Afternoon BONG TOKES with HAN SOLO (60/40) sativa hybrid - Smooth Euphoric Energy, Skipped the Coffee

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Tasty bong tokes with the candy-like sweet lemon lime pine, creamy mango vanilla, and slight spice flavor Energetic, euphoric, and lightly cushioned effects - smooth energy, skipped the coffee.

HAN SOLO sativa hybrid

The Han Solo 60/40 sativa hybrid strain has unknown lineage but is believed to be a cross of the GSC and Larry OG strains. These Han Solo buds have 23% THC.


Han Solo Looks

These Han Solo buds have dark and light greens, a generous coating of amber and white trichomes, and thick mats of dark and light orange pistils. I'll give these resinous buds a 2 out of 4 on the fluff scale.


Han Solo Scent

The Han Solo buds have a sweet and sour citrus scent to them.


Han Solo Effects (Source)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid. Han Solo is a deep, sumptuous strain that leaves the consumer feeling satisfied, with a relaxing cerebral high that is perfect for after a hard day’s work. It can spark creativity in some, while others are compelled to enjoy a trip to outer space or even another galaxy.


Han Solo split buds for Bong Tokes


Buds Ground, Bowl Packed


Bong Blazed


Han Solo Flavor

12:45PM was the First Toke... Candy-like sweet and creamy vanilla baked goods, then lemon lime citrus and pine flavors with a touch of spice - mouth is tingling from the terpenes, slightly dry, sip of water. Mind is exciting, and feel the energy lightly bubbling up from the solar plexus, touch of euphoria. Cheeks, brow, upper forehead numbing, eye lids and mind slightly relaxing - energy spreading from the chest to the arms, nice buzz.


Han Solo Effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... Candy-like sweet and dank mango vanilla baked goods with lemon lime pine flavor, touch of spice - smooth and creamy bong tokes. Mind relaxing, euphoric, a touch of slap happy with perma-smirk. Head and body well cushioned, calm - good energy balance.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Drifted away there in thought for 15 Minutes or so lol, Third Toke... Oh that's tasty, more lemon lime pine, mango vanilla with a touch of spice. The flavors have shifted a little to the dark side - still sweet though. Lightly energetic mind euphoria buzz - body well cushioned with energy bubbling up from the solar plexus, balanced energy in the chest, a proud feeling.


45 Minutes After First Toke...

Rainy day today, more time for photos - Fourth Toke... Darkened flavors, smooth euphoric buzz with solid cushion and balanced energy.


Tasty bong tokes with the candy-like sweet lemon lime pine, creamy mango vanilla, and slight spice flavor Energetic, euphoric, and lightly cushioned effects - smooth energy, skipped the coffee.

Have a great day!

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That looks so beautiful


I like when they're trichomed up with a couple leaves in there - much love for the buds :)

Another great Sci fi strain. Sounds like an interesting strain. Especially since it's an Sativa.


Smooth energy, I could imagine hitting the hyperdrive button with these buds - i just grabbed some skywalker og too, niiice indica dominant. I've heard of the yoda strain too, it would make the most sense if it was balanced :)


Another great strain, that would be. 🤓

I love too sativa hybrid stuff ..


I never used to associate weed with energy, but the hybrid sativas do give a solid energy boost - the 60/40 sativas seem to have that happy blend of cushion, energy, and euphoria.