BANANA SPLIT (60/40) Sativa-dominant - Rolled with RAW Black Classic Papers - Energetic, Euphoric, and Cushioned Afternoon

3 months ago


A focused and energetic mind, euphoric and friendly with balanced body relaxation. Enjoyed the afternoon Banana Split Spliff, I'd smoke these buds during the day and early evening.

BANANA SPLIT Sativa-dominant

The Banana Split 60/40 Sativa-dominant strain was created by the crossing Tangie strain, and the Banana Sherbet strain. The tangerine smelling Tangie strain is from the crossing of the California Orange and Skunk strains (Source). These Banana Split buds were purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store web site, grown by Aurora - I thought it was a misprint, but these buds have a low 9% THC. Notable amount of Beta-Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, and Terpinolene terpenes.



The Banana Split buds have dark and bright greens, purple highlights. Burnt orange pistols, a fuzzy and resinous coating of white with amber droplette trichomes. A few extra leaves with the trim job, i'll give these sticky buds a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.



The Banana Split buds have a sweet and sour lemon-lime citrus terpene vapors, with a banana scent - powerful vapors.


Banana Split delivers those sweet and zesty flavors that complement each other in perfect harmony. This sativa-dominant strain induces potent and long-lasting effects. SMELL & FLAVOUR Chemical, Banana, Sweet, Citrus. EFFECT Cerebral, Uplifting, Motivated
Source: Banana Split - Strain Information -


RAW Black Classic Extra-fine Papers

Rolling up the Banana Split buds with a RAW Black Classic extra-fine, natural unrefined rolling paper. These 1-1/4 papers are easy to roll with - very thin for a smooth smoke, i'm guessing the paper weight is 12g/m².


50 Papers Per Pack, "Made In Spain", light brown natural color, RAW logo and crisscross pinstripe watermarks, "Purest Natural Gum".

RAW Black Paper is double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest unbleached rolling paper we have ever made. This unique artisan paper is produced in the Alcoy region of Spain where the dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low. RAW Black 1¼ is so thin that it allows you to truly taste your terps! RAW Black was created for a new generation as the next level of top shelf smoking materials. It’s like a Ferrari, it only runs on premium gas!
Source: RAW Black Papers -

Banana Split Buds for the Spliff


Banana Split Buds Sliced


Spliff Roll Ready


Spliff Rolled


Spliff Sparked


Banana Split Spliff Flavor

First Toke... Sour and lemon flavor with a dry earthy taste - mouth puckering terpenes, very dry aftertaste, taking a sip of water. Second Toke... Dry lemon-lime slightly sour, vapors with a light banana taste to them, more dry mouth - drink of water. Cheeks, brow, upper forehead, lips, and the top of the head are numbing. Breathing and heart rate slightly increased, mind is excited.


5 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Sherbet, lemon-lime sour, vaporous banana flavor, dry mouth. Mind is relaxing, lightly cushioned - energy building in the solar plexus. Fourth Toke...


10 Minutes After First Toke - Fifth and Sixth Tokes, Roaching the Spliff...


Banana Split Spliff Effects

15 Minutes After First Toke... Cushioned and slightly slap happy euphoria, smirk is forming - breathing and heart rate slightly increased but relaxed. Eye lids are relaxing. Upper cheeks lightly tightening, balanced and euphoric energy cushioning the chest - bubbling.


20 Minutes After First Toke...

The aftertaste is nice, almost like a tame citrus watered down lemon-pine flavor. For being 9% THC, I feel pretty much as high as I have been feeling with the 20% THC buds - this high feels a little more gentle though, interesting. Maybe it was a misprint and it's supposed to be 19% THC? I don't know, but i'm enjoying the effects, i'll have to see how the longevity is - maybe it's a nice stacker for the often smoker.


30 Minutes After First Toke...

Happy, energetic, and creative feels. Energy is bubbling in the solar plexus, up through the cushioned chest to the face. The mind is calm, sharp, and relaxed - balanced. Energy lightly fluttering in the chest, i could see it might make some people anxious - i'm enjoying it. Getting the munchies, grabbing a drink instead. Head has a light cushion - very light and balanced.


45 Minutes After First Toke...

Mind has relaxed a little, eye lids too - bubbling energies have smoothed out, a calm and relaxed satisfied feeling, almost drowsy. Putting on a movie and doing some photo editing. 20 Mins Later... Balanced and smoothed effects - can feel the effects, they're gentle, mind decently clear and lightly euphoric. 15 Mins Later... That touch of sleepiness has passed, relaxed and balanced happy go lucky energy with a light cushion.


1-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

Feeling more energy coming back - still enjoyable effects. This would be a great strain for not getting too high for too long - and for frequent smokers, i could see these effects stacking well with smoking every couple hours.


2 Hours After First Toke...

Decent body buzz relaxation, but slowly diminishing - this is feeling like the after glow, a light bubbling in the solar plexus still. Smooth balanced effects with Sativa energy sparked up the first half of the session, light Indica feels brought up the tail end. A focused and energetic mind, euphoric, with balanced body relaxation. I'd indulge in these Banana Split buds during the day and early evening.

Have a great day!

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Lovely fluffy it sticks to the fingers. You cut it up with scissors?


The buds are getting stickier with the warmer weather, these ones were sticky before they were above freezing temp - scissors sliced up, i was careful to not roll this one too tight so it wouldn't clog up. There was a strong terpene vapor from these buds.

Man not only a very interesting mix of colors but thats some fluffy ass bud!


I've been running into a lot of purple highlighted buds lately, liking them - the do have a fluffy look to them, but that's party from the untrimmed leaves, but they're decently resinous - tasty and full of nose tingling terpene vapor.

The quality of your posts is exceptional. Thank you.


Thanks, you're welcome - i've been making solid progress on the quest for my favorite buds, happy to do it :)

Very nice review. This sounds like a great strain. I could see this being a good mix with the CF strain as an afternoon sweets.