A Time For Chocolate Skunk - From My Harvest

9 months ago

Good afternoon Stoners !

How are you doing! Yesterday had been a stressy day, it was a day of so many thing to accomplish in and out of the house. The life of a retiree isn´t that rosy as I thought... I even accomplished more when I was still working no matter how stressy my comporate job had been. I´d come to think about it, instead of more time to relax, the chores are just never ending... Lol!

puff 1.jpg

puff 12.jpeg
Trichomes of choco skunk

Chocolate Skunk

At any rate... I chose to overcome the stress. So,..... I have the choco skunk harvested beginning of August and stored already in a jar.. andI tried it yesterday for the first time... It was an automatic feminized seed that I got from Spain and harvested after about 90 days... This is one of two seeds that germinated late after 21 days. While its growth was hampered, it is still a strong sativa strain. You can read my post about the harvest here:

puff 5.jpg

In my opinion, it is relaxing and helps overcome fatigue... strong in smell and taste a bit of a chocolate and most of all, relaxing but still concentrated to do any chore around the house. This time, I was not sleepy. Instead, I had some elan to do things, which is crazy, since I would normally fall asleep after tokes.

puff 3.jpg

Can be that I will buy more of its normal seed (not the automatic ones) and see really the growth since I have read that it can grow up to 2 meters high.

puff 4.jpg

That´s all for now .... I hope your Tuesday afternoon will be full of joy puffin´your fave strains!!!

puff 2.jpg

Keep puffin´for a high!

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wowoweee!!! a chocolate skunk!!! did you just say po it taste really like chocolate , i would love that more , plus it givea relaxation and overcome fatigue , that's what i need po haha. again ypu did great job on that plant, and there's the evidence , your harvest and you can now enjoy it anytime you want. ayayay! kainggit! sana all. haha. thanks for sharing another worth reading and seeing content

keep puffin and rockin' po 👌💚💚💚


Well, tried my best..it is easy to take care of the plants when they are mid size.. the question for the gardener after germination would be..will the plant make it? In my own thoughts, I think...I would rather get the clones than to sow seeds because they can be at least well taken cared-off by the labs..

Yeah this is a good strain and we will probably both need this..you with your kids and me, for my stress in household chores... hehehe...thanks!

at first, I thought you were on your veranda until I spotted the HP label mygosh my imagination was a bit wild when I saw that boulders and the lighted choco roll and end up munching a patchi chocolate haha...
more good harvest to come, smoke on!


Hahaha.... We only have such boulders on the sides of the Donau Insel (Danube River) but not the mountains behind the scene. It´s more likely to be found in Spain, but that has to wait. Thanks for visiting!

This is the reason why it should be legalized. But if not, I will sing a song I will be there for you Chocolate Skunk. Wanna join you puffing. Time is getting near,no need to be worry my stress will gone forever. Too jealous @indaymers, you live freely like a bird in the sky. jejejeje. I want this kind, I don't wanna sleep too, if ever I will take this,maybe it will expand and extend my life adding 52 years to complete 100 year. Then I will receive a gift from the government jejejeje

The sound of that gives me the munchies. just don't forget to take it easy I know the feeling when it just feels like i'm not catching a break that's when its time to relax .take a toke for me as well i'm sure you will feel a bit more sleepy after that


OK sure, I´ll take a toke for you... relaxing is essential that´s why after a toke, simply drift away and enjoy the peace that surrounds you... Keep puffin´for a high!

If only it is legal to have one here, I've had so much stress these past few days due to some major problems and work loads that give me pressure, I will surely lit one to relax and do more school papers to finish them all ahead of time. Can I just migrate to your place, Tita Mers? Hahaha anyway, have a great day!


I know that a lot of people will benefit from the legalization.. that would be the wishes of all of us for the Philippines.. thanks for commenting!

WOW! That's awesome harvest @indaymers. How I wish I could plant some in my garden as well. It will be a good balm for my muscle pains. Well, hoping for the legalization of cannabis.


It really helps healthwise. It will help especially the poor people who can't afford the expensive medicines from pharmaceuticals. Thanks for visiting.