AUTO BLUEBERRY DOMINA (70/10/20) Heavy Indica Hybrid - A Cheerfully Relaxed and Numbing Evening Blunt - with a Century Sam Cigar Wrap

4 months ago


These Auto Blueberry Domina buds are an excellent night cap. Heavy Indica body relaxation with cheerful euphoria. I'd reserve this strain for the evening, I found them a little too heavy for the day time. Tasty in a blunt.


The Auto Blueberry Domina (70/10/20) hybrid is 70% Indica, 10% Sativa, and 20% Ruderalis. The Ruderalis causes the bud to auto-flower - seed start to finished buds in 65 days. This Auto Blueberry Domina was born from the breeding of Blueberry and an auto-flower Black Domina.
Heavy Indica effects - 17% THC, 1% CBD. Source.


The Auto Blueberry Domina buds has a variety of purple, blue, pink, and green colors. Bright orange pistols, white and thick yellowish trichomes. Well trimmed buds, they get a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


There's a sweet lemon-citrus dank and blue berry scent when the buds are crushed.


Only 65 days are requested to grow thick, heavy buds, frosted with resin, with a powerful berry aroma and a hashy aftertaste. The Black Domina is clearly more dominant in this crossing than the Blueberry, this expresses itself in the spicy flavor of the strain, the wide fingered leaves and the effect that is intense body stone. The buds will be covered with a layer of sticky resin on the buds. Auto Blueberry Domina is surely an Automatic strain worth of sowing, growing, harvesting and glowing.
Source: Auto Blueberry Domina Feminized - Ministry of Cannabis

Century Sam Coronas Cigars

These Century Sam Coronas cigars are the Canadian equivalent of the USA's Phillies Blunt cigars. When split open and emptied of the cigar tobacco, the tobacco outer cigar is one piece - a solid and consistent blunt wrap. I liked Swisher Sweets and White Owls too - when they were available.


They used to sell tobacco wraps here in Ontario, but they were banned because there were too appealing to kids. You had to be 19 to buy them, so it sounds more like an ID checking issue to me.


"5 Cigars" per Pack.


Split Cigar Blunt Wrap

The hand cigar splitting GIF is from the Alien Dawg Blunt. The King Tut Blunt, and this cigar were split with a pocket knife - for a clean cut.


Cigar Emptied - Ready to Roll With.


Blue Domina Buds in the Grinder.


Buds Ground Up.


Blunt Wrap Filled Up.


Rolled Up, Ready for Blazing.


Blue Domina Tastes

Blunt Blazed Up - First Toke... Light lemon-citrus and sweet blueberry dank taste, a little spice at the tail end. 2nd and 3rd Tokes... Cheeks and lips numb. Mouth slightly dried, puckered by the terpenes. Forehead and eyebrows slightly numbing. 4th and 5th Tokes... 5 Mins Later... Cushion energy lightly building in the chest. 6th, 7th, 8th Tokes... Ashing out the blunt half way burnt - that was a quick session.


Blue Domina Effects

20 Minutes after First Tokes... Lightly bubbling happy feels, mind is relaxed with pin point focus. Head is feeling cushioned, body is relaxed. Slight perma-grin, upper cheek bones are lightly tightening. Enjoying some headphone music. Drinking a little water, mouth isn't dry though. Nose tip lightly numb.


25 Minutes after First Blunt Tokes...

Cheery and energetic, don't mind going to start the generator - the power's out :) 10 Mins Later... Solid body buzz, I'm out in -10C(14F) weather and it's bothering me less than usual - I'm bundled up though. Enjoying myself siting out hear bumping headphone tunes and editing photos.


50 Minutes after First Tokes... Cushion energy in the chest, relaxed happy feels. 25 Mins Later... Solid cushion effects still.

3 Hours after First Tokes...

Buzz hanging in there, gently fading. Drifted off to sleep easily - perfect timing. Relaxed full body buzz, happy feels with these Auto Blueberry Domina buds. Heavy Indica, I'd reserve these buds for the evening.

Have a great day!

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I can see bits of bluish shades in those buds, lovely to see them particularly they are surrounded by those nice looking trichs...I always love the citrus taste in my weed and I must say your roll looks perfect to me!


Thanks - tasty blunt, i'm going to have to roll up a spliff of these one of these nights soon. There's some real interesting colors in there, a couple spots there are purple-blueish with the trichomes, it reminds me of that shading on crabs legs, or octopus tentacles, choral, etc - underwater sea colors :)

Yum , looking tasty and nice roll! Ever fuck with the backwoods? Not sure they're legally sold in Canada but some convenient stores here in Toronto have a stash for regular customers..


Thanks - they didn't have the flavored backwoods available back when i could find them, but i'm curious to try. I'll have to look out for them next time i'm in Toronto, the legal non-tobacco wraps just aren't the same :) The Zig Zag blunt that has three leafs in it is decent though - that's the trick is that they have to be smokable as a cigar. So lame - i remember when a convenience store wouldn't sell me a pack of non tobacco, regular rolling papers because i had an out of province ID - i was 30 years old lol.

Those have some awesome color going on. Also that is one fine rolled blunt.


Definitely one of the more multi-color buds that i've come across. Thanks - these buds made for a smooth and tasty blunt too, even before I lit the blunt it seemed like the paper was flavored :)

That stuff looks like a blue dream to me, super light in color.

There was some Black Domina in Colorado I really wish I had tried, and the only reason I didn't is because they would only give me 5 flavors and still give me the ounce price. As much as it wow'd me, there was 5 strains that wow'd me even more.


I'd rather have the variety too. These buds have a nice flavor and solid Indica buzz, but i wouldn't say it makes the top 10 of my most interesting buds list - I've been meaning to do a top buds post sometime soon :)


I been meaning to do a top buds post for over a year, lol


Lol, there's just always more buds :)

The buds look really beautiful and colorful. If we wanted to roll a blunt we used to buy blunt wraps that had tints of taste in them. Like vanilla blunt wraps or strawberry blunt wraps. Generally I'm not the type that likes tast rolling papers blunt are OK with me.


I liked the flavored cigars, like swisher sweets, chocolate phillie blunts. I don't mind the flavored tobacco wraps, but if i have them too often then the flavoring starts to bug me (not with the flavored cigars though).. The flavored herbal and hemp wraps seem to ruin the bud flavor for me though and drys it out, and give me some weird feels like my lungs and body don't care for them. I might try out some flavored juicy j regular rolling papers, but lately i haven't been holding onto one strain long enough to get tired of the taste :)

Wow! amazing Mr. Jack I need some of that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those auto-flowering plants... I used to laugh at them and the people growing them, but they got so good that I have to eat my words... re-smoke ;-)

Fantastic hybrid, I wonder how this indica going to taste when smoked?

I'm about to roll me up a blunt right about now!