BLUE HAWAIIAN SKUNK (75/25) Sativa Breakfast with MARLEY GLASS BOWL - Smooth Flow Sweet and Sour Tokes

3 months ago


Care free and easy tokes with the rough cut Blue Hawaiian Skunk buds packed in the double session capacity Marley Glass bowl. A well cushioned, euphoric, and energetic morning.


BLUE HAWAIIAN SKUNK 75/25 Sativa Dominant

The Blue Hawaiian Skunk (75/25) Sativa dominant strain is from the crossing of a Hawaiian Indica and the Skunk #1 strain (Source). I'm guessing 22% THC or more - solid effects for a few hours. Flavorful and energetic strain with comfortable numbness, lightly euphoric with perma-smirk.
Source: Blue Hawaiian Skunk Strain Review


Blue Hawaiian Skunk Scent and Effects

Dark and bright greens, burnt orange pistols, a few purple highlights when the buds are split open, and an ample coating of amber trichomes. These resinous and sticky buds will clog up a spliff, they get a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale. Strong sweet dark berry scent, some pine too, lots of bright terpene. The Blue Hawaiian Skunk's flavorful berry scent reminds me of the Black Diamond and BC Big Buds strains.
Source: Blue Hawaiian Skunk Strain Review


Bob Marley Glass Bowl

Picked up this Bob Marley pictured blown glass bowl at the local head shop - it was 10 Dollars Canadian. The glass bowl is black with a matte finish with a Bob Marley image logo on the top side of the pipe. Translucent glass in bowls tends to turn black with resin, i figure this way the bowl will always be black.


A respectable double session capacity bowl, large hole at the bottom - the Blue Hawaiian Skunk buds get rough chopped with the scissors.


The bowl sits on the table level - solid with no rocking, choke/shotgun hole on the left side of the bowl for clearing the smoke.



Blue Hawaiian Skunk Glass Bowl Tokes


First Toke... Sweet and sour baked goods flavor with a sweet and bright lemon-lime terpene top end.


10 Minutes After First Toke... Solid energy boost, mind energetic and cushioned, top of the forehead is energetic, not numb.


Blue Hawaiian Skunk Effects

Fourth Toke... More tasty sweet berry and baked goods flavor, caught a little spice at the tail end, nose hairs tingling from the terpenes. Feeling some euphoria, upper cheeks tightening, feeling energetic. Energy is building in the chest, lightly cushioned, feel good. Heart rate has increased slightly, face is tingling - there's that Sativa energy, this will be a great strain for breakfast. This Blue Hawaiian Skunk is a sticky, flavorful, and energetic strain. Comfortable numbness, friendly euphoria - with a cushioned, clear enough, and focused mind.
Source: Blue Hawaiian Skunk Strain Review

The Bob Marley glass bowl's hitting easily, the rough cut buds in the large bowl have quickly burned down to a thick and dank, sweet and sour lemon-lime resinous smoke. Care free tokes, the bowl hits like air. Smoked down half the bowl, a well cushioned, euphoric, and energetic morning.

Have a great day!

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nice one, i like all your pictures animation as a graphic design need to appreciate your good work


Thanks, I appreciate that.

Cool pipe! I like the frosted glass look with Marley.

I love sativa for breakfast.

Very nice looking the glass

A dream stuff to puff on, i wonder i get this in my nearby stores

NICE BOWL JACK!!! Great post as usual :)
Man was it like Blueberry pancakes,

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