B.C. BIG BUD (65/35) Sativa-dominant - Balanced Head and Body Buzz + OCB Slim Unbleached Rolling Papers

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Enjoyed the B.C. Big Bud effects - plenty of mind and body cushion, balanced creative energy. I'd smoke these buds in the afternoon or evening.

B.C. BIG BUD (65/35) Sativa-dominant

The B.C. Big Bud 65/35 Sativa-dominant hybrid strain came from the breeding of the original Big Bud Indica with an unknown Sativa by British Columbia Canada-based growers Jordan of the Islands. Big Bud's genetics are murky as well, believed to be a cross between Afghani, Haze, and Northern Lights (Source). These B.C. Big Buds have 18% THC.


B.C. BIG BUD Looks

Dark and light greens coated with fuzzy trichomes that thicken to give the buds, the burnt orange pistols, and the bright purple accents a yellowish and amber color. These chunky buds get a 3 out of 4 on the the fluff scale.



Sweet dark fruit, mango, and pine scents. The B.C. Big Buds are strong smelling with bright terpenes.

BC Big Bud marijuana effects are mostly cerebral, highly uplifting and energy boosting. Beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid hyperactivity. ... induces potent cerebral high followed by energy and creativity boost. Prompts giggles and social behaviour. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression. Relaxes the body, relieves stress, controls pain.
Source: CannaSOS - BC Big Bud Cannabis Strain Information


OCB Slim Virgin Unbleached Rolling Papers

Trying out these OCB Slim Virgin kingsize rolling papers, I like the tan and unbleached look to them. Thin papers, I'm guessing they're 12g per square meter. Not as slim as the Smoking Master papers, but the same length and width as the Smoking Deluxe rolling papers - 108mm x 44mm.

Like all our OCB papers, OCB Virgin paper is gummed with the OCB natural arabic gum, legendary for its effectiveness. Its brown colour comes from the unrefined wood fibers. Each leaf is watermarked with an exclusive innovative process that ensures the best transparency and softness. 100 years of french savoir-faire encompassed in the best natural unbleached paper of market.
Source: 100% Natural Experience OCB

32 papers per pack, "Made in France", "ocb.net".


Spliff Buds and Unbleached Filter Tip

I'll be rolling up this spliff with an OCB unbleached filter tip, these ones have the perforations on the paper - for folding and rolling up the filter tip.


B.C. Big Buds Sliced Up, Roll Ready


Kingsize Spliff Rolled Up


B.C. Big Bud Spliff Sparked


B.C. Big Bud Flavor

First Toke... Dank and sweet mango and pine flavor. Big mango after taste - bright, sweet, watermelon, and citrus - that sweet and refreshing pine is in there too. Cheeks numbing. Sweet terpene aftertaste still.


5 Minutes after First Toke...

2nd Toke... More mango, pine, and watermelon flavors - the bright terpenes almost stung me on that big haul. 3rd Toke... The spliff is hitting nicely now, another mouthful of dark but terpene sparkled fruit flavor - mango, pine, melon. Mouth, lips, cheeks, and face are numbing - the brow, upper forehead, top of the head. Breathing rate has increased slightly, light energy building in the chest.


B.C. Big Bud Effects

15 Minutes after First Toke, 4th and 5th Tokes... The mind is starting to feel cushioned and a little slap happy. Energy is lightly starting to gather in the solar plexus - breathing rate is still accelerated slightly, I just took a couple spliff blazing tokes though. Eyes are feeling light and energetic. 5 Mins Later, 6th and 7th Tokes, then ashed out the half kingsize joint...


30 Minutes after First Toke...

Light buzzing energy in the chest, and getting some bubbly feels from the solar plexus. The upper forhead, the top of the head, the brow, the temples, the cheeks, the lips - all feeling numb. Front of the brain and the back of the head is numb too.


40 Minutes after First Toke...

Buzzing energy in the chest is feeling more cushioned. Very light energy in the solar plexus, slight smiles. Relaxed and cushioned effects with a touch of that underlying energy. Upper cheeks are lightly tightening from the good feels. I could see lounging with these buds - going to walk around a little, then put on some tunes and browse smoke.io.


45 Minutes after First Toke...

Getting a nice bubbling energy in the chest - it's urging me to smoke more, Two more tokes, 10 Mins Later... Solid head cushion, eye lids relaxing and slightly puffy - solid grin.


1 Hour and 25 Mins after First Toke...

Solid cushion effects with a creative and inward energy. The mind feel where you can get focused into something with the rest of the surroundings fading away. Chest is and head is cushioned with a slight energy, upper cheeks have relaxed, brow, cheeks, top of the forehead, and the top and back of the head are numb. Seems like those last two tokes have me satisfied, getting some drinks of water to keep things running smooth.


1 Hour and 30 Mins after First Toke...

Getting water from the warm cabin has inspired me to go inside to watch some shows and do some photo editing. 30 Mins Later... Getting comfortable, time's flying by, feeling comfortable. Still a solid buzz, but i can feel it nearing the end of the leveling, getting some munchies.


4 Hours after First Toke...

Effects on the way out, plenty of light numbing though. Grabbing some dinner soon. Enjoyed the B.C. Big Bud effects - plenty of mind and body cushion, and a touch of euphoric energy. I'd smoke these buds in the afternoon or evening.

Have a great day!

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The whole thing looks killer buy that purple spot seals it.


For sure, it was a pleasant surprise - the outside of the buds are mostly green, but when you split them open you see the purple :)

I have had some bc big bud before but mine didn't look nearly this good. Very nice Jack very nice.


Thanks - these ones had that strong fruit and pine scent, I was stoked from the cracking open of the container :)

Considered taking classes on how to make a smoke post? ;) Beautifully written. Lovely presentation. Top class :)

I had a roller back in the day but I think my dad snagged it, to use, and I just never got another.


I don't use rollers for smaller spliffs so much, but for the kingsize spliffs the roller makes it effortless to roll up a nice one.

Funny purple spot on bud.

I'd smoke these buds in the afternoon or evening.

I know you'd smoke em in the morning for wake and bake as well...


For sure I would lol, it would be an enjoyably hazy morning, but if I had a strain that leaned more to the sativa side i'd go for that one in the morning and get my head nice and cleared out for the afternoon and evening hazing. I've been dialing the strains lately - had a breakfast, lunch, and dinner spliff rolled up for this day. Lemon Thai Kush breakfast, BC Big Bud Lunch, and a Black Diamond dinner :)


Big Bud sounds like Big Fun. I would love something like this for a warm spring day in nature session. Las year we would always go to the same spot in nature and sit on woodlogs, smoke and chill. Fo those sessions I would love some sativa like this. To keep the conversation going.


This would be excellent for outdoor hangouts .. it's got that nice head and body buzz, but that underlying Sativa energy would be perfect for being outdoors with friends :)


I could imagine myself next to a lake on a blanket drinking something and a jiff in my hands of this bud.


amazing pictures and review @jackdub. this is some serious nugporn

  ·  last year

Like the natural papers ; wrapped around some lemon thai kush .mmmmm

These post most amazing the information are well organized