After First Toke...

Alright, alright, one more, it's so tasty - Fourth Toke... Coughing on that bong toke - interesting tomato soup taste with the coughing. 15 Mins Later... Enjoying the euphoric and energetic effects. Getting some munchies from the extra energy expenditure. 1 Hour After First Toke... The initial energy burst has balanced, left with a well balanced energy and light cushion - front part of the brain is well cushioned, light euphoria, relaxed.


2-1/4 Hours After First Toke...

Decent effects still, but gently diminishing - in the afterglow a half hour later. The Pink Rockstar buds are a tasty treat - smooth energy burst on the front end with a balanced cushioned, energetic, and lightly euphoric tail end. Great mind focus, not hazy. I'll gladly smoke these buds in the morning, afternoon, and early evening.

Have a great day!

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Love the name but definitely a new one by me.


the pinks and the rockstars strains are tasty - awesome energetic and euphoric jumpstart, it's like that sweet gentle energy from the kushes, but amplified.

Pink strains are always fun. Lol but tomato soup? Lol


Lol one of the tastiest coughs i've had.. The effects and taste are so nice with the Pink and Rockstar strains, sweet jumpstart with the buzz.

She's a froster!


Rockstar bling :)

Love your reviews as always. This one sounds like a good for chilling session. This si the first time I heard someone said that their weed tasted like tomato soup. pretty cool comparison.