Smoking This Black Flag got me Waving the White Flag!

in #strains
5 months ago

🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️ man down man down!

This Black Flag 🏴 is nothing to play with

Brand: Shango

Strain: Black Flag

Flame Rate: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

THC: 22%

Terp Profile

Its got that Mean Green look to it with all the orange hairs and cyrstals.

The breakdown was nice. It has a good balance and great taste to it.

the buds look just like how they taste

Its got this real piney taste to it like a heavy OG but then the ocimene gives it that sweet taste to it too and brings you back to life.

11 mg of B-Myrcene! That will sit you down for sure

If it wasn't for the Ocimene. That gives it a good hybrid balance to get a bar of both the sativa and indica high. Not too bad Shango!

See you on Mars!

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Seems like the one for the relaxing baths and wellness relaxations. We need that kind of turism. Immagine, full cannabis wellness.


yeah i believe Mike Tyson is working on something like that!

That does look tasty. I love buds that give you a sweet taste when you take that first hit. Can you taste it on inhale and exhale?


yeah more on the exhale than the inhale... you get more of the piney smoke on the inhale...

Those buds looks amazing. I love a good hybrid. The title is extra good. Very well put together.

Lol. I love the title to this post.

Best title to a post ever! Points for you