Vaping Zkittles.

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3 months ago


Hey smokers. Just checking in , after a little while off the radar.
If you don't already know "Zkittles" is an award-winning Indica dominant cross of "Grape Ape" and "Grapefruit" varieties ...and another unknown strain . It is ( correctly i.m.o....described as calming /body stone ,yet uplifting head high. To me it has a nice balance ,so you could smoke it daytime also and still do stuff if needed .


I'd like to get a better macro shot but my budget phone camera doesn't handle zooming in too much.



I'm on/off with tobacco ... currently off ,so using my vape I bought earlier this year . So , Vaping is obviously healthier than tobacco and you can taste flavour s really well and in a way it's a better high (i.m.o) that is ,but some people need the heavy hit of a tobacco spliff , including me sometimes ,up to now anyway. It's generally more of a European custom than American .

So I hope you're all having a great weekend ☺️

P E A C E ... 😎

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Never heard about "Zkittles" but sure would love to try it 😊💚


Yeah,Def. recommend it.


Have to try it :)

Looking good.


It sure does 🤤💚