Balanced Creative Energy with WAPPA 60/40 Indica-dominant Hybrid Strain + New Bud Grinder & Incognito Bolt Pipe

5 months ago


Relaxing and long lasting creative energy with these Wappa buds. The creeping effects are balanced, suitable for solo or social activities - day or night.

WAPPA 60/40 Indica-dominant Hybrid

The Wappa 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid strain was created by Paradise Seeds by the select breeding of sweet Skunk strains. "The heritage of this plant is a sweet skunk and we bred this line, selecting the biggest and the juiciest plants of each generation to build the Wappa profile" - Paradise Seeds. These Wappa buds were grown by Redecan, 22% THC - Purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store web site.

OCS Package Picked Up at the Post Office.

Wappa Look

The light green buds have a bumpy fuzzy look to them that reminds me of cacti. Thick coating of yellowish crystals cover the buds and the burnt orange pistols. These Wappa buds get a 3 out of 4 on the fluff scale - not too shabby.


After crushing a Wappa bud with my fingers, the sweet lemon, mango, light pine and earthy cannabis scents rushed forward.

The buzz is intense, but not overwhelming. It sinks into the body, providing an indica carpet to walk over but never dragging you down. In fact Wappa brings an upful sense of purpose to your day’s proceedings. It has great power, but a benign power that will push you towards the doors of perception with a gentle nudge rather than an elevator free-fall. A good day smoke and one to keep the evening going too. Also popular with medical patients.
Source: Wappa - Cannabis Seeds - Paradise Seeds

The New Grinder

Picked up the new grinder while in town. Very basic metal grinder, a painless purchase for $4. It had plain pot leaf stickers, I upgraded to the logo stickers - niiice. A good conversation starter when smoking with the buddies.


Wappa Bud Grindage.


Ground Up.


Incognito Bolt Pipe

Also picked up this Incognito Nut & Bolt Pipe when I was in town - a sweet pipe for $2.50. The pack of silver screens was $4 - much sturdier than the copper color screens.

Bolt Pipe - Incognito Mode.
Bolt Pipe - Take-Down Mode.


Bolt Pipe Assembled.

Silver Screen Added.


Bolt Pipe Packed - Ready to Blaze Up.


Wappa Tastes

First Toke... May have taken too big a hit from this cold metal pipe - lemon citrus, light pine - thick and dank smoke. Lips slightly numbing, front roof of the mouth too. Tongue is more puckered than dry. Second Hit... Lemon and lime sweet citrus with a little spice taste quickly on the tail end. More lip and front of the mouth numbing. 5 Mins Later... Very slight heart rate increase, but that might be from the first toke coughing. Slight numbing in the forehead, slightly across the eye brows.


Wappa Feels

10 Minutes after First Toke... Third toke, some darker tones, caught a taste of skunky dank - thick smoke. Cheeks are getting some of the numbness. The sweet terpene after taste is on the verge of spicy. Mind is relaxing slightly - the body too. So far a creeping Indica, but the breathing rate has risen slightly. At 22% THC this is some decently powerful smoke with a bite on the tail end, i'll be saving these buds for bowls, in a blunt i could see it making me cough.


15 Minutes after First Toke...

Feeling a slight tingling on the sides of the head, mind lightly scattering. I know it's 15 minute creeper, but i'm still tempted to take another toke. Feeling a light energy building in the chest, getting some happy feels. Fourth toke. Nice dark fruit flavors with that spice - so much tastier with just a sip. The smoke tickled my nose a little with that exhale.


20 Minutes after First Toke...

Getting happy, pleased feels, very light energy bubbling in the solar plexus. Mind and head is feeling relaxed and cushioned, body is relaxed too - feeling a happy zen like relaxation. The brow is almost starting to feel heavy, but not the eyelids. Cheeks are still numb, upper cheeks are slightly tightening from the light perma-grin. Bubblin - putting on some music.


25 Minutes after First Toke...

Still relaxed and chill, but feeling some happy creative energy bubbling up from the solar plexus - good feels on the sides of the chest, approaching the shoulders - buzzing - Euphoric mind - grandeur. 5 Mins Later... Creative energy buzz, relaxed kinda friendly. 5 Mins Later... A yawn, this is a relaxed hybrid - getting up to grab a drink.


45 Minutes after First Toke...

It feels good to stretch out on the couch, but i'm not feeling sleepy. It's that happy and relaxed feel after gently waking up from a good night sleep. Would be a good stay inside and relax on a rainy day kind of buzz - listen to music, watch movies, toil on some projects, etc. The mind is decently clear - slightly cushioned, relaxed and comfortable.


1 Hour after First Toke...

This is a decently balanced buzz all the way through so far. Some hybrids the Sativa energy might smack first with the Indica feels on the tail end. With the Lemon Skunk the Indica traits struck first. The Wappa is a nice blend at the same time - a gentle Indica relax with a touch of Sativa energy to prevent the lazies. 10 Mins Later... Touches of mind energy kicking in, head is still relaxed and cushioned.


1 Hour and 30 Mins after First Toke...

Another stretch - relaxing buzz, getting some munchies. 10 Mins Later... The munchies woke me up a little. Still a decent relaxed head cushion there, but it feels like the effects are beginning a long and slow exit.


2 Hours and 40 Mins after First Toke...

The buzz is pretty much on the way out, very gentle landing. Ever so slight numb in the cheeks and forehead still. Relaxed, getting sober energy and clarity back - a balanced and smooth ride with longevity. These Wappa buds provided relaxed and happy creative energy. Would be a nice buzz, solo or with friends - daytime or evening.

Have a great day!

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Uh, they look really amazing. Buds. Looks like they grind nicely as well. That grinder looks cheep, I know it was, but it also looks like that. Plastic. On the other hand, that small upgrade will earn you more money here than you payed for it, so it is a win-win situation.


Yeah, most likely a cheap quality cast - metal grinder, but it should hold up to grinding these dried buds that i get my hands on. I was telling my wife the same thing about the earning potential for the new smoke utensils :)

GREAT PICTURES! MAN! You do get some good ones. So you got a new pipe! cute, it straight up looks like a bolt! I like that. Maybe Ill get me one like that but I rarely do flower anymore. Awsome review as usual. You really should get these color printed out and saved in case you want to make a book

I've almost picked up once of those bolts before but didn't. It seemed like a neat idea for a hide a pipe.

Amazing stuff you got there..the buds look great and the pipe looks so authentic, what weed tool they could invent in such a simple construction! Keep puffin' for a high!

Great review as always. The buds look amazing Remind me kinda of autumn with those colors. I like that its an energizing strain, but also relaxing. The name is really funny.


I like the name too, i keep thinking of it as a verb, like 'these buds will wappa you' :)

Nice! Those are some beautiful green nugs! Great photos!