BLACK DIAMOND (90/10) Indica-dominant - Solid Body Stone, Focused Mind + OCB Premium Slim Papers

last year


The Black Diamond buds provide solid body relaxation effects with creative and social mind energy. The tasty blackberry flavor sticky buds burn slow and resinous - they jammed up the spliff. I'd smoke these buds in the afternoon and evening.

BLACK DIAMOND Indica-dominant

The Black Diamond 90/10 Indica-dominant strain was born from the breeding of the Blackberry and Diamond OG strains. The Blackberry strain is from the breeding of Black Domina and Raspberry Cough, Diamond OG is suspected to be a phonotype of OG Kush (Source). Black Diamond buds have an average of 20% THC, 0.139% Beta Caryophyllene, 0.196% Limonene, and 0.47% Beta Myrcene (Source).



Plenty of shine from these multicolored Black Diamond buds. Dark green, light green, and purple tones from the leaves and buds - ample purple color when the buds are split open. Small mats of spindly and bright burnt orange pistols. Fuzzy and resinous with the ample coating of trichomes - these are some sticky buds, they're not crumbling like the usual bone dry buds that I usually get. A few leaves that could have been trimmed, I'll give these sticky buds a 3 out of 4 on the fluff scale.



Strong and sweet, slightly pungent - berry, floral, and red wine scents from the Black Diamond Buds.

-- extended fits of giggling are not uncommon. Throughout all this stimulation, a strong body stone persists ... Black Diamond also has several applications for medical cannabis patients. Its strong, almost narcotic feeling of sedation can effectively numb aches and pains, whether temporary as due to injury or chronic as due to diseases like arthritis or lupus. Its mellow euphoria may also take the edge off of mild to moderate cases of stress, anxiety, and depression. Finally, Black Diamond can be an antidote for insomnia, pulling users into a deep and restful sleep. Because the frantic feeling of “mind race” is not often reported with this strain, it can be a good choice for those who are prone to panic or paranoia.
Source: - Black Diamond Marijuana Strain Information


OCB Premium Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers

These OCB Premium Slim kingsize rolling papers in their black pack with the shiny OCB holographic watermarked pack sounded like a good pairing for the Black Diamond buds.
Using the matching roll up OCB filter tip with the easy fold perforation marks with this spliff.


Ultra thin papers, I'm guessing 12g per square meter. These OCB Premium Slim papers are a little wider than the 41mm width OCB X-PERT Slim-Fit papers - these OCB Premium Slim papers are 45mm wide.


Papers are made from flax plant fibers 100% Natural Arabic Gum - VEGETARIAN - GM FREE Recycled packaging, printed using eco-friendly vegetable inks
Source: OCB Premium King Slim Papers -

The papers have OCB Logo, Tower Logo, and lengthwise pinstripe watermarks.


Natural Gum, 32 papers per pack, "Made In France", ""


Split Black Diamond Buds


Buds Chopped for the Spliff


Spliff with the Tip - Rolled


Black Diamond Spliff Sparked


Black Diamond Taste

First Toke... Interesting berry and woody kind of thick smoke flavor, almost creamy, slight spice at the tail end - very smooth toke. Cheeks and lips lightly numbing.


5 Minutes After First Toke...

Second Toke... More berry and smooth and creamy thick smoke flavors. Third Toke... Sweet berry flavors, slight piney wood backend - not so much spice but terpenes building, mouth tingling. Brow, top of the forehead, and top of the head cushioned. Taking a few sips of water.


Black Diamond Effects

10 Mins After First Toke, Fourth Toke... More mouth tingling, these sticky buds are burning slow. 5 Mins Later... Heart rate and breathing rate increasing slightly, light energy building in the solar plexus - mind is feeling energetic, getting some smiles.


15 Minutes After First Toke...

5th Toke... Love that thick and smooth - berry and pinewood flavor. Mind and eye lids are relaxing slightly, slight cushioned energy building in the chest, spreading out to the arms. 6th Toke...


20 Minutes After First Toke...

Eyelids are a little puffy, happy feels lightly bubbling up from the solar plexus, a very slight perma-grin - enough to lightly tighten the upper cheeks, yeah I've got some smiles. Hand to roll the spliff between my fingers to loosen up the sticky buds, the spliff hits were getting tight.


30 Minutes After First Toke...

Warm numbing at the front of the brain, another drink of water. 7th Toke... I noticed with this last encore toke that I wasn't getting air flow. The cherry end of the spliff was rock hard, the ample resin had liquefied then hardened - these sticky buds would be better suited for a blunt or bowl. Got up for a few to see how the effects felt moving around, it surfaced some major grins, noticed the solid relaxed body and head effects - a lot of front of the brain and head cushion. Mind is cushioned, a slight slap happy and light absent mind feeling - numbed and euphoric.


1 Hour After First Toke...

Smoothed out effects, cushion relaxed mind and body - pleased feels. 2-1/4 Hours After First Toke... Energies have leveled, solid numb relaxation effects still - could easily drift away to sleep now if I wanted to, going out for a couple more tokes then off to bed not too long after.


The Black Diamond strain gave a solid body relaxation with a cushioned but energetic and focused mind - good creative and smoke spot social energy. I'd smoke these buds day or night.

Have a great day!

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Bro, this might be the most fire lookin buds I've seen you post! Dank ass purp, derp-a-lerp! Frosty bossty lookin purp


Totally agree with this man!


These buds are definitely a diamond inside the rough - by far the stickiest buds i've had in a long time, i'd be worried to put these in a grinder :) Tonight they're getting the hemp wrap treatment.

That's a beauty especially when you broke it open.


First the scent hit me, then the stickyness as i split them, then that jewel like purple sparkle from the inside - i'll admit i was in awe :)

As usual great review Jack! Hey, I got the same OCB roll paper, it´s ultra thin and made in France and got them from a local tobacco shop here in Vienna. I had been looking for those OCB made in Austria, but to no avail.


Oh I haven´t seen such lovely purple color of the Balck Diamond strain... nice nugs!


Thanks - the OCBs are interesting, they use so many different fibers for the papers. This one with flax fiber seems to get crinkly like a crispy kind of texture on the outside. I'd say the RAW papers have been my favorite of the papers i've tried so far - hemp fiber papers i've been liking too, the flavored ones i like to mix it up :)

Sounds like an interesting strain. It would be an interesting evening before bed chill session with the friends. I love the colors on those buds. That great combo of green and purple.


Buddy gave me these ones and the BC Big Buds at the same time, all of a sudden I was in purple land :) The both have a strong dark berry type of aroma too, it's been a treat. It's pretty wild how the purple's on the inside, makes me think of a diamond inside of a black stone.


That sounds like a delight to smoke.

Great post again. Keep up the good work. Your posts are great examples to others on producing good quality content.


Thanks, i enjoy the variety of content on :)

Nice jack. As usual. Howd you sleep after them last tokes? Did you all have time change? We did... ugh...


Hey :) yeah i slept solid after the last tokes, drifted away. I like the time change though, it being light much later in the evening now. In the middle of the summer it might be light till 9:45pm or so at the latest up here.

Wonderful review dear, you got really fire buds that gives good vibes.
Your blog is quality 👍


Thanks - i do enjoy the variety of buds. The uniqueness of the strains keeps it fun documenting them :)

At some point you will have enough reviews for a book, and I will want a copy ;-) re-smoking it!!!


Thanks, i do still have all the full size original photo files :)

Wow, amazing buds. And as always excellent review :)


Thanks :)

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