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last year

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Hey Guys!

It was a Granada ( Spain) meet-up with one of my best friends in the good old days. She came all the way from Rome and visited her colleague from Salar, a town near Granada. I have never seen the Alhambra, so we planned that we´ d visit the fortress at the same time pick her up to stay in my place.

In lieu of this meet up, I decided to drive earlier before checking in at the hotel where we were supposed to meet. So I visited some of the grow shops in the city. As you might have known, Granada is a mecca for cannabis growers in Spain... it is one if not the biggest cannabis grower in Europe delivering to various EU countries. It is always a hide and seek for growers with the police because Cannabis is still not legal in Spain. The authorities are tolerating private individuals to grow for as long as they keep the weed plants inside the house and not exposed to the public.

greenpoison 3.jpg

So while in Granada, I visited a shop called Alta Planta and met the owner. I called the owner beforehand that I will be visiting their shop... so I exchanged info with him and told about and in return, he gave me packs of freebies of 4x Green Poison and 10 Kannabia seeds called Karribean Mango.

Green Poison.jpg

So the 2 Green Poison here are part of the various 6 seeds I´ve have sown on April 10... it is now on its 62nd day from its germination.

green poison 3.jpg

Green Poison - Characteristics

Source: Info translated from the Sweet Seeds Catalog 2018

The autoflowering of 3rd Generation. High-size version of one of our most appreciated autoflowering strains. Green Poison XL Auto has been developed through a program of recurring selection of high size individous of Green Poison Auto for multiple generations. These seeds produce plants with a height 25% higher than their predecessors with an equally superior production of flowers and resins.

Green poison 9.jpg
Image source: Sweet Seeds Catalog (Spanish 2018)

The aromas and flavors are very pleasant and intense with sweet and fruity tones. Skunk sweet background and brush strokes that remind of arugula and nuts.

greenpoison 5.jpg
Green Poison Day 62

Indica: 56.9%
Sativa: 40%
Ruderalis: 3.1%
THC: 15-20% CBD: 0.07%
prod-interior: 450-600 g / m2
Prod-exterior: 60-250 g / plant
indoor / outdoor crops: 8 weeks from germination.
Height: 80-125 cm

greenpoison 4.jpg
Green Poison Nr.1

My wish is that I hope they would grow healthy and develop huge and

fluffy buds just like what is shown in their catalog above.

Wish me luck guys!!!

greenpoison 8.jpg
Green Poison Nr.2

Stay cool....... keep puffin´ for a high!!!


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Oh, my dear what do you meant to say that every variety has a different scent and taste? You are too lucky living in a free country. Do you know how I wished to be free like an eagle and fly away from here to your place just to smell all those kind of cannabis? 'I could imagine now that I am growing older and l think cannabis is the right medication. I want what you are doing, planting freely and puff. Have a great day my dear and take good care of your girls.


Hahaha... oh yes, I`m taking care of my girls.... We two should go to Amsterdam so you could try the various strains I am talking about... It´s about time that you should take a short leave from your boss even if it´s just a couple of days... KSA is not that far from Europe just about 5 hours.... so think about it my dear!

Growing well and the name of the seed should be Ganesha seed. I just wonder why they kept the logo of Indian Gods :D


Me too, I wonder why this logo.... but I think since Ganesha is the God of protection in the indian mythology, I think the owner of the seed company wanted to implicate that is is safer to get (so) high with the strains of Sweet Seeds... LOL!


May be haha!

WoW! Valuable post .



good seeds, recently received a fast bud of this bank, 4 seeds sprouted out of 4


That is good! My 2 green poison grew faster than the rest of the seeds I germinated..


Yes, it is clear that the shoots are very strong

That's pretty interesting. And honestly if it's like that, then it's a pretty sweet deal for a country that decriminalized. I could go behind that.

Good job.i really appreciate your content.


Thank you.


Wow, nicey nicey seeing those


You realy do have a green thumb, they are healthy green poison, nice to puffiness!