BONG RIPs with JEAN GUY (90/10) Sativa-dominant - Laid Back and Creative Morning Energy

3 months ago


Enjoyed these Jean Guy sativa buds with RIPs from the new glass bong. Friendly, light body cushion energy, clear enough mind - they have a balanced with a sly grin kind of vibe to them.

JEAN GUY Sativa-dominant

The JEAN GUY 90/10 Sativa-dominant strain was developed in Quebec, Canada by Green Gardener - the genetics are unknown but Jean Guy is rumored to be a White Widow phenotype (Source). These Jean Guy buds were purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store web site, grown by Good Supply - 20% THC, rich in Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Terpinolene, and Myrcene terpenes.


Jean Guy Look

The Jean Guy buds have a yellowish tint to them from the trichomes covering the dark and pale green. A few untrimmed leaves on there but they're dainty and decently coated. They have fat and shaggy pistols with a pale burnt orange tint to them. The buds are flattened from the pouch packaging, but they retained some structure - 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Jean Guy Scent

The Jean Guy buds have an earthy and light citrus scent to them. As I crush a bud with my fingers, a fresh lemon-lime citrus scent with a slightly pungent baked goods scent materializes.


This strain is great for a wake and bake stone; it's effects are both uplifting and energizing. Scatter brained thoughts and musing can result when consumed beyond moderation, as the cerebral effects may become intense and interfere with productivity. Jean Guy is oftentimes used to assist in the alleviation for those suffering Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer symptoms. Be advised, it may spike anxiety for those patients predisposed to experiencing it, so it is wise to use it in moderation.
Source: - Jean Guy Marijuana Strain Information

Small Glass Bong with Slider

I was in town the other day, picked up a new glass bong. I'll admit it has an awkward look to it when it's sitting on a table - the stem and bowl stick out so far to the side, but it was a decent deal at 12.99 Canadian dollars, and a solid upgrade to the plastic Mini Bong i've been using. The Mini Bong was fun, but this little upgrade to a small glass bong gives noticeably more smoke flow. The Mini Bong mouth piece is 1 inch outside diameter, the new Glass Bong mouth piece is 1-1/2 inch outside diameter.


The plastic Mini Bong has a choke hole or shotgun - this glass bong has a glass bowl and stem slider for lifting to clear the smoke out of the bong. The glass bowl is more than double the capacity and uses no screen. There's a small hole at the bottom of the bowl, i'll put a few larger pieces of bud down there before I pour in the ground up buds.


Jean Guy Buds for the Grinder


Buds Ready for Glass Bowl Packing


Glass Bowl Packed, Bong Ripped


Jean Guy Flavor

First Toke... Sweet and sour lemon-lime flavor, touch of pine. Spicy terpenes tingling the nose hairs, cheeks numbing. Second Toke... Sweet baked goods taste, musky lemon-line sweet and sour - the terpenes taste is sparkling, the tongue is numbing.


Jean Guy Feels

5 Minutes After First Toke... Head feeling cushioned, the mind is relaxing. Upper forehead and the top if the head is numbing, brow slightly. Breathing rate is increasing slightly, very light bubbling in the solar plexus is giving some happy feels, sly smile. Third Toke... More lemon-lime baked goods flavor, nose burning a little from that bong toke - tasty. Eye lids are relaxing lightly, upper cheeks are tightening slightly, grabbing a drink of water.



10 Minutes After First Toke...

Feeling plenty cushioned already, this one's for the Jean Guy - Fourth Toke. Those terpenes have that tasty lemon-lime, super sparkling like how cinnamon has sweet tingly sparkle to it's taste - or like with powder tang drink mix kind of sparkle to it. Refreshing, I like it.


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Brow is feeling heavy, eye lids a little more relaxed and puffy - solid head and mind cushion, relaxed body. A light energy is present building in the chest, solid. Breathing rate is still slightly increased, heart rate too, energy is starting to bubble up from the solar plexus - putting on some music.


35 Minutes After First Toke...

Clear mind focus, cheerful and friendly energy. Relaxed and cushioned head and body. Solid energy in the chest, getting up to move around. 10 Mins Later... Approaching euphoria, this was a later in the morning smoke, so I'm getting some munchies for lunch - looking forward to it.



1-1/2 Hours After First Toke... Ate Lunch... Smoothed effects, lightly cushioned mind and body - relaxed and energetic zen like feeling.


2-1/4 Hours After First Toke...

Effects are still lingering decently, mind cushion hasn't started to clear yet. Busy taking some bud photos, not in a hurry to smoke the next one.


3 Hours After First Toke... Effects still lingering, face is still slightly numb.



Enjoyed these Jean Guy sativa buds - cushioned body and clear enough mind - balanced zen like laid back with a sly grin energy. The brunch time Bong RIPs were thick, smooth, and flavorful - a cheerful and mellow morning.

Have a great day!

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Great review as always. Love a good Sativa. This one seems quite powerful. The bong reminds me of mine.


Thanks, this one had a little more head cushion and energy varieties to it than the lemon zest 95/5 which was a smoother and cleaner sativa buzz from what i remember, but this one was nice in the way that it's a you-know-youre-high kinda sativa buzz - which is often desired. That little glass bong is hitting nice, i need to get some decals on it :)


That sounds like my morning type of Smoke for work.

Great looking buds . / Another quality revue. : )


Thanks - i do like the look of these soft fuzzy buds with their yellowish tint :)

Looks like some really good weed, great review as usual, nice one 👍