The Strains In My Weed Stash

5 months ago


Hey Guys!

Today, am sharing the strains from my stash I collected from growing my own weed plants. I could say that it was a successful planting with a good harvest. There were small and huge buds. The auto feminized strains were harvested earlier in August which have been slowly consumed and there are not much remaining now. Photos were shot although it was difficult since I had that garden accident 2 weeks ago. The images shown here were taken at different times of the day, the reason why the colors/ hues of the nugs varied. So this ended my planting season because I´ll be away and won´t be able to grow until I come back next Spring to homebase.

Eye Ailment

It is really difficult to have an ailing eye. The therapeutic contact lens had been removed yesterday since the cornea is already cured. But, my right eye still had a problem.... their has been kind of growth, a pimple-like in the inner part of the eyelid that gives me the feeling I have sand in my eye. The doctor didn´t see this until today when I complained about it and found out that there was a micro leaf particle causing the problem which he took out using a clip. So I´ll probably get another therapeutic lens which I have to wear for about 3 weeks.


Finally, My Home Grown Strains

This stash may last for a year to consume and while I am away from homebase, these will still be under cure and someone´s doing this for me. When I come back they should be ready for puffing.

The strains in my stash are:

Amnesia Platinum
Bubble Gum
Green Poison
Northern Light
Chocolate Skunk

I also have the sugar leaves from trimming the buds, I have dried them then pulverized to be used for the bake edibles I will be doing in the future.


Amnesia Platinum (mostly sativa)

Its flowers and leaves are so sticky caused by the trichomes that coated the whole buds.. In weighing each of the nugs in glass containers, the weight of the strains in each according to the scale is between 30 grams and 40 grams. The scale container I used weighed around 45 grams which was deducted at the end of the actual weight of each strain.


amnesia platinum 1.jpg

amnesia platinum 2.jpg

amnesia platinum 2b.jpg

amnesia platinum 3.jpg

Bubble Gum (sativa/indica : 60%/40%)

This strain has the lesser harvest of all. If you remember, the plant had fungus during the veg period, but it was eradicated by a homemade concoction of baking soda and water. The treatment had been successful since it grew and grew until the flowering stage commenced. It became a healthy weed plant. Again , in the scale it only weighed 30 grams.

Freshly trimmed Bubble Gum


bubnble gum 1.jpg

bubble gum 2.jpg

Green Poison

The seed came from a grow shop I visited in Granada, Spain. Its pack of 4 was a freebie given to me by the owner. I planted 2 seeds and in my stash are the 2 glasses. They also weigh around 35 grams.

green poison nugs.jpg

green poison.jpg


End Of My Growing Season

I am satisfied with my grow this season beause it turned out to be a fun one... from seeds to huge weed plants and clones that delivered good dense buds. I hope I can grow and harvest again similar to this one.


Thanks for popping-in to read my blog, stay cool all stoners and be happy to start a new day!

Keep on puffin` for a high!!!


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Thanks Francesca... lovely that you dropped-by..

That's a big round of applause for you, seeing you successfully made your own collection out of your hard work its some kind of labor of love, lol! Smoke on.


Thanks dargonx0x... Yes, i have invested time for them and am happy with the results.

Very nice! You harvested a nice collection of herb there! Well done. Hope you get some time to really relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. They all look 🔥


Yeah, they are still for curing.... but, I´d do that when I come back to homebase in Spring.But I´d surely bring a few strains from my Amsterdam stash, they are ready to be puffed. Thanks!

The prize of taking good care of your girls. You really deserve it and please try to do what the doctor said fo your eyes. Keep safe and enjoy smoking all the time.


Lol, don't worry, my eyes will soon br healed. thanks for the encouragement... I'd been puffing for the pain tho... take care!



Oh yeah...Thanks!

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